After everyone arrived, Father Xie asked," Meili what happened?"

" I want to talk about Yumi with you all." Mother Li said.

" Yumi? What happened to her? Is she alright?" Yufan asked.

" Yumi is alright." Singtan said.

Mother Li sighed and said," I want Singtan and Ming to adopt Yumi."

" Meili-"

Cutting father Xie off, mother Li said," Listen to me first Chuang."

Father Xie sighed and nodded his head.

" I know all of you think Yumi as your own daughter and love her a lot but don't you all think that Yumi needs a particular person she can rely on? Since she was small, Yumi has been staying at the Li mansion and is very close to Singtan and Ming. All of us know how much they have done for Yumi. I am not saying that you people have not. I know that each and everyone of you are an important part in her life but I think for Yumi's betterment, this is the best thing all of us can do." Mother Li said.

Yutang sighed and said," I think mom is right."

" Hmm, even I feel the same. Mian told me what happened in the kindergarten a few days back. I wanted to bring this topic up the very next day but then I thought-" Mike said.

" What happened in the kindergarten?" Father Xie asked.

After narrating him the entire incident, mother Li said," This is why I insist on Singtan and Ming adopting Yumi."

" I know this is very sudden for everyone but we will start procedure only if everyone agrees to this." Singtan said.

" Siquan no matter whatever has happened but you are still Yumi's biological father and your opinion matters a lot. If you think that this is inappropriate then we will never bring this topic up." Ming said.

Siquan smiled and said," I don't think that I have the right to take decisions for Yumi because-"

Cutting him off, Ming said," Siquan, don't say that."

Siquan smiled and said," No matter what you say Ming but that's a fact. I don't have any kind of contribution in her upbringing. I have never done anything for her that a father should do. And I will be happy if you and Singtan adopt her. You guys don't know how happy and satisfied I feel when I see Yumi with you and Singtan. I feel like she is much safer with you than me."

Yufan nodded his head and said," Ling and I were actually talking about this a few days back. Initially we wanted to adopt Yumi but I think elder sister and brother-in-law should adopt her. Yumi has been staying with elder sister most of the time so she is naturally more close to her and adopting her is not a bad idea."

" Yufan is right." Ling said.

Uncle Chen nodded his head and said," I also approve this."

" Meili I-"

Grabbing Father Xie's hand, Mother Li said," Please Chuang don't-"


Patting his chest, father Li started coughing vigorously.

Patting his father's back, Singtan whispered," Do something Mr Li, If won't be appropriate if my father-in-law and mother-"

Father Li gritted his teeth and murmured," Shut up."

Ignoring her husband, Mother Li continued," Chuang please don't say no. It's not like after they adopt Yumi, she is not going to have ties with anyone. Everything is going to remain the same. The relations, the way Yumi addresses everyone and her name too. We have decided that we won't change her name. She is going to remain Xie Yumi forever and may be she can write a small Li beside her name in brackets and-"

" Okay." Father Xie said.

Mother Li squealed in excitement and asked," Really?"

Father Xie nodded his head and said," Yes, I don't have any problem with your arrangements."

Mother Li quickly got and gave father Xie a hug scaring the wits out of father Li.

" Thank you so much Chuang." Mother Li said.

Father Xie's who was not at all ready for the hug, blushed and slowly patted mother Li's back.

Father Li on the other hand, quickly got up and pulled mother Li towards him and gave her a hug.

" Ahh I am so happy Meili." Father Li exclaimed.

When the others saw what had happened, they couldn't control themselves and burst into laughter.

Trying to hide his red face, father Xie excused himself and said," I'll go check on the food." Before walking away.

Yufan chuckled and slowly followed his father to the kitchen.

Hitting father Li on his chest, Mother L said," What are you doing?"

" Hugging my wife. Why? Is it wrong?" Father Li asked.

" Behave yourself in front of the kids." Mother Li said.


Inside the kitchen.

Nudging his father, Yufan asked," Hey dad."

" What is it?" Father Xie asked.

" Do you like mother Li?" Yufan asked.

Father Xie widened his eyes in shock and said," You- what nonsense are you talking? Are you crazy?"

Yufan shrugged his shoulders and said," Well you were blushing when mother Li hugged you so-"

" Blushed? I never blushed." Father Xie said.

" But your face is still red dad." Ming said.

" You people are overthinking. Meili is your mother-in-law, how can I like her?" Father Xie said.

Yufan chuckled and said," What's wrong with that? It's not like you are going to marry her and dad, healthy flirting is good for health."

" This boy you-"

Ming chuckled and said," Ahhh, too bad I married Singtan otherwise-"

Father Xie helplessly shook his head and said," You kids are unbelievable."

" Alright, we are just kidding." Ming said.

" You shouldn't crack such jokes." Father Xie said.

Giving him a hug, Ming said," Thank you for allowing us adop Yumi."

" I know you and Singtan will keep Yumi happy." Father Xie said.

Ming smiled and said," I promise."

" Okay now help me take these out." Father Xie said before passing them a few dishes.


Living room.

Everyone were happily eating and talking amongst themselves when they received a piece of bad news.