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 After sometime, Zian asked curiously," Grandma, why did that aunty hurt Huang? Isn't it bad to hurt someone? Mommy says that we should love everyone and always be kind and caring. Then why did that aunty do that?"

Mother Li thought for a while and said," Your mommy taught you the right thing darling. You should always love everyone and always be kind and caring but you know Zian, not everyone in this world deserves your love, care or kindness. In life, you will encounter different kinds of people. Some may be good and some may be bad. You have to learn how to differentiate between good and bad. You should only love those who actually love and care for you."

" So that aunty is a bad person?" Zian asked.

" That aunty chose to be a bad person." Mother Li said.

Curious little Zian, blinked at his grandma and said," I did not understand."

Mother Li smiled and said," No one is born bad okay? It depends on the person whether they want to follow the good path or a bad path."

" So that means that aunty chose the bad path?" Zian asked.

Mother Li nodded her head and said," Yes."

" Then she should get punished." Zian said before getting up on the couch.

" I'll ask dada to punish that aunty because she is bad and she also tried to harm Huang." Zian said.

Mother Li nodded her head and said," You should." before giving him a peck on his cheeks.

Zian was just like Singtan when he saw young. Mother Li was a hundred percent sure that he would end up becoming just like his father: sensible, responsible and wise.


The grandma-grandson pair kept on talking about random things until Singtan and Ming arrived.

" Momma, dada." Zian said before rushing towards them.

Singtan squatted down and quickly picked Zian up in his arms.

" Why are you awake this late?" Singtan asked.

" I wanted to wait for you both." Zian said.

Ruffling her son's hair, Ming asked," Does Zian want to sleep with his mom and dad?"

Zian thought for a while and shook his head.

Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked," Why?" It was rare for him to reject sleeping with is parents.

Crossing his arms in his chest, Zian said," Zixin is sleeping in our room and Yumi is there too, I don't want to leave them alone."

Ming chuckled and asked," What? Why?"

" Great-Grandpa told me that a boy and a girl shouldn't sleep in the same room alone until they turn 18." Zian said and there was no way he would leave his little sister and Zixin in the same room.

" Are you sure champ that you don't want to sleep between your momma and dad?" Singtan asked.

" Yes, doesn't Zian want to hug mom and dad to sleep?" Ming asked.

Zian thought for a while and asked," Will Yumi and Zixin be alright then?"

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes, they will be alright."

" Zixin is a nice boy." Ming said.

Mother Li chuckled and said," Father is becoming more and more childish along with the kids."

" He told me the same thing when I was young." Singtan said.

" Mom you must be tired, you should also go and take some rest." Ming said.

Mother Li nodded her head and said," Yes, you people should also rest early." Before walking towards her room.

" I'll go check on the kids." Ming said before walking towards Zian and Yumi's room.

After Ming left, Singtan asked," Champ, why don't you like Zixin?"

Zian shook his head and said," Zixin is my best friends just like Liang but I don't like it when he tries to come close to Yumi."

" Zixin is a good boy." Singtan said before walking towards their room.


Inside the room.

After changing his clothes, Singtan got into the covers along with Zian.

Wrapping his short legs around his father, Zian asked," Dada, do I have to take over your business when I grow up?"

" Now where did that come from?" Singtan asked.

" Today I heard Liang and Zixin say that their father's told them that they have to take over the business when they grow up. But you never told me that so I asked you." Zian said.

Pausing for a while, he asked," Don't you want me to take over your business?"

Singtan pinched Zian's cheeks and said," It doesn't matter whether I want you to takeover my business or not, what matters is whether you want to take over my business or not."

Lifting him up, Singtan made him sit on his stomach and said," It's not necessary for you to take over my business because you are my son. If you want to take over then why not? I'll willingly and happily give away my responsibilities to you and live peacefully with your mother and spend more time with her but if you don't want to then it's fine. You can do and become whatever you want to. No restrictions okay?"

Zian nodded his head and said," Okay dada but I want to take over your business after I grow up."

Singtan chuckled and said," Okay."

" I will drink lots of milk and eat vegetables from tomorrow." Zian said.

" Why?" Singtan asked.

" Because I want to grow up fast." Zian said.

Singtan chuckled and asked," Why do you want to grow up fast?"

" Because I want to take over your business as soon as possible so that you take spend more time with momma." Zian said.

Feeling proud of his son's wise thinking, Singtan gave him a peck on his cheeks and said," Good boy and now time to bed." before tucking him into the blanket.

Popping his head out, Zian said," Dad."

" Hmm."

" Will you punish that aunty who tried to hurt Huang?" Zian asked.

" Well, do you want me to punish her?" Singtan asked.

Zian nodded his head and said," Yes."

Kissing his forehead, Singtan said," Then I will definitely follow your orders and punish her."

Zian smiled in satisfaction and dozed off to sleep.