Standing beside the water dispensary, Singtan was trying to calm himself down when Ming wrapped her hands around his arm and said," Everything is going to be okay."

Singtan shook his head and said," Nothing is okay Ming, nothing."

Dragging him towards a nearby bench, Ming sat beside him and said," Don't lose hope Singtan. If you become weak what will I do? And we also have to take care of Beth."

Looking at his blood stained shirt, Singtan said," He knew it was dangerous and they would surely harm him but still as soon as he saw Zian and Yumi, he ran towards them before I could. He saved Yumi from getting shot Ming. Our kids are fine but now he is suffering. I-I don't even know whether I'll see him again or not Ming."

Ming's heart ached when she saw him like that. She had never seen him so weak and vulnerable.

Sitting down on the floor, Singtan wrapped his arms around Ming's waist and buried his head on her stomach before bursting into tears.

" If anything happens to him, what do tell Beth? Songpa is my little brother Ming and I don't want to lose him." Singtan said.

Running her fingers through his hair, Ming said," Everything is going to be okay. We have to stay strong."

Ming knew how close and important Songpa was for Singtan. She knew how he had saved Songpa and helped him lead a normal life again and since then they had always been together. The close bond that Singtan shared with Songpa was really very special.

Wiping her tears away, Ming cupped his cheeks and said," Don't cry anymore, I don't like seeing you like this." Before wiping his tears away with her thumb.

" I'll get a glass of water for you." Ming said before walking towards the dispensary.

Passing him a glass of water, Ming said," Let's go and stay with Beth. She needs us Singtan, she needs our support."

Singtan nodded his head and said," Okay."


Outside the operation theatre.

Giving Beth a glass of water, Ming said," Here, drink this."

" Big sister- Songpa-" Beth said before bursting into tears.

" Ssshh calm down Beth, everything is going to be okay." Ming said.

" H-He had promised me that he will come back." Beth said.

Placing her hand on her baby bump, Beth said," He has to come back for our baby. How will I live without him? I can't, What will we do without him? We need him, both of us need him."

" Everything is going to be okay." Ming said.

After sometime, Zechan arrived and asked," Is he still inside?"

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes. How is Zihao?"

" He is alright now." Zechan said.

Pausing for a while, Zechan asked," Boss, our Songpa will be okay right?"

Patting Zechan's shoulder, Singtan said," Our Songpa is a strong man."

Zechan nodded his head and said," Yes, he is a really strong man. And how can he just leave us alone? I still have to get married. Who is going to be my best man if he just leaves? I'll kill him if he leaves just like that and-"

Wiping his tears with the back his hands, Zechan said," I am not letting him leave."

Giving Zechan a hug, Singtan patted his back and said," Everything is going to be okay."

Just the the hospital door opened and Mike came out along with other doctors.

Singtan quickly rushed towards Mike and asked," How is he?"

Looking at Singtan with teary eyes, Mike said," We managed to revive his heart back but the situation doesn't look promising. Luckily the bullet missed his heart otherwise we would have lost him. There is a very slim chance of him waking up again."

Grabbing Singtan's hand, Mike said," We tried our best Singtan but-"

" We still have hope right?" Singtan asked.

Mike nodded his head and said," Yes."

" Mike I want you to provide Songpa with the best treatment. Don't leave anything okay? You can do whatever you want. If you have to call doctors from abroad, do it." Singtan said.

Mike nodded his head and said," I'll try my best."

Rushing towards Beth, Singtan said," You heard that right? Songpa is still alive and I am sure that he will wake up. He cannot leave us just like that."

" Yes, all we have to do is stay strong." Ming said.

Wiping her tears away, Beth wiped her tears away and nodded her head.

" We will shift him to the room after sometime." Another doctor said.


When Songpa was pushed out of the operation theatre, Beth quickly rushed towards him.

Turning towards Ming, Singtan said," Ming, stay with Beth. I'll be back after sometime."

" We all are here with Beth, you don't have to worry about her." Anna said.

Singtan nodded his head and left along with Zechan.


Outside the hospital.

" Where are they?" Singtan asked.

" They are inside the cell, Yufan and Sebastian are taking care of them." Zechan said.

" What about Yutang?" Singtan asked.

" Boss is also with them." Zechan said.

Without saying anything, Singtan boarded the car along with Zechan and left.


Li base.

" Arrrrgggggg-" Holding his injured arm, David groaned in pain.

After being shot by Yufan, David was dragged to the Li base by the Li clan men.

Turning towards Kiara, David frowned and shouted," What are you smiling for?"

Kiara chuckled and said," I am going to meet Singtan, isn't that exciting?"

" You are a crazy woman." David shouted.

David had been observing Kiara since a really long time and he found her behaviour and activities a bit strange. She would laugh and then suddenly start crying without any reason. Sometimes she would become violent and would attack his men and sometimes she would act all weak and vulnerable. One day he even saw Kiara talking to a teddy bear.

Just then, the door of the cell opened.

Kiara chuckled and said," I think it's Singtan."

" What are you happy about, they will kill us." David said.

Kiara let out a hearty laugh and said," If Singtan kills me, I am ready to die." Before bursting into tears.