Danson frowned and he asked," What do you mean?"

" She is not in her room." The man said.

Danson frowned deeper and he quickly took out his phone and called Kiara. When the call did not go through, Danson thought for a while and called his father. When the call did not go through, Danson quickly called someone from the Clark mansion.

" Where is father?" Danson asked.

" He left the mansion early in the morning." a man said.

" Shit." Danson cursed before hanging up the call.

" Quick gather the team." Danson said before rushing outside.


Li Corporation

Zechan had just arrived at Singtan's office to discuss a few things with him when he received a call from Danson.

" Zechan, Kiara is missing." Danson said.

Zechan frowned and asked," What do you mean?"

" Kiara is missing and so is my father. I am on the way to the kindergarten along with my men. Tell Mr Li about it and come there as soon as possible." Danson said before hanging up the call.

After hanging up the call, Zechan quickly rushed towards Singtan's office.


Singtan's office.

Singtan was going through a report along with Zihao when Zechan dashed into his office.

" Big boss." Zechan said.

Singtan frowned and asked," What happened?"

" Kiara is missing." Zechan said.

Pausing for a while, he continued," And so is Danson's father."



When Singtan and his entire team arrived at the kindergarten, Danson and his team were already present.

Zixin, Linyang, Liang, Mian and Zixin were sitting along with the guards crying while Zian and Yumi were nowhere to be seen. One of their guards was heavily injured while a few had received minor injuries. Two bodies were lying on the ground in an unconscious state.

Ms Yugen was sitting on the floor knelt down in front of Singtan and said," I am sorry Mr Li, they abducted my son."


A few hours ago.

After arriving at the kindergarten, the kids were very happy and immediately started playing.

David's men had already kidnapped Ms Yugen's son a few days back and had instructed her to do a few things and if she would deny, they would kill her son.

Ms Yugen was a single mother and her son was the only person that she had so she reluctantly agreed to help them.

The Li clan men were scattered all over the kindergarten area and a few men were walking around the kindergarten too.

As instructed, Ms Yugin called Zian and Yumi inside the classroom during recess saying that she wanted to teach them the things that they had missed.

One of the guards stood outside the classroom while Ms Yugen was teaching the kids inside.

When Zian noticed Ms Yugens started actions and behaviour, he asked," Miss, are you alright?"

Ms Yugen nodded her head and said," Yes I am fine."

Just then a loud gunshot startled the kids and Ms Yugen.

" Brother Zian what is that?" Yumi asked.

Ms Yugen quickly opened the door and asked the guard," What was that?"

" I don't know madam." The guard said.

When another gunshot was fired, the guard took out his gun and said," Miss please stay inside along with little master and miss. I'll be back in a minute. At any cost, do not let them out.

Ms Yugen nodded her head and said," Don't worry, I'll take care of them."

The guard nodded his head and left.

Rushing towards the crowd the guard frowned when he saw the two gardeners of the kindergarten holding the two Yang kids with a gun in their hands. One of their men had been shot and was lying on the floor while another one had been shot in his arm.

A large number of Li clan men had their guns pointed towards him but the two gardener's did not show any kind of fear. They were standing in the centre with their eyes half closed.

Pointing his gun towards the gardener's, the guard said," Let the kids go."

Just then the two gardener's collapsed on the ground.

The guard frowned and quickly squatted down to check on the two gardener's.

" They are dead." The guard murmured before widening his eyes in shock.

" Damn." The guard cursed before rushing back to classroom.

The other guards quickly followed him while a few of them stayed back to take care of the other kids.

When the guards and his comrades entered the classroom, Ms Yugen was sitting on the floor crying alone Yumi and Zian were nowhere to be seen.

" I am sorry." Ms Yugen said before bursting into tears.

Looking around when the guard saw the broken glass pieces on the floor he cursed and shouted," Go and check that side."



The guard lowered his head and said," They took master Zian and miss Yumi."

Yufan grabber Danson's collar and shouted," You said you will tell us what her plan is then what happened?"

Danson gulped in nervousness and he said," Yes Mr Xie I know but Kiara did not tell me about this. I-I think my father and Kiara did this together."

" They took them out from the emergency exit." The guard said.

Just then Ming and the rest arrived at the kindergarten.

Anna and Yixi quickly rushed towards their kids.

When Ming did not see Zian and Yumi, she grabbed Singtan's suit and asked," Singtan where is Zian and Yumi?"

When Singtan did not say anything, Ming vigorously shook him and asked," Singtan where are they? Why aren't you saying anything? Where are my kids?"

Yufan placed his hands on Ming's shoulders and said," Elder sister calm down, we will find them soon."

Grabbing Singtan collar, Ming shouted," You told me that they are safe then what happened? Where are they? Where are my kids? I want my kids back. Give me my Zian and Yumi back."

Letting go of his collar, Ming said," I want them back." Before kneeling down in front of him.

" Lady boss it isn't boss' fault, we were not careful enough." The guard said.

Kneeling down, Singtan pulled Ming into his embrace and he said," I'll bring our kids back. You trust me right?"

Wrapping her arms around him, Ming nodded her head before bursting into tears.