When Singtan received a call from Zihao, his expression turned gloomy and he said," I'll be right there."

Noticing the change in Singtans expression, Mother Li asked," What happened?"

" Quin met with an accident." Singtan said.

Mother Li panicked and said," What? Quin? He-"

Cutting his mother off, Singtan said," Zihao said Quin is out of danger now."

" We should go to hospital." Father Li said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes, let's leave."

Just then, Mike received a phone call from one of father Si's guards.

" What? How?" Mike shouted.

" Alright, I am coming." Mike said before hanging up the call.

" What happened?" Anna asked anxiously.

" Father met with an accident and is in a very critical condition." Mike said.

Anna froze when she heard that. Her eyes turned red and tears started rolling down her cheeks.

After their reconciliation, father Si had been staying with them in the Zhang mansion. After handing over his entire business to Mike and Anna, father Si had decided to spend the rest of his life with his granddaughter, daughter and son-in-law.

" This-"

Cupping Anna's cheeks, Mike said," Don't panic okay? You have to stay strong."

" We all should leave." Father Xie said.



When everyone arrived at the hospital, Zihao, Zechan and Songpa along with a few other guards were sitting outside the operation theatre.

When they saw Singtan and the rest, they quickly got and greeted them.

Singtan nodded his head and asked," How is everything?"

" Quin is out of danger but is still in the operation theatre." Zihao said.

" And what about Mr Si?" Singtan asked.

Zihao shook his head and said," The situation doesn't look promising. He lost lots of blood and is in a very critical condition. The doctor said that anything can happen."

Anna covered her mouth and started crying.

Ming quickly wrapped her arms around her shoulder and said," Anna, you have to be strong okay? Don't worry, uncle is going to be alright."

" Dada, mommy." Mian shouted before jerking the nurses hands away and rushing towards them.

Mike widened his eyes in shock and said," Mian."

Squatting down, Mike asked," What are you- Oh my God how did you hurt your arm?"

" Master was hit by a speeding truck while saving little miss." One of father Si's bodyguards said.

" What? But how did this happen?" Mike asked.

Looking at her father with teary eyes, Mian said," Grandpa got hurt because of me, he was bleeding so much."

Singtan squatted down and said," It isn't your fault darling. Grandpa loves you and that is why he saved you."

" Now can you tell me what exactly happened?" Singtan asked.

Wiping her tears with the back of her tiny hands, Mian said," Grandpa and I were playing games but then I started feeling hungry. Grandpa told me that he will take me out for lunch. After lunch, I wanted to eat ice cream. When Grandpa was buying ice cream, I saw Yumi across the road and she also called me out. I quickly rushed towards her and-"

" You saw Yumi?" Father Xie asked.

Mian nodded her head and said," Yes, I saw Yumi."

When Singtan gave Zihao and meaningful look, he nodded his head and left.

" When Master saw little miss running towards the road, he quickly rushed after her. Just then a speeding truck was making its way towards little miss. Master was fast enough to push little miss aside otherwise it would have been little miss who-" Father Si's bodyguard said.

" Everything happened so fast that we did not get any time to react." Another bodyguard said.

" It's all my fault, I shouldn't have left them alone at home. I should've stayed at home, they wouldn't have to go out for lunch and-"

Cupping her cheeks, Mike said." Stop blaming yourself, this is not your fault."

Hugging Singtan's neck, Mian asked," Uncle Singtan is grandpa going to be alright?"

Patting her back, Singtan said," Everything is going to be okay."

Just then Zihao came back and said," Yumi and Zian are at the Li mansion along with elder master and elder miss. They are safe and sound."

" Then who was that whom Mian saw?" Mike asked.

" Mom." Rose shouted before rushing towards them.

Mother Li quickly hugged her and said," Ahh my child, don't worry he is out of danger."

Hugging mother Li tighter, Rose said," I want to see him."

Rose was busy making preparations for her upcoming show when she received a call from Zihao about Quin accident.

Just then the doctor came out of the operation theatre.

" Doctor how is my son?" Mother Li asked.

" Mr Li is out of danger but there is a slight fracture in his left arm. He has received multiple injuries but It's not that serious." The doctor said.

" Can we see him?" Rose asked.

" We will shift him to the room after sometime, you all can meet him then." The doctor said before walking away.

" Where are the bodyguards who were supposed to follow Quin?" Singtan asked.

" They were following Quin from behind but Quin suddenly stopped the car and rushed to the other side of the road. Just then a speeding car crashed against him. Everything happened suddenly so that bodyguards did not get any time to react." Zihao said.

Mother frowned and asked," Why would Quin jump out of the car all of a sudden?"

" Alright, let's not talk about this for now. We can ask Quin about it when he wakes up." Father Li said.


Everyone was patiently waiting outside the operation theatre. The nurses were still rushing here and there but they still refused to give them any kind of update on father Si's condition.

" How long is it gonna take?" Anna shouted. It had been more than an hour and she was now growing impatient.

" An calm down and let the doctors do their work." Mike said.

Burying her head on Mike's chest, Anna kept on sobbing.

Tucking onto her mother's dress, Mian said," Momma please don't cry."

" Songpa, can you drop Mian at the Li mansion?" Mike asked.

Songpa nodded his head and said," Okay."

Mian shook her head and said," No, I don't want to go. I want to stay with grandpa."