As they entered the mansion, Xie Ming saw a middle-aged man standing in the entrance.

As soon as he saw Li Singtan he greeted him politely," Yound Master And this is.."

Li Singtan placed his hand on Xie Ming's shoulder and said," This is your Young Madam." Then he looked at Xie Ming and said ," This is butler Chang. If you ever need anything or you cannot find something, just look for him."

Xie Ming nodded her head.

Butler Chang was still in shock. He had never seen Li Singtan bring any woman home. There were many who wanted to climb his bed but Li Singtan disgusted them and hated them. But who would have thought that he would directly bring a wife home.

" Butler Chang will show to around. I have some unfinished business I'll go complete that. After seeing around, get ready we have to go to your father's place." He then tucked few strands of Xie Ming's hair behind her ear, turned around and left.

As soon as Li Singtan left, butler Chang bowed down in from of Xie Ming and said," Come young madam I'll show you around."

Xie Ming nodded her head and started following him.

They started from the garden.

As butler Chang was showing her around, Xie Ming noticed that all the flowers that she favoured were present in the garden.

Xie Ming wa startled when she heard Butler Chang say," The most special part about this garden are the Sunflowers. Young Master had hired special experts to plant these in the garden. He personally supervised them when they were doing there work. The most shocking thing is Yound master never liked sunflower when he was young but suddenly 3 years ago when he came back from aboard and decided to do this even I was shocked."

Xie Ming found this very strange and said with a very low voice,"Sunflower is my favourite flower."

" Ahh now I understood why Young master had taken all the trouble. Young madam he really loves you a lot."

Xie Ming gave Butler Chang a weak smile and followed him inside .

Each and every part of the mansion that butler Chang had showed her whether it was the library, the kitchen or the guest room, each and everything had something that she was fond of. Xie Ming found this very strange and started doubting Li Singtan.

As she was busy with her thoughts, she heard butler Chang say," And this is the master bedroom, your bedroom."

When Xie Ming entered the bedroom, her doubts were all gone. Now she was sure that something was really wrong because the bedroom had all the things that she liked.

Whether it was the design of the furniture, the paintings or the colour of the room. Even the bedside lamp had her favourite floral prints on them.

"Yound madam you rest, I'll be heading out. If you need anything just press the button near the bed." Saying this Butler Chang turned around an left.

Xie Ming sat on the edge of the bed,lowered her head and started thinking ' First he comes to rescued me out of nowhere and asked me to marry him and now everything in his house is according to my taste and preferences. This can't be a coincidence right. Aahhhh why didn't I think about this. He is The Li Singtan. Why would he be interested in getting married with someone like me. He is not a psycho killer or rapist right? What if he is?

Oh my God, I have already married him. Should I away from here. Yes I should run away from here. He is still busy with his work I should take this opportunity and run away from him.'

Xie Ming suddenly got up and started running towards the door. But as soon as she opened the door, her head crashed on a firm but soft chest.

She looked up as she heard a deep

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voice," Where are you rushing to?"