Seeing Xie Ming in daze, Li Singtan understood what she was thinking. Taking few steps towards her, he patted her head and said," Dont think too much. We are already married and you are now my wife. I know the circumstances under which we got married is not ideal but still I promise that I will never cheat on you. I will never do anything that will hurt you. I will never get close to any other woman and as I said before I'll help you get your revenge."

Xie Ming's heart felt heavy after hearing his words which sounded so sincere. She bit her bottom lip and said," Even I promise that I won't get close to any other man. I'll try my best to be a good wife."

Li Singtan again patted her head and

said," Let's go." Saying this he pulled her towards his car.

" Where do you want to go now?" Xie Ming asked him.

Li Singtan chuckled and said," You don't want to spend your wedding night outside the Marriage Registration office do you? Well if you want to I don't really have a problem. I am okay with everything."

After hearing what he said, Xie Ming's face turned red," You shameless man. You are violating the rules."

Li Singtan turned towards her and said," What I was just talking about spending our wedding night together. I never said that I would. Did you really think that I was talking about that. Well if you want to I don't really have a problem."

Xie Ming covered her face with her hands and the shook her head," I don't want anything from you."

Seeing her cute reaction, Li Singtan smiled and boarded the car with car with her.

Han Zihao had heard everything that his boss had said ' Ahh boss is really very shameful'

He then turned towards Li Singtan," Where to Sir."


After instructing his assistant, Li Singtan turned towards his wife," We will go home first, freshen up and then we will go meet your father."

Hearing the word ' father', Xie Ming remembered how she had left him alone. Her face turned pale," W-Why my father?"

Li Singtan looked into her eyes," Well when you left the hall and was planning your suicide , your father decided to abandone your sister and refused to acknowledge her as his daughter. So Chen Siquan decided to terminate all the collaboration between the Chen and Xie enterprise. Xie enterprise is in the verge of bankruptcy."

Xie Ming felt guilty for all that had

happened," It's all my fault."

Li Singtan smirked," Yes it is indeed your fault. How could to agree to marry someone like that Chen Siquan. I think along with your little hands and a pea sized brain, you also have a bad taste in men."

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Before Xie Ming could say anything, Li Singtan interrupted her," Anyway since now I am your husband I will have to clean up the mess that you have created. First we will start by helping your father with Xie enterprise."

Xie Ming sighed and asked," And how you going to do that?"

" You don't have to worry about that. Anyway even if I tell you, your pea sized brain will never be able to handle it. So let your father and your husband handle everything." After saying this Li Singtan patted her head lightly.


After fifteen minutes the car stopped in front of a big mansion. It was a luxurious mansion with a Morden architecture. She stepped out of the car and looked at the mansion.

Li Singtan placed his hands on her

shoulder," Welcome home wife. From today onwards this is your house."

He then pulled her towards the house.