Somewhere in country S.

" Li Quin is out of danger." Danson said.

Throwing her head back, Kiara let out a hearty laugh and said," Ahhhh why are these Li men so lucky? Why? Ahh they surely have some kind of a hidden talent to save themselves."

" We couldn't kill Zhang Mian as well." Danson said.

Cupping her face, Kiara pouted her lips and asked," Why? A three years old small kid and your men couldn't kill her too."

" Her grandpa suddenly jumped in front of the truck to save her." Danson said.

" Oh so is that man dead?" Kiara asked.

Danson shook his head and said," No."

" Tch, what a waste of time and energy. You couldn't even kill a single soul. How boring." Kiara said.

Danson sighed and asked," What do we do with those kids?"

" What kids?" Kiara asked.

" Whom we had picked up from the orphanage." Danson said.

" Ahh the once to have a slight resemblance of Zhang Mian and Xie Yumi?" Kiara asked.

When Danson nodded his head, Kiara said," Kill them."

Danson frowned and said," But they are innocent."

Kiara had asked Danson and his men to pick up two small girls who resembled Mian and Yumi to lure Quin and Mian away so that they could kill them.

Though they did not end up getting anyone who resembled them but the makeup artists played their part well and the two orphans ended up looking like Yumi and Mian.

" So? Even I was innocent but still I ended up getting disfigured." Kiara said.

Danson frowned deeper and he said," I agreed to help you because I never thought you were against the Li clan. I thought you wanted to take your revenge but-"

" I am taking my revenge. Ahh and don't worry, I am not going to touch Li Singtan. How can I kill someone so handsome and charming?" Kiara said.

Danson sighed and said," What next?"

Checking out her nails, Kiara said," Next? Hmmm let me think."

Pausing for a while, Kiara asked," What is that young boys names who stays by Li Singtan's side?"

" Zechan?" Danson asked.

Kiara shook her head and said," No, Zechan has already been taken care of. Did you send men to deal with him?"

Danson nodded his head and said," Yes."

" The other one." Kiara said.

" Han Zihao?" Danson asked.

" Arrrgh not that assistant. The one that recently got married." Kiara said.

" Lui Songpa." Danson said.

Kiara chuckled and said," Ahh yes, the inhuman guy."

" He is very dear to Li Singtan and Songpa is a crazy man, I don't think we should provoke him." Danson said.

" Why? Are you scared of him?" Kiara asked.

" He is a dangerous man Kiara. In fact, Songpa is more dangerous than Singtan." Danson said. Who on the other side of the world did not know who Lui Songpa was? Who had not heard about that cold and heartless torturing machine? Everyone knew how crazy he was and only a fool would want to mess with him.

" We will see." Kiara said.

Danson sighed and left.


Outside Zechan's apartment.

Zechan frowned when he saw a huge crowd outside his door.

" Delila." Zechan murmured before rushing inside.


Inside the apartment.

Zechan breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Delila standing near the door with her phone in her hand.

" Del." Zechan said.

Delila sighed and said," Thank God you are here." Before giving him a hug.

" What happened? Thai-" Zechan asked before looking around his living room which was in a mess.

" I don't know, I just arrived and the guard told me that a few men barged and-"

" Sir I have already informed the police." The manager said.

" Who were they?" Zechan asked.

" We don't know sir but they knocked the three guards incharge and barged in." The manager said.

Turning towards Delila, Zechan cupped her face and asked," Are you fine? Are you hurt somewhere?"

Delila shook her head and said," I wasn't at home. I had to stay back for a few hours because we have this new project-anyway, when I came back the manager told me about this."

Zechan breathed a sigh of relief and said," Thank God you did not come home early."

" Ze, now what do we do?" Delila asked.

Taking out his phone, Zechan said," Stay here, I'll just go out and make a phone call." Before walking out.



" Hello boss, you were right." Zechan said.

Singtan sighed and asked," Is Delila alright?"

" She wasn't at home when they sneaked in." Zechan said.

" That is good. Now I want you to move out of that apartment and shift where Songpa is living. I'll make arrangements for you and you can shift their tomorrow. For the night, contact Songpa and stay at his place." Singtan said

Zechan nodded his head and said," Okay boss."

" Stay safe and alert." Singtan said before hanging up the call.



" What happened?" Ming asked.

Singtan shook his head and said," Its nothing."

Just then Yutang arrived and said," I just-"

Cutting him off, Singtan said," Ming, can you go up and tell mom that we are leaving?"

Ming nodded her head and said," Okay."

After Ming left, Singtan said," I don't want her to hear all of this. She is already very stressed after what happened with Huang." Singtan said.

Yutang nodded his head and said," I understand."

" So what did you find out?" Singtan asked.

" I saw the CCTV footage of that area where Quin and uncle Si met with an accident." Yutang said.

Pausing for a while, Yutang said," Whatever Mian and Quin said was true."

" So you mean, Mian actually saw Yumi and Quin saw Mian?" Singtan asked.

" There are two kids who resemble Mian and Yumi. They were tricked." Yutang said.

Singtan smiled and said," Simon's daughter is working hard."

" That woman is crazy." Yutang said.

Singtan chuckled and said," I guess only Simon was a dumb one."

" I know right? Who would've thought that Kiara would use such an unpredictable way to deal with us." Yutang said.