When the men started talking about their business, Mrs Mo said," Come Ming let's go and enjoy ourselves. These men don't have anything in their mind other than business."

Ming chuckled and said," You are right."

" Yutang and Mike will be here soon." Singtan said.

Ming nodded her head and left along with Mrs Mo.

After sometime, Mike and Yutang arrived along with their wife and kids.

" Where is Ming?" Anna asked Singtan.

" She is with Mrs Mo." Singtan said.

" Uncle Singtan is Zian here?" Mian asked.

Singtan smiled and nodded his head," Yes, he is inside."

" I'll go look for them." Anna said befit excusing herself.


" Really? Is Mr Li that childish?" Mrs Mo asked.

Ming chuckled and said," Nobody believes me but he is."

" Haha this is so funny." Mrs Mo said.

" Hey what are you guys talking about?" Anna asked.

" Ming just told me about the childish things that Mr Li does at home." Mrs Mo said.

Anna smiled and said," Singtan is very childish and is smitten my Ming. It's like Ming has him wrapped around her pinky. Whatever Ming says is like a command for him."

" Hey, that is not true. He did reject my suggestion about having another baby at first." Ming said trying to give her husband some face in front of Mrs Mo.

" And why? Because he didn't want you to go through everything again. If possible, I am a hundred percent sure that Singtan would willingly give birth to the baby instead of you." Anna said.

" Wait are you and Mr Li trying?" Mrs Mo asked.

When Ming nodded her head, Mrs Mo said," Ahh that is great, we are trying too though Mr Mo also doesn't want one but my only son is already smitten over your daughter. I wonder what will happen once he grows up. Ahh you have no idea how much he already likes Yumi. Whenever are out, he will never forget to choose something for her and later when I tease him, he quickly picks up gifts for everyone."

Ming chuckled and said," Yumi talks about Zixin too but my son doesn't like it." Before looking at Zian who was standing between Yumi and Zixin like a pillar.

Mrs Mo grabbed Ming's hand and said," I don't know what is going to happen in the future but someday after the kids grow up, it Yumi and Zixin fall in love I hope you people won't have any problem."

Ming smiled and said," If the kids want it, then why not?"

" Exactly, we have similar plans for Zian and Mian as well." Anna said.

" Are we matching here?" Yixi asked.

" Ahh you are here." Ming said.

" We just arrived along with Siquan, Weiwei, Yichan and Linda." Yixi said.

" Weiwei is here? Let me go and greet them." Mrs Mo said before excusing herself.

After Mrs Mo left, Yixi said," Yutang told me about Kiara yesterday."

" Singtan told me too." Ming said.

" Linda seems to be still worried about what happened yesterday. Yichan told me that she didn't want to come but he still brought her here because he didn't want to leave her alone." Yixi said.

" Hey, isn't that the woman from the mall?" Anna asked before pointing towards a woman dressed in red.

" Yes, she is that woman." Yixi said.

" Let's go and have a look." Ming said.


" Mr Li, this is Mr Dereck. We are working together in a project." Mr Mo said.

Dereck chuckled and said," Small project. It's lovely meeting the infamous Mr Li." Before stretching his hands.

Shaking his hand, Singtan said," It's a pleasure meeting you too."

Wrapping his around the woman who was standing next to him, Dereck said," This is my fiancée Erica Fleming."

Singtan nodded his head without giving any kind of reaction.

Erica on the other hand couldn't stop staring at Singtan. It had been so many years but he still looked the same. From his body to his facial features, nothing had changed. In fact, she started feeling that he had become more charming and handsome than the last time she had seen him.

Ming raised her eyebrows when she saw the woman in red staring at her husband like a hungry wolf.

Just then Ming's possessive wife instincts kicked in and she possessively wrapped her arms around Singtan.

Turning towards her, Singtan smiled and asked," Do you want to drink anything?"

Ming shook her head and said," I am fine."

" She must be Mrs Li, it's a pleasure meeting you." Dereck said.

Ming smiled and nodded her head.

Erica's expression turned gloomy when she saw them standing together. She hated how good they looked together.

Linda on the other hand was feeling a bit relieved when she saw Erica with Dereck. The fear that she was feeling slowly started subsiding but she decided not to let her guard down.

She initially thought that Erica was Kiara in disguise but when she heard Dereck introducing Erica as his fiancée, Linda felt a bit easy at heart but now when she saw the way Erica was staring at Singtan, the fear inside her started rising again.

Linda knew how obsessed Kiara was for Mr Li and she could see the same obsession in Erica's eyes.


The atmosphere of the banquet became very lively and light-hearted. Everyone was busy enjoying the party. The men were busy talking about business and the ways through which they can enhance it while some were busy currying favours from famous businesses personnel's.

Dereck was also busy making connections as he was also new to the business world.

After warning Kiara several times about the do's and don'ts, he left her side and started talking about his business.

When Yixi noticed Erica staring at them, she said," This woman is really giving me the creeps now."

" She has been staring at us for a really long time." Anna said.

" I feel like throwing her out." Ming said.

Anna chuckled and asked," Why? What did she do?"

" Ahh I did not like the way she was staring t Singtan earlier. Maybe I am overthinking but I did not like it." Ming said.

" Even I noticed it." Linda murmured.

" Linda are you alright?" Anna asked.

Linda nodded her head and said," I'll go use the washroom." Before excusing herself.

When Erica saw Linda leaving, she slowly followed her behind.