" We have to be careful." Singtan said.

Since their enemies whereabouts were still unknown to them, all they could do was be extra careful. Right now, they did not even know whether Kiara was in country S or not. Though Singtan's men were scattered all over the place but it would still be difficult to find her if Kiara had disguised herself. Since the case was like that, all Singtan could do was increase the protection and men around them.

" After what happened, I think Erica will first come looking for sister-in-law." Yufan said.

Robin nodded his head and said," Yes and that I disturbing me a lot." He also has Huang to protect now and Robin didn't want to give Kiara any chance to harm his family.

" Then let's see how things come and let's deal with it together." Mike said.


Shopping mall.

Inside HIM&HER

The store attendants politely greeted their boss when she entered the store.

" Bring those latest collections out." Rose said.

" Wow there are already so many people here." Anna said.

The store had been recently opened but it was still crowded.

Rose smiled and said," Yes, I actually did not expect such a huge response from the people."

" Are you kidding me? Your designs are superb." Yixi said.

" Linda what happened?" Ming asked when she noticed her staring at Huang in a daze.

" That woman, I don't know why but she seemed so familiar." Linda said.

" The woman you bumped into downstairs?" Yixi asked.

When Linda nodded her head, Yixi said," She is there." Before pointing her chin towards a particular direction.

Erica Fleming was busy looking at the evening gowns which the attendant was showing her.

" Why do I feel like she is following us?" Anna asked.

" May be she is here just to buy herself a gown?" Yixi said.

" Let's not pay attention to her." Ming said.

Turning towards the kids, Ming said, Now I want you all to and sit on the couch quietly. No making noise okay?"

" Aunty, we will take care of them." Ben and Sam said.

" So you all want to have anything? Some snacks?" Rose asked.

" Yes." The kids said.

" Alright, I'll order some for you all." Rose said before asking an attendant to get some snacks for the kids.

Erica, who was standing not to far away from them was trying to observe the small six kids carefully.

She knew that Yang Yutang had fraternal twins and she could easily say who they were after looking at Linyang and Liang, Mike had a daughter who was born on the same day as Li Singtan's son but what confused her was the additional little girl who was sitting along with a little boy.

Looking at Zian, Erica smiled. She was a hundred percent sure that he was Li Singtan's son. He resembled his father a lot. But what about the additional girl? Who was she? Did the Li couple have twins too? If yes then why would they hide their daughter? Why wasn't any information about they having daughter available in the anywhere?

" Ma'am do you like this one?" The attendant asked.

Breaking out from her daze, Erica said," Yes, You alter this for me."

" But ma'am you haven't tried it yet." The attendant said.

" Just take my measurements and alter it." Erica said.

The sales attendant nodded her head and started taking measurements.

" Ma'am, you can leave your address and we will get it delivered." The attendant said.

" I'll wait here and take the gown with me." Erica said before walking towards the couch.


After showing Ming the messages and telling her everything, Linda said," I don't know but I am having a really bad feeling about it."

Ming sighed and said," Don't stress about it okay? Did you tell Yichen about it?"

Linda nodded his head and said," Yes I did but he did not tell me anything after that."

" May be it is nothing. If it would've been something serious then he would've told you about it." Ming said.

Linda nodded her head and said," Yes, May be I am overthinking."

" Yes, Don't worry about anything." Ming said.

Though Ming was trying to console Linda, she was feeling equally anxious and uneasy inside.

If what Linda was doubting turned out to be true and if Kiara really comes back, wouldn't she try to harm her family as well? After all it was the Li family who killed her father and the Yangs, Zhang's and Xie's were also involved.

Just then Ming saw Yixi arguing with someone holding Huang in her arms.

" We don't know you so don't try to come close to our kids." Yixi said.

Yixi was looking at a few other things when she saw the same woman who had bumped into Linda asking Huang to come towards her showing him a chocolate.

Before the woman could touch Huang, Yixi quickly picked him up and started arguing with Erica.

" I just wanted to give him a chocolate." Erica said.

" You don't have to and don't try to come close to them." Yixi said.

Erica lowered her head and said," I am sorry."

Yixi already had a very weird feeling from the woman so she decided not to be courteous and polite with her.

" What happened?" Ming asked.

" I don't know but she was trying to give something to the kids." Yixi said.

When Ming saw chocolates in Erica's hand, she said," We aren't doubting you but we are very cautious when it comes to our kids. I hope you understand."

Erica nodded her head and said," I do."

Just then Erica's phone buzzed and she excused herself.

" Where are you?" Dereck asked.

" I am at the mall." Erica said.

" Are you mad? Do you want to get caught? Come back right now." Dereck shouted.

Erica frowned and said," Alright, stop shouting." before hanging up the call.

After leaving her hotels address, Erica left the store.

But she managed to gather a few information from the kids. She came to know that the little girls names was Xie Yumi and she claimed to be Singtan and Ming's daughter.

Erica roughly understood what the whole scenario was. No matter whose daughter she was, Xie Yumi was important to the Li couple.