Outside the mansion.

" Big boss, I'll be back in a second." Songpa said before rushing inside.


Inside the mansion.

Walking towards Beth, Songpa squatted down and said," Don't panic and take care of yourself okay?"

Beth nodded her head and said," Okay."

" And stay at the mansion with big sister and the rest okay? I'll always be at peace if you stay here." Songpa said.

Stretching her hands towards him, Beth said," Promise me that you'll come back safe and sound."

Thinking for quite some time, Songpa placed his hands on hers and said," I promise." Before kissing forehead and leaving the mansion.

Placing her hand on her baby bump, Beth tried to calm herself down.


Abandoned warehouse.

" Big brother who was that aunty?" Yumi asked.

Zian shook his head and said," I don't know."

" She is so scary." Yumi said.

" Yumi you cannot be so weak, you have to be brave. Remember what uncle Songpa told us? In situations like this, we should not panic and think properly before doing anything." Zian said.

" But brother what can we do?" Yumi asked.

" I have a plan but we have to wait." Zian whispered.


" What do we do now?" David asked.

Cleaning her gun, Kiara said," Do whatever you want with that girl but I won't let anyone touch little Li."

David frowned and asked," What do you mean? You were supposed to call Li Singtan here."

" I have changed my mind, I'll call Xie Ming instead." Kiara said.

Clapping her hands in excitement, she continued," Oh and then we can kill that girl and Xie Ming together. She gets to die with her ex-lovers daughter, doesn't that sound interesting?"

" What makes you think that Li Singtan will let his wife come here all by herself?" David asked.

" She is a mother David and a mother can do anything to save her kids. Xie Ming is no exception." Kiara said.

Just then a man entered the room and said," Sir, Li Singtan is here along with his men and police."

David fronwed and he asked," How did they find this place out so fast?"

" Young master is with them too." The man said.

David gritted his teeth and said," That ungrateful brat."

" Nobody will harm Li Singtan but you are free to kill others." Kiara said.

" Get the team ready." David shouted before rushing outside.



" I don't want anyone of you to act recklessly. Stay safe and protect yourself well." Singtan said.

" The kids are in one of the rooms on the ground floor. There are almost forty men excluding Kiara and my father." Danson said.

" Do you want to deal with him by yourself?" Singtan asked.

Danson nodded his head and said," Yes."

" Alright guys scatter." Singtan shouted.

Just then, two loud gunshots were heard from the warehouse.

" Yumi, Zian." Singtan murmured.


Inside the warehouse.

" What about the kids?" David asked.

Loading her gun, Kiara said," They are two little kids and are tied and locked inside the room, what do you think they can do?"

Pausing for a while, Kiara said," We will first attack the people around Singtan and then we will use the kids to lure him inside the warehouse." Before walking outside.

Gesturing his men to take positions, David also followed Kiara outside.

" Brother Zian, are they gone?" Yumi asked.

Looking around when Zian did not see anyone, he quickly twisted his hands and wiggled it out from the rope.

Yumi widened her eyes in shock and asked," Brother Zian how did you do that?"

Jumping down from the chair, Zian quickly rushed towards Yumi and started untie her rope.

" Ahh this is so tight." Zian said.

" Brother Zian it's loose, I can wiggle my hand out." Yumi said.

After helping Yumi free her hands, Zian grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the door.

" It's locked." Zian said.

" Now what do we do brother Zian?" Yumi asked.

Looking around when Zian saw a window, he said," We can jump out of the window."

" But momma says that we shouldn't do that." Yumi said.

" We are in the ground floor Yumi nothing will happen." Before dragging her towards the window.

Since the window was a bit high, Zian dragged the chair towards the window and said," Okay, I'll go down first and then I'll help you out okay?"

Yumi nodded her head and said," Okay."

After opening the window, Zian squeezed himself out of the window.

After dusting his clothes, Zian said," Yumi, fast come down."

Sitting on the bottom of the window, Yumi said," Brother Zian what if I fall?"

" I won't let you fall, now come down." Zian said before grabbing Yumi's hands.

Yumi nodded her head and jumped out.

Zian smiled and said," See, I told you that I won't let you fall."

" Brother Zian, you are the best." Yumi said before giving Zian a hug.

" Okay, let's go." Zian said.



The crossfire between the two groups was getting more and more intense when Songpa saw two familiar kids running out from the backside.

" Big brother, Zian and Yumi." Songpa shouted.

" Zian, Yumi STOP." Singtan shouted.

When the two kids heard their father's voice, the excitedly exclaimed," Dad." before rushing towards Singtan.

David and Kiara who were standing not too far away from the kids widened their eyes in shock.

" How did they come out?" David asked.

" Shoot the girl but don't harm the boy." Kiara said.

Singtan was about to rush towards the kids when Songpa shouted," I'll get them." before rushing towards the kids.

" No Songpa stop." Singtan shouted.

" Boss." Zihao shouted before pushing Singtan away.

Zihao collapsed on the ground, holding his arm which had been shot.

Dodging the bullet shots and taking cover, Songpa slowly made this way towards the kids.

When David saw Songpa coming towards the kids, he gestured his men to stop firing.

" Zihao." Singtan said before squatting down.

Zihao groaned in pain and said," I am fine sir, are you okay?"

Singtan nodded his head and said," I am fine, why did you do that?"

Zihao smiled and said," This is nothing compared to what you have done for me and my family big boss."