Inside an abandoned warehouse.

" Brother Zian my hands are paining." Yumi said before bursting into tears.

It had been an hour since Zian and Yumi had been brought inside the warehouse.

They were sitting on a hair with their hands tied with a very thick rope on the chair.

Zian fronwed and he said," Hey, don't cry. Li's don't cry."

" But I am feeling scared." Yumi said.

Looking around when Zian saw realised how dark the room was, he gulped in nervousness and fear. Zian was also feeling very scared but he decided not to show it because he didn't want Yumi feel more scared. He was her big brother and he had to stay strong and save his sister from all kinds of danger.

" What are you scared of? I am a hundred percent sure that dada or uncle Songpa will come can save us." Zian said.

Looking at her big brother with teary eyes, Yumi asked," Really?"

Zian nodded his head and said," Really, now stop crying." Before looking down and silently crying.

" Ahhh who is going to save whom?" A woman asked before walking towards them.

Since the room was dark, the kids couldn't see the woman's face.

" What did you just say little Li? Who is going to save you?" Kiara asked.

" Our father or our uncle Songpa will save us." Zian shouted.

Kiara chuckled before squatting down in front of him.

When Zian saw the woman's face, he let out a scream before squeezing his eyes shut.

Holding his chin, Kiara lifted his face up and said," Didn't your mommy teach you any manners? Come on, open your eyes little one and look at me."

Zian shivered inwardly after seeing that ugly scar on Kiaras face. The scar looked frightening.

Squeezing his cheeks, Kiara shouted," Open you-" retrieving her hand back, Kiara caressed his cheeks and said," Ohh I am sorry sorry. How could I- Ahh I am so sorry. Please don't tell your father that I hurt you okay? Please please."

When Zian slowly opened his eyes, Kiara lifted his chin up and said," You have your father's eyes."

Letting out a hearty laugh, Kiara said," It's like Singtan is look at me."

Cupping his face, Kiara said," Okay little Li now I want you to look at me with lovingly. Come on come one look at me with loving eyes come one little Li."

When Yumi saw the crazy woman, she started crying loudly.

" I want to go to momma." Yumi shouted.

Kiara frowned and shouted," Shut up." Before raising her hands.

" Don't touch my sister." Zian shouted.

Stopping midway, Kiara chuckled and said," You look exactly like Singtan when you are angry. Oh my God I think you are Li Singtan's son."

Pausing for a while, Kiara burst into laughter and said," Pfftt no wait, you are Li Singtan's son. Oh God what am I saying."

She then suddenly started crying and sat down on the floor.

" But Singtan is smitten by that Xie Ming. She took my Singtan away from me. I love him more than she does but also Singtan married her." Kiara said.

" Big brother, I am feeling scared." Yumi said.

Trying to free his hands when Zian realised that he could easily take his hands out of the rope, he gestured Yumi to stay quiet.

Just then David entered the room along with his men.

When he saw Kiara crying on the floor, he frowned and asked," What happened?"

" Singtan doesn't love me." Kiara said.

David sighed and squatted down before patting her shoulders and consoling her.


Li mansion.

It had already been an hour but they still had no idea where Kiara had taken the kids.

Ming has been crying since a really long time and was now on the verge of passing out.

Everyone had been trying to use their connections to find out about the kids about ended up getting nothing.

The usual lovely atmosphere of the Li mansion now had turned into a cold and gloomy one.

Just then Danson arrived at the mansion and said," I know where they have taken the kids. We should leave."

When Ming heard that, she quickly got up and rushed towards Singtan.

Grabbing his sleeves, Ming supported herself when she felt a bit dizzy.

Singtan panicked and quickly grabbed her shoulders and asked," Ming are you fine?"

" Singtan I want to go too." Ming said.

" I'll go and get the kids okay? You just stay back and take some rest." Singtan said.

Ming shook her head and said," No please I want to go to."

" Ming, listen to Singtan he will get the kids." Father Xie said.

" No I want to go and I will go." Ming said.

" Darling don't-"

Cutting mother Li off, Ming said," No mom I-"

" Enough." Singtan shouted.

Pausing for a while, he continued," Can't you listen to me for once and just stay back? What are you gonna do even if I take you there? How can I save our kids knowing that even you are there beside me? You know that I will never be at peace if you are also present in that dangerous place."

No one said anything when Singtan started shouting at Ming which was very rare. In fact the couple had been married for so many years but this was the first time they had seen Singtan shout at Ming.

Covering her face with her hands, Ming said," I want them back." Before bursting into tears.

Pulling her into his embrace, Singtan hugged her tightly and said," I promise you honey, I'll get them back safe and sound." Before kissing her forehead.

Songpa who was standing beside Singtan, said," Yes big sister, you don't have to worry. We will get Yumi and Zian back safely."

Wiping her tears away, Singtan said," I'll get them back." Before looking at his mother.

Mother Li quickly rushed towards them and said," Ming, come with me."

" Let's leave." Singtan said before leaving the mansion along with Yutang, Mike, Yufan, Sebastian, Zechan, Songpa, Zihao and Danson.