Grandma Li sighed and said," You know Mosen sometimes I regret not stopping you from stepping into that unruly world. Sometimes I feel if you hadn't married me, your family line wouldn't have suffered so much today."

Grandpa Li frowned and said," What nonsense are you talking? Remember one thing Quanci if not for you, I would never have a family line okay? And what regret? Everything is okay. Singtan is used to dealing with all of this and I am sure that like every time, my capable grandson will get rid of that woman very soon."

Grandma Li sighed and said," All of this is so risky. I was scared when Zhehan took over and I was super scared when Singtan volunteered to take over. And now when I look at Zian I-"

" See Quanci if Zian doesn't want to then-"

Cutting him off, Grandma Li said," No Mosen you don't understand. Zian is just like Singtan and I am a hundred percent sure that he will volunteer himself just like his father."

Grandpa Li sighed and said," Well, someone has to continue because we cannot leave that world all of a sudden. None of us will be safe then so it's better if we stay right there and check on people who want to harm us."

" I just want everything to end so that we can live peacefully." Grandma Li said.

" Don't think about it and let Singtan handle it." Grandpa Li said.

Grandma Li sighed and nodded her head.


Somewhere in country S.

" Either Li Singtan's men are too capable and invincible or you and your team are lousy and good for nothing." Kiara said.

Danson sighed and said," I had sent a few men to Zechans place but his girlfriend wasn't at home and-"

" Excuses, how many excuses are you going to give me?" Kiara asked.

Danson frowned and said," I don't understand why you beating around the bush? Why don't we just get Li Singtan killed, end of story?"

Kiara frowned and said," No one is going to touch Li Singtan. I want him alive. And I have a reason behind doing all of this."

" Not going to touch Li Singtan? What the fuck are you talking about? We are here to take your revenge from the Li clan and you don't want us to touch him?" Danson asked.

Ignoring his question, Kiara asked," Are the Li kids going to kindergarten?"

Danson shook his head and said," No."

" Hmm I had asked you to get me their schedule, where is it?" Kiara asked.

" Either Mrs Li or Li Singtan himself drops the kids to the kindergarten. Sometimes Lui Songpa or Zechan also fetch them but most of the time it's the Li couple." Danson said.

Pausing for a while, Danson said," If you are planning to kidnap the kids then let me tell you that it won't be easy because there are guards everywhere. It's impossible to kidnap them."

Kiara chuckled and said," Where there is a will, there is a way."

" What is your next move?" Danson asked.

" Get me the details about the staff members of that kindergarten. If not from outside, why don't we try abducting them from the inside? Sounds interesting right?" Kiara asked.

Danson frowned and said," What do you mean from inside?"

" Just get me details and wait for the next order." Kiara said.

Danson balled his hand into a fist before walking outside.



" Boss, why are you listening to her orders? You are the boss here not she." A subordinate said.

Danson sighed and said," I have no choice but to listen to her."

" But why?" The subordinate asked.

" Because we owe her family a very huge favour." Danson said.

The subordinate frowned and asked," What kind of favour?"

" Several years back, its her grandpa who helped my father out of jail using his connections and later helped him set up this clan. From that day onwards, we are very grateful to them and we do what they say. If not for him, my father would've been long dead." Danson said.

The Clark clan wasn't a very huge or powerful one but it was a very stable and capable clan.

When several days back Kiara called him and asked him for help, initially Danson rejected to help her but later when she contacted his father and asked him to help her using the old favour trump care, his father readily agreed and forced Danson to help her out.

" But sir, we cannot go against the Li clan and you know that." The subordinate said.

Danson nodded his head and said," I know."

" Then sir why?" The subordinate asked.

" For now, just do what she wants. I'll think of something." Danson said before walking out.


Li mansion.

When Ming and Singtan arrived home, the kids had already eaten their dinner and were ready to doze off to sleep.

" Mike wants Mian to stay here for the night because they will be staying at the hospital tonight." Singtan said.

" Yeah Anna told me." Ming said.

" So do you want to tell Yumi about the adoption thing?" Singtan asked.

" Now? And how will we explain the whole adoption thing to her? Let it be for now." Ming said."

Wrapping his arms around her shoulders, Singtan said," I have thought about something and she also has to start writing Li in brackets at the end of her name so she has to know."

Ming chuckled and said," Does it matter?"

" No it doesn't but if she adds that Li then everyone will know that I am her father. And then I can walk her down the aisle without any kind of a competition or hindrance." Singtan said.

Ming sighed and said," You act so childish sometimes, I don't know what to do with you." Before walking towards the kids bedroom.

" Childish? I am not being childish, I am being practical." Singtan said.

" Yeah right." Ming said.

When they arrived outside the kids room, they saw Grandpa Li telling the kids a bedtime story.

Not wanting to disturb them, they decided to stay outside until they finish.


Outside the kids room

Hugging her from behind, Singtan started planting soft kisses all over Ming's neck before pulling her closer.

As Singtan was about to lose control and was about to lift her t-shirt up, Ming said," So you gave her your water bottle huh? Interesting."