Robin narrowed his eyes and said," Sorry? You hurt my son and now you are sorry?"

" What happened Mr Chen?" Mr Mo asked.

" Oh my God, how did this happen?" Mrs Mo asked when she saw Huang's bleeding arm.

" Where is Natalia?" Mrs Mo shouted.

Another nanny stepped forward and said," Natalia had taken little Chen to the washroom but is missing now."

Mrs Mo frowned and said," You people are too careless. Go and get the first aid box."

" What was my son doing with you?" Robin shouted.

" I-"

" Pardon me Mr Chen but you cannot shout at my fiancée like that." Dereck said.

" You fiancée is the reason why my son is crying in pain." Robin shouted.

" I am sure this is some kind of misunderstanding." Dereck said before walking towards Erica.

" I did not do that on purpose." Erica said.

Wiping her fake tears away, Erica continued," Little Chen was walking all around all by himself, so I decided to guide him to you Mrs Chen but then he said he was hungry so I started feeding him with a chocolate that I had inside my bag. And that scratch, I swear I did not do that on purpose."

" You see, all this is a misunderstanding." Dereck said.

" Why do you have to do that? Who gave you permission to feed my son?" Linda shouted.

" Mrs Chen please calm down." Mr Mo said.

" Calm down? You are asking her to calm down? Can't you see how badly the child is hurt?" Mrs Mo lashed out at her husband.

" Mr Dereck I think it will be best if you leave along with your fiancé." Mr Mo said.

Linda widened her eyes in shock and said," No wait she is-"

" Oh my God something is happening to Huang?" Ming shouted before rushing towards him.

When everyone started surrounding Huang, Dereck dragged Erica out of the hall.

" His body is turning cold? Mike do something." Ming shouted.

Robin panicked and started patting his sons cheeks," Huang wake up? Champ? Hey-" but the little one did not respond.

Grabbing Robins collar, Linda shouted," Do something."

" We have to take him to the hospital, his vitals are turning weak." Mike said.

" I'll call an ambulance." Yutang said.

Singtan shook his head and said,"Ambulance will take time, I'll take him to the hospital."

Taking out his keys, Singtan said," Robin follow me along with Huang. Yutang you've drop the kids at the mansion before coming to the hospital."

" I want to go as well." Linda said before grabbing Robins sleeves.

" Babe, you have to come with Ming okay? I am there with Huang so don't worry." Robin said before rushing out of the hall along with Singtan.

" I'll follow them." Mr Mo said before rushing out of the hall.

The lovely atmosphere of the party suddenly turned gloomy.

" It was her, she is back." Linda shouted before breaking down and bursting into tears.

" Who are you talking about?" Yixi asked.

" Kiara, she is back." Linda shouted.

Mike frowned and asked," What? Did you see her?"

" That woman whom we met at the mall yesterday, she is Kiara." Linda said.

" Who-"

Cutting Mike off, Ming said," Mr Dereck's fiancé."

" Damn." Mike cursed before taking out his phone and calling Zechan. They had to capture Dereck and his fiancé before they run off or hide somewhere.

Squatting down, Ming said," Linda you cannot break down like this, Huang needs you okay? Get up, let's go to the hospital. You have to be strong for you son."

" Ming is right, all of us should go together." Mrs Mo said.

" I'll drop the kids at the Li mansion first and then I'll come to hospital." Yutang said.

" Mr Yang, please take Zixin with you too." Mrs Mo said.

Yutang nodded his head and quickly guided the kids outside.



After breaking uncountable number of signals and rules, Singtan and Robin arrived at the hospital along with Huang who was immediately pushed towards the emergency room.

Pacing back and forth in the corridor, Robin was getting impatient as well as anxious.

Singtan patted his shoulders and said," It's gonna be alright."

Just then Linda arrived along with Ming and the rest.

" How is Hunag?" Linda asked.

" They have taken him inside." Robin said.

" You two don't panic okay, I'll go and see what is wrong." Mike said before entering the emergency room.

" I won't be able live without my baby Yichan, I'll die if something happens to him." Linda said.

Pulling her into his embrace, Robin said," Shhh calm down. Nothing will happen to our Huang okay? Our baby is going to be alright."

After sometime, Mike came out of the emergency room discussing with the doctor who was in charge.

Robin quickly approached them and asked," How is my son?"

The doctor sighed and said," Luckily you brought him on time and we successfully drained the poison out of his body otherwise you've-"

" Poison?" Singtan asked.

" Huang has been poisoned." Mike said.

" Though it wasn't a very dangerous one but the amount used was enough to kill a two and a half years old." The doctor said.

" You don't have to worry because he is out of danger now but we still have to keep him under observation for a couple of days." The doctor said.

Just then Songpa and Zechan arrived.

" Did you catch them?" Mike asked.

Zechan shook his head and said," We found that man but-"

" But what?" Singtan asked.

" He was dead." Songpa said.

" I just received a call from the hotel, the nanny who had taken Huang was found inside a dark passage in an unconscious condition." Mr Mo said.

" That woman with Dereck is Kiara." Mike said.

" How was he poisoned?" Singtan asked.

" Whoever scratched him had poison in her nails." The doctor said.

Singtan took a deep breath and said," Robin stay here, Mike let's go."

Turning towards Ming, Singtan said," I'll be back after sometime."

Ming nodded her head and said," Take care."

Singtan nodded his head and left along with Mike.