Two weeks later.

" I don't want them now." Kiara said.

Danson frowned and asked," Why?"

" Because I change my mind." Kiara said.

Danson nodded his head and said," Okay." Before walking out of the room.

After Danson left, Kiara took out her phone and called someone," Is everything ready?"

The man nodded his head and said," Yes. We just have to wait until the kids start coming to kindergarten again."

Kiara chuckled and said," How long do you think they are going to keep their kids at home? They don't want them to be a retard, don't they?"

The man nodded his head and said," As soon as they start coming, I'll execute the plan."

" You are a such a lovely man David unlike your son." Kiara said.

David Clark smiled and said," That fool doesn't want to understand that all we have now is because of your family."

" Don't worry, we will lure him out too." Kiara said.

" Hmm, okay." Davis said before hanging up the call.



" She is up to something." Danson said.

Zechan frowned and he asked," What do you mean?"

"I don't know but she is definitely up to something." Danson said.

Zechan and Danson had been in constant touch after Danson promised the Li's to help them take down Kiara.

" She said she doesn't want the kindergarten staff details anymore." Danson said.

" Do you think she has some other plans?" Zechan asked.

" I have no idea right now but I'll get back to you when she tells me her next plan." Danson said.


Li mansion.

" You see princess, it's so easy." Singtan said before showing Yumi how to fit in a Li in her name.

Yumi nodded her head and said," Yes, dada this looks beautiful."

Pausing for a while, she asked," So I am a Xie and Li?"

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes, you are both."

The adoption procedures were all done and now Yumi was officially Singtan and Ming's daughter and was renamed as Xie(Li) Yumi.

When the father and daughter pair were talking about random things, Zian was sitting on the couch talking to Zechan.

" When will you all start coming to kindergarten?" Zixin asked.

Zian shook his head and said," I don't know."

It had been more than two weeks since they stopped going to kindergarten and Zian was not liking it. He wanted to go to kindergarten and have fun with his friends and learn new things.

" Zian we will be going to do new activity tomorrow. The teacher is going to teach us how to make paint a clay pot. You all should come tomorrow." Zixin said excitedly.

" Painting?" Zian asked.

Zixin nodded his head and said," Yes, it's gonna be so much fun."

Zian thought for a while and said," I'll talk to dad about it." before hanging up the call.

Tossing the phone aside, Zian ran towards his father and said," Dad."

" What happened champ?" Singtan asked.

" Zixin told me that the teacher is going to teach us pottery painting so can we go to kindergarten tomorrow?" Zian asked.

" I miss Zixin and others too. We used to play together and our teacher also used to teach us so many new things." Yumi said.

Singtan smiled and he said," Alright."

Zian smiled and he asked," Really? We can go tomorrow?"

Singtan ruffled his and said," Yes you can."

" Come on Yumi let's go and pack our bags for tomorrow." Zian said excitedly before pulling Yumi along with him.

After the kids left, Singtan called Zihao and said," Activate the team and ask them to stay within the premises and the area of the kindergarten. The kids will be attending school starting tomorrow."

" Okay sir, anything else?" Zihao asked.

" Hmm, did Danson Clark contact Zechan again?" Singtan asked.

" Yes sir he did. Kiara told Danson that she doesn't want the details of the kindergarten staff anymore." Zihao said.

" Any update about her plan?" Singtan asked.

" Not yet sir." Zihao said.

" Okay, instruct the men properly." Singtan said before hanging up the call.

Just then he received a call from Mike saying," Mian wants to go to Kindergarten tomorrow."

" I am sending the kids to kindergarten tomorrow." Singtan said.

Mike sighed and he said," Alright, I'll send Mian too."

" What about Yutang?" Singtan asked.

" He had just called me, Liang and Linyang want to go too." Mike said.

" I have already asked Zihao to make necessary arrangements and I will call the principal and ask him to be extra cautious with safety." Singtan said before hanging up the call.

" Are you sending them to kindergarten tomorrow?" Ming asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said," They want to go."

" But she is till there. I mean, don't you think you should catch Kiara first?" Ming asked.

Pulling her closer, Singtan wrapped his arms around her waist and said," We cannot keep them at home forever. And don't worry, I have made all the necessary arrangements."

Ming sighed and nodded her head," I am just scared."

" Hmm, Ming we should resume our project." Singtan asked.

Ming frowned and asked," What project?"

" Making babies." Singtan said before pinning her down.


Next day, Kindergarten.

" Don't worry Mr Li, I'll ask their class teacher to be extra careful." The principal said before hanging up the call.

Turning towards his assistant, principal said," Go can call Ms Yugin."

The assistant nodded his head and left.

" Sir, you called me?" Ms Yugin asked.

The principal nodded his head and said," Yes, the Li, Zhang and Yang kids will be resuming classes today. I want you to be extra careful with them. Don't allow them to loiter around recklessly and make sure to stay alert."

Ms Yugen nodded her head and said," Yes sir." Before leaving the principal's office.



Taking out her phone, Ms Yugin quickly called someone.

" The kids are coming to school today." Ms Yugen said.


Clark Clan.

Danson frowned when he did not see Kiara while having breakfast.

" Where is she?" Danson asked.

" Inside her room." One of his men said.

" Go and call her out for breakfast." Danson said.

After sometime, the man came out and said," Sir, she is not in her room."