" Hold on for a second, I'll ask someone to take you to the hospital." Singtan said.

Zihao shook his head and said," Its not that serious sir. You should first save the kids and Songpa."

" Songpa?" Singtan asked.

" David has a thing with Songpa. Previously, he tried to get Songpa killed by sending snipers but we were fast enough to get rid of them. He will surely target Songpa and the kids." Zihao said.

Singtan frowned and he asked," Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"I warned Songpa but he told me that I shouldn't tell you this because he wanted to accompany you for this. He didn't want to leave you alone." Zihao said.

Singtan pursed his lips and said," Alright, you stay here and don't move recklessly." Before getting up.

" Singtan we have to move forward." Mike shouted.

When Singtan nodded his head, Mike gave the orders and the entire team started walking towards the warehouse.

" We just have a few men left now." David said.

Kiara pouted her lips and said," That is sad."

" Sir Lui Songpa is coming forward." a man said.

" As soon as comes in contact with the kids, shoot him and the girl." David said.

Covering himself, Songpa slowly made his way towards the kids.

When Zian and Yumi saw Songpa, they shouted," Uncle Songpa."

When Songpa saw a man who was standing not too far away from the kids, pointing a gun towards Yumi, he cursed and quickly rushed towards her but what he failed to notice was the other man who was hiding not too far away from him, pointing his gun towards him.

" FIRE." David shouted.



The two kids closed their eyes in fear when the heard the loud gunshot.

When Zian felt someone holding him tightly, he slowly opened his eyes and murmured," Uncle Songpa."

Holding a gun in one hand and the two kids with the other, Songpa used all his left over strength to drag the kids towards a safe spot.

Leaning against the parapet, Songpa closed his eyes and started breathing heavily. He had been shot on his back and chest.

When Zian and Yumi saw blood flowing out of Songpa's wound and his freshly blood stained clothes, they started crying.

Placing his little hands on Songpa's chest, Zian tried to stop the oozing blood and said," Uncle Songpa, you have to go to the hospital."

Groaning in pain and his breathing turning heavy by every passing minute, Songpa somehow managed to smile and said," Don't worry about me okay? Just stay here with me and your dad will come and rescue you."

Turning to the left side when he saw a man who was busy loading his gun, Songpa used all his leftover energy to lift the gun and shoot him but his hands kept shivering.

With his vision turning blurry and a strange kind of heaviness on his chest, Songpa was about to put his gun down when he felt a pair of soft hands on his.

With Zian supporting his shivering hand, Songpa somehow managed to fire a shot, knocking the man out.

Letting go his gun, Songpa smiled at Zian and said," You will grow up and become just like big brother, champ."

After a series of gunshots, the atmosphere fell completely silent.

When Yumi saw Singtan running towards them, she shouted," Dada is coming here uncle Songpa, he will save you and us."

When Singtan saw Songpa covered in blood, he quickly squatted down and patted his cheeks," Songpa wake up."

When Songpa heard a familiar voice, he slowly opened his eyes.

" Don't worry, I'll take you to the hospital now. Nothing will happen to you okay?" Singtan said before lifting him up.

" No, no big brother I don't have time." Songpa said before groaning in pain.

" Shut up and don't talk much." Singtan said.

" Oh my God Songpa." Zechan shouted.

" Quick help me place him on my back." Singtan said.

Zechan nodded his head and quickly placed Songpa on Singtan's back.

Singtan quickly started rushing towards his car piggybacking Songpa.

With his chin resting on his Singtan's shoulder and his hands wrapped around Singtan's neck, Songpa said in a very hoarse voice," Big brother, help me take care of Beth and my baby."

" Stop talking nonsense and stay quiet." Singtan shouted.

" Tell her that I am sorry for not keeping my promise and ask her not to hate me.. ask her not to hate-"

When Songpa stopped talking and loosened his grip around his neck, Singtan froze.

Placing him on the bonnet of the car, Singtan patted Songpa's cheeks and shouted," Songpa wake up. Hey, talk to me."

When Zechan arrived there along with the kids, Singtan shouted," Go and call Mike."

Just then Mike and Yutang came running towards them.

" Mike, Songpa he-"

" Step aside." Mike said before checking Songpa's vitals.

When Mike did not said anything, Singtan panicked and he asked," What happened? Why isn't he saying anything?"

" His vitals are really very weak, almost negligible. We have to take him to the hospital." Mike shouted .

" Zechan get the car ready." Singtan shouted.



Looking at Yumi and Zian who were on the verge of crying, Singtan squatted down in front of them and asked," Are you two hurt anywhere?"

Looking at Singtan with teary eyes, Zian asked," Dada will uncle Songpa be alright?"

Hugging both of them, Singtan closed his eyes and said," Everything is going to be okay."

Holding her baby bump, Beth ran towards the operation theatre, stumbling multiple times.

" Beth stop." Anna shouted before rushing towards her.

When Singtan saw Beth, he quickly stopped her and said," You shouldn't run like that."

Grabbing Singtan's shirt, Beth shouted," How is he? I want to see him big brother."

Giving Beth a hug, Singtan patted the back of her head and said," Sshh calm down first okay?"

" Songpa- big brother-"

" Sshhhh don't worry. Nothing will happen to him." Singtan said before guiding her towards a nearby bench.

" I'll get some water for you okay?" Singtan said before walking away.

Looking at the operation theatre, Beth closed her eyes and murmured," You promised me that you will come back. You promised me that you will come."