Inside the washroom.

Linda was washing her hands when Erica entered the room.

" Ahh I did not expect to bump into Mrs Chen here." Erica said.

Giving her a weak smile, Linda kept on washing her hands.

" I am very sorry for what happened yesterday at the shopping mall. I did not intend to push you and your son down." Erica said.

Linda smiled and said," It's fine."

" But Mrs Yang doesn't seem to like me." Erica said.

" It's nothing like that." Linda said.

After patting her hands dry, Linda excused herself and said," I'll get going."

" Your son is really very cute and lovely." Erica said.

Walking towards her, Erica smiled and said," I just showed him a chocolate and he was so happy that he wanted to follow me everywhere."

Linda's heartbeat started increasing when Erica started inching closer. Erica's mocking gaze was making her feel extremely uncomfortable and insecure.

" Kids are like that." Linda said.

Erica chuckled and said," Yes you are right, kids are like that but that is not good."

Pausing for a while, she continued," What if someone who hates you tries to take away your son from you? Or tries to kill him? Wouldn't it be a very easy task for your enemy? You should be more careful."

When Linda did not say anything, Erica tilted her head and asked," Is Mrs Chen worried about something?"

Linda shook her head and said," No I am not."

" Ahh but you look as if you have wronged someone in the past and now you are scared that she will come back and take everything that you love from you, like your little son." Erica said before walking out of the washroom.

After Erica left, Linda widened her eyes in shock a shock and murmured," Kiara." Before rushing outside.


Outside the washroom.

Looking around, Linda panicked when she did not see Erica anywhere.

Linda was now a hundred percent sure that Erica was Kiara in disguise and she was back to her so-called revenge on everyone.

Linda know that Kiara would definitely try to get back on her because she was the one who disfigured her.

" Huang." Linda murmured before rushing towards the hall.


Inside the banquet hall.

" Ah congratulations Weiwei." Ming said before giving her a hug.

Weiwei smiled and said," Thankyou so much."

" Congrats." Yixi and Anna said before giving her a hug.

" That was fast though." Anna said.

" Yeah, I never expected Siquan to get into action so fast." Yixi said.

Weiwei blushed and said," It just happened. We were not planning to have one soon."

Ming chuckled and said," Trust me it just happens. Even Singtan and I never had any plans or even thought about having a baby. It just happened."

" Even Mike and I never planned having one." Anna said.

" You don't have to feel scared or nervous because it isn't that difficult. Yeah giving birth is difficult but after that, things just go with the flow. Now, it just feels like yesterday I told Singtan that I was pregnant and Zian will turn four after eight months." Ming said.

" Time just flies." Anna said.

While the elders were talking about how time flies by, the kids were talking about their future.

" Dad says that I have to take over his business one day." Liyang said.

" My dad says that too." Zixin said.

Zian frowned when he heard that. His dad never told him about taking over his business.

" Zixin you will also take over uncles MO's business one day?" Yumi asked.

Zixin nodded his head and said," Yes."

" Then will you marry me after that?" Yumi asked.

Zixins chubby cheeks turned red when he heard that.

Zian placed his hand on Yumi's mouth and said," You must not say such things. Dada said that we can get married only when we are adults."

" Then I'll grow up and marry Zixin." Yumi said.

Turning towards him, Yumi asked," Zixin will you marry me?"

Zixin nodded his head and said," Yes."

Yumi clapped her hands together and said," Okay, I'll tell dada about this today."

" No, I don't want you to get married." Zian said.

Yumi pouted her lips and asked," Why not?"

" Because you are my little sister." Zian said.

" Zian, will you marry me too?" Mian asked.

Zian lowered his head and blushed furiously.

" Yo kids, what are you talking about?" Robin asked.

" Uncle Yichan I asked Zian to marry me." Mian said.

Robin chuckled and said," What? Marriage? You people are too small to talk about marriages."

Just then Zian leaned towards Robin and asked," Uncle Yichan, married couples have to stay in the same room right? And they also have to take a bath together right?"

Robbin chuckled and asked," Champ, who told you that?"

" Dada told to me." Zian said.

Robbin nodded his head and said," Yes, your daddy taught you right.

Just the Linda barged in calling for Huang," Huang?"

" What happened babe?" Robin asked.

Clutching onto Robins sleeves, Linda asked," Where is Haung?"

" Mr Mo's nanny has taken him to the washroom. But what happened?" Robin asked.

When Anna, Yixi and Ming saw Linda's worried face, they quickly rushed towards them.

" Linda what happened?" Ming asked.

" Huang? where is my son?" Linda asked before looking here and there.

Just then, she saw Erica sitting not too far away from them with Huang in her lap who was busy eating chocolate.

Linda frozen when she saw that.

" Huang." Linda murmured before rushing them.

Seeing Linda like that, Robin and the rest quickly rushed after her.

" Linda wait." Robin shouted.

When Singtan and rest heard the commotion, they decided to take a look.

When Erica saw Linda rushing towards her, she dug her nails inside Huang's little arms making him cry in pain.

Linda quickly snatched Huang away and shouted," How dare you touch my son?"

Just then, Huang's loud cries echoed throughout the room.

Linda patted his back and said," It's alright, Mommy is here."

" Linda Huang's arm is bleeding." Weiwei said.

Linda panicked when she saw Huang's bleeding arm.

" This- I am so sorry Mrs Chen." Erica said before tearing up.