Li mansion.

Wrapping her arms around Singtan's waist, Ming asked," So did Yichan tell  you about this?"

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes."

" So what did you find out." Ming asked.

" The number is" untraceable." Singtan said.

" Do you think it's really that crazy woman of yours?" Ming asked.

Singtan frowned and asked," Huh? My woman? What are talking about?"

" Wasn't she after you? I heard about her madness over you from Linda and Yutang as well." Ming said.

" I don't know what made her go crazy over me." Singtan said.

"You definitely gave her hints otherwise why would someone go crazy over you like that?" Ming said.

Pulling her closer, Sintang said," You know that you are the only woman that I am head over heels for right? Only to excite me and I give hints only to you."

" It better be that Mr Li otherwise I'll shoot you and your mistress." Ming said.

Singtan chuckled and said," Ahh so are you threatening me with your shooting skills now?"

" It's a warning Mr Li." Ming said.

" Do you want me to show you how much you mean to me Mrs Li? And how much I love you?" Singtan asked before taking his hands towards her zipper.

Ming smiled and said," I am feeling a bit insecure so I think you should-"

" Mom, dada." Ming words were interrupted with Yumi's shrill voice.

Singtan buried his head on Ming's neck and asked," Are you sure you want one more? Isn't two enough to disturb us like this? You seriously want one more?"

Ming pushed him away and said," Later."

Just then Yumi and Zian entered the room along with their pillows.

Singtan frowned and asked," Why are you two carrying your pillows?"

" Dada, brother Zian is bullying me." Yumi said.

" Zian what did you do?" Ming asked.

" He said that I cannot play with Zixin at the party tomorrow." Yumi said.

" Why so?" Singtan asked.

" Because Zixin is a big and Yumi is a girl so they should maintain distance." Zian said.

" Even you are a boy and Mian is a girl but I don't see you maintaining distance with her?" Ming asked.

" That is different mom, Mian and I were born on the same day so we don't have to maintain distance from each other." Zian said.

Ming chuckled and asked," Now you told you that?"

" Uncle Quin." Zian said.

" Yumi, you can play with Zixin tomorrow and Zian no more listening to your uncle Quin from tomorrow." Singtan said.

When the two kids nodded their heads, Singtan said," Now I want both of you to go to bed."

The kids nodded their heads and quickly settled themselves in the middle of the bed.

" Not here, your bed." Singtan said.

" We want to sleep with mom and Dad today." Yumi said.

" Yes, even I want to sleep with mom and dad today." Zian said.

Ming chuckled and said," Alright, you can sleep here."

Singtan frowned and said," But Ming-"

Cutting him off, Ming asked," Do you want to take a shower?"

Singtan grinned and nodded his head and said," I would love to."

" Then follow me." Ming whispered before walking towards the washroom.


Montana Hotel.

" You know how risky it is then why did you go out?" Dereck shouted.

" I wanted an outfit for tomorrow so-"

" So? I would've arranged one for you here but who told you to wander around the streets like that? Do you know how dangerous it is? There are men scattered everywhere and they are still looking for you. Do you have any idea what could've happened if you were caught?" Dereck shouted.

Pausing for a while, he continued," And you purposely made your way towards the mall where Li Singtan's wife and her friends were shopping. And you also deliberately shopped from Li Quins wife's shop. Are you nuts? Are you crazy?"

Kiara pursed her lips and said," I am sorry."

Running his hands through his face, Dereck squatted down in front of her and said," Kiara I am telling this for your own safety. They will kill you if they find you. Don't underestimate the Li clan and especially Li Singtan. He is much more dangerous than you think he is. Even if you manage to take away something that is close or dear to him in the end, you will be the one who is going to suffer."

Kiara nodded her head and said," I'll be more careful next time."

Dereck patted her head and said," Good."

Giving him a weak smile, Kiara said," I'll use the washroom."

" I'll order food." Dereck said.


Inside the washroom.

Taking off her mask, Kiara splashed water on her face to calm herself down.

She hated how Dereck tried to control her every movement. She had been tolerating everything when she was in country B because she was helpless but now that she was back in country S, Kiara had thought it many ways to get rid of him as soon as she has enough resources in her hand.

She had contacted an old friend of hers and he had promised to give her a response tonight.

Once her friend agreed to help her with her revenge, Kiara had planned to kill Dereck and join hands with her friend.


Plassey Hotel

The event organised by the Mo enterprise was a grand one and many celebrities along with famous businessmen were invited in the event.

Though the Mo enterprise had just been established in country S but it had already managed to dominate most of the other enterprises.


Inside the banquet hall.

" No running." Ming shouted.

Singtan placed his hand on Ming's shoulder and said," Its fine, let the kids have fun."

" Mr and Mrs Li, I am glad you both are here." Mr Mo said.

After giving Singtan a hug, Mr Mo said," I am honoured to have you here."

" Ming don't worry about the kids, I have appointed some people to look after them." Mrs Mo said.

Ming smiled and nodded her head.