" So you gave her your water bottle huh? Interesting."

Singtan stopped and gulped in nervousness. Who told her about this? Did Yutang tell her?

" Ming that-"

Turning towards him, Ming tapped her fingers in his chest and said," I always knew that you gave her hints otherwise why would she fall for you so hard."

Singtan vigorously shook his head and said," No no, I didn't. At that time, I gave her my bottle out of humanity and I swear I did not even look at her even once."

Ming raised her eyebrows and said," And what makes you think that I'll trust you?"

" Babe you know that it's always been about you and only you. I never thought about anyone else apart from you. You are my one and only." Singtan said.

When Ming did not say anything, Singtan said," Please don't throw me out of the room. I don't want to sleep alone."

Ming rolled her eyes and said," I am not going to throw you out."

" You are angry?" Singtan said.

Crossing her arms, Ming raised her eyebrows and asked," What do you think?"

" I didn't even know that she was Simon's daughter." Singtan said in his defence.

" Dada, mama." Yumi said before rushing towards them.

Singtan quickly squatted down and picked her up and said," Where are your slippers? And don't run like that, what if you fall?"

Yixi smiled and said," But I did not fall right?"

" Uncle Singtan, how is grandpa?" Mian asked.

Ruffling her hair, Ming said," Grandpa Si is alright now. Your uncle and I will take you there tomorrow okay?"

Mian smiled and nodded her head.

" Ahh since you people are here, I'll take my leave." Grandpa Li said.

" Goodnight grandpa." The kids said.

Grandpa Li smiled and said," Good night."

After grandpa Li left, Zian asked," Mom, can we sleep in your room today?"

Ming smiled and said," Why not?"

Singtan frowned and said," Hey, where will I sleep then?"

" On the couch." Zian said.

" I am not-"

Cutting Singtan off, Ming said," Dad can easily adjust himself anywhere he wants to so don't worry about him. Come let's go." Ming said before walking away along with Zian and Mian.

Snuggling out of Singtan's embrace, Yumi also rushed towards Ming.

" Mama even I will sleep with you." Yumi said.

Ming smiled and said," Of course, how can I leave my princess alone?"

When Singtan saw them walking away, he frowned and said," Ming, you said you are not angry with me." Before rushing towards them.



Next day when father Si woke up, Anna was sleeping on the couch was Mike was sitting beside him.

" Dad, you are awake? Wait, let me call the doctor." Mike said before rushing outside.

After sometime, Mike entered the room along with the doctors.

After checking his vitals and running a few tests on him, the doctor said," Everything looks normal and there is nothing to worry about. You just have to take lots of rest and eat well. This will help you recuperate fast."

After giving a few more instructions, the doctor left.

After the doctor left, Father Si asked," How is Mian?"

" She is fine." Mike said.

Father Si sighed and said," Thank God."

Holding his hand, Mike said," Thankyou so much for saving her dad. If not for you then Mian-"

Cutting him off, father Si said," You don't have to thank me. Isn't Mian my granddaughter? It's my duty and right to protect her. I am her grandfather after all."

" But still, thank you so much." Mike said.

" Who did this?" Father Si asked.

Mike sighed and said," We are trying to find out."

" Looks like someone is really angry with you. There intentions were very clear, they wanted to kill Mian and make you suffer." Father Si said.

Pausing for a while, he said," If you need any help, I can lend you a hand. So what if I am not working but I still have connections."

Mike smiled and nodded his head.

After talking with Mike for quite some time, Father Si dozed off to sleep.

Just then mother Zhang and Grandpa Zhang entered the room.

" How is Mr Si now? Is he alright?" Mother Zhang.

Mike nodded his head and said," The doctor said that everything is fine."

Mother Zhang breathed a sigh of relief and she said," Oh thank God. Father and I quickly rushed back when we heard about this yesterday."

" Everything is okay now." Mike said.

" Muchan about that-"

Cutting his mother off, Mike said," We will take care of it."

" You better solve all of this fast." Grandpa Zhang said.

Mike nodded his head and said," I will." Glancing at his watch, he continued," I have to leave for a very important meeting so mom can you stay over? Anna has just fallen asleep so I don't want to disturb her."

Mother Zhang nodded her head and said," Hmm, don't worry I'll take of things here."

" Call me if anything happens." Mike said before rushing out of the room.


Li clan.

" Dude I swear I did not tell Ming anything." Yutang said.

Singtan frowned and said," Don't lie to me."

" Hey believe me okay? I did not tell her anything. May be she overheard our conversation." Yutang said.

Yufan chuckled and asked," Brother-in-law, did elder sister throw you out of the room?"

Singtan frowned and said," No but she made me sleep on the couch while she slept with the kids on the bed."

" Pttff serves you right, who told you to give her your water bottle." Yutang murmured.

Singtan frowned and shouted," What did you say?"

Just then Mike, Zechan and Songpa entered the room.

" You people are late." Yutang said.

" Hey I have a sick father-in-law to take care of." Mike said.

" And my wife is pregnant." Songpa said.

" I am staying with Songpa so I had to wait for him." Zechan said.

" Alright now sit down and let's start the meeting." Singtan said.

" Where is Zihao?" Yufan asked.

" He is coming along with a few important details." Singtan said.

Just then a subordinate entered the room and said," Big boss, Danson Clark is here. He says that he wants to meet you and it's urgent."