A few hours ago.


" You stupid woman." Dereck shouted after giving Kiara a tight slap.

Holding her cheek, Kiara clenched her other hand into a fist.

" Don't you have sense? I had asked you not to create any kind of trouble during the event but this vicious and stupid mind of yours had to do something which would tarnish my reputation." Dereck shouted.

When Kiara did not say anything, Dereck grabbed her chin and said," Now what? You don't want to say anything? After making things difficult for me, you are acting dumb?"

Pushing her in disgust, Dereck continued," I helped you out of goodwill. Ignoring your scary ugly face, I did everything to make you happy. But what did you give me in return?"

" I had asked you to do a small thing but you couldn't even do that. Now what are we going to do? Do you think Li Singtan will let you off easily? Do you think he will let me go? We both are done for and all the credit goes to you." Dereck shouted.

" Now what are you staring at, get into the car we have to leave this place and country before Li Singtan comes after us." Dereck shouted.

Without saying anything, Kiara hopped into the car.

After making a few calls and arranging everything, Dereck entered the car and quickly drove out of the hotel.

" This is all your fault. I shouldn't have pitied you and brought you here with me." Dereck said.

" Take a different route, what if Li Singtan has already started looking for?" Kiara said.

" Ha now you realised how dangerous Li Singtan is? What were you thinking when you tried to harm Chen Yichen's son?" Dereck asked.

Avoiding the main route to the airport, Dereck drove towards a secluded area.

After driving for quite some time, two black vans suddenly blocked their way.

Dereck quickly pressed on the brakes but bumped his head on the steering.

Just then, several thug-like men stepped out of the car and quickly surrounded their car.

Rolling the window down, Kiara stretched her hand out.

Passing her a knife, a man said," We have to leave, they already know."

" Give a second." Kiara said before taking the knife.

Dereck was groaning in pain when Kiara grabbed his hair and lifted his head up.

Taking the knife close to his neck, Kiara gave him a peck on his cheeks and said," You seriously treated me well but too bad you have to die."

Leaning closer, she whispered," Goodbye Dereck." before slitting his neck.

Blood splashed all over her hand and on the car.

Grabbing a tissue, Kiara wiped the blood away from the knife before getting down from the car.

" Did you bring what I had asked you too?" Kiara asked before taking off her mask.

When the man standing beside her saw the huge scary scar across her face, his body stiffened.

Kiara smirked and asked," Scared?"

Denis shook his head and said," Of course not, you are still the same Kiara whom I was friends with."

" I want the details about the kids of Li, Zhang and Yang family. From when their kindergarten starts to who picks them up. I want everything." Kiara said before hopping into one of the black vans.

" That is not going to be easy because the kids are always guarded." Denis said.

" Do whatever you want to but I want the details by next week." Kiara said.

" I hope you know who you are messing with." Denis asked.

Without saying anything, Kiara took out her phone and started typing something.



Staring at Derek's body which had already turned purple, Mike said," I think he has been poisoned too."

" Didn't Dereck help her? I mean for so many years, he had been taking care of her so why would she do this to him? That woman is really crazy" Yutang said.

" Why do I feel like she has become more crazy this time?" Mike asked.

" Did you check the surrounding properly?" Singtan asked Zechan.

Zechan nodded his head and said," Yes and we found this." Before showing him a silicone mask.

" Ah so she was wearing this all along, no wonder we couldn't recognise her." Yutang said.

" Mr Li, the chief wants to know whether you are acquainted with this man or not?" The policeman asked politely.

Singtan shook his head and said," No I am not but he was a criminal."

" You should talk to the chief about it." The policeman said.

Singtan nodded his head and followed the policeman.



Huang had been shifted to the cabin but his face looked extremely pale.

Looking at his condition, Linda couldn't help but tear up. It was all her fault that her son was now suffering.

Wrapping his arms around Linda's shoulders, Robin said," Isn't he okay now? So what are you crying for? My son is strong okay? So stop crying."

Burying her face on his chest, Linda said," I was so scared, I thought I'll lose him today."

Patting her back, Robin said," Everything is okay now."

" Mr and Mrs Chen, I am extremely sorry for what happened I-"

Cutting him off Robin said," Mr Mo please don't embarrass us. It's not your fault. We have personal issues with Kiara and that is why she is trying to get back on us. You were completely unaware of the whole situation so you don't have to apologise."

" But still Mr Chen everything happened during my event so I am very ashamed. Little Chen is suffering because of that." Mr Mo said.

Robin smiled and said," It's completely alright you don't have to blame yourself."

Just then the other members of the Chen family along with father Xie entered the room and started asking about Huang's condition and what had exactly happened.

" Thank God our little boy is alright." Father Xie said.

Sitting down beside her son, Linda was caressing his face when she received a message from the same untraceable number.