Xie Ming quickly stepped away from him," I-I was actually looking for the washroom."

Li Singtan raised eye brows and said," Well I think along with little hands and a pea sized brain you also have a some problem with your eyes." He then pointed towards the washroom door inside the room," because you cannot even see a big thing like that."

Xie Ming looked at him and suddenly started laughing," Ohh hahah look how stupid I am. I could not even see such a big thing. Hahahah. Okay bye." She then started rushing towards the washroom and quickly closed the door.

Li Singtan narrowed her eyes. He could feel that something was not right. She was behaving strange. He then walked towards the washroom and started knocking the door," Xie Ming tell me what happened. Why are you behaving like this?"

Inside the washroom Xie Ming was feeling very nervous ' Ahh stupid Xie Ming why did you behave like an idiot. Ahh he is right you really have a pea sized brain.' She then decided to act mature. After taking a deep breath, she opened the door and came out.

Seeing her, Li Singtan asked," what's wrong."

" Nothing. Nothing is wrong."

Li Singtan did not anything further and decided to change the topic," How was the tour? Did you like the house?"

Xie Ming decided to test him. She walked in front of him because she wanted to see his expression," Ya I liked it. Do you know our garden has all my favourite flowers specially sunflower."

Li Singtan cleared his throat," ohh that is great."

" Every part of this house has something that I am really fond of. Even the guest room."

" Ohh really?"

" Especially this bedroom. The furniture , the colour of the wall and even the bedside lamp, everything is according to my taste and preference."

Li Singtan unbuttoned his coat and

thought' So she noticed'.

Looking like a child who had been caught while cheating, Li Singtan looked away from her and said," What a coincidence."

Xie Ming noticed his abnormal movements and couldn't help but ask," Li Singtan can I ask you a question?"

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Li Singtan froze in his place and nodded his head.

Xie Ming pursed her lips. She the bit her lower lips and asked," A-Are you a psycho killer or a rapist?"

Hearing her question, Li Singtan smiled and started moving towards her.

Seeing him coming towards her direction, Xie Ming started stepping backwards. She stopped when she hit the wall.

Li Singtan caught both her hands. Moving his lips near her ears he whispered,"I am not a psycho killer nor a rapist but I can always be one if you want me to."

His warm breath near her ears electrified her whole body but when Li Singtan licked her earlobe, Xie Ming could feel her whole body becoming hot.

Seeing that this was affecting her , Li Singtan turned around and walked towards the washroom.

Xie Ming opened her eyes and understood that he was teasing her. She couldn't help but shout at him," Li Singtan you shameless man."

She then picked up a pillow from the couch and threw it towards him.

Li Singtan caught the pillow and said," Only for you Mrs Li."

Throwing the pillow back at the couch he walked inside the washroom.