Li Mansion.

Next day, Ming woke up early in the morning because it was Songpa and Beth's wedding day. The wedding was scheduled at 11 am and followed by the wedding banquet.

When Ming entered the room, Singtan was already ready and was about to leave to take care of a few things there.

Ignoring him when Ming started taking out her clothes from the wardrobe, Singtan said," I am going now and I will meet you at the venue."

When Ming did not say anything, Singtan said," I'll send someone to fetch you and the kids up."

" There is no need, I've already asked dad to fetch us." Ming said.

Hugging her from behind, Singtan asked," Do you really want a baby that bad?"

" Let go, I have many things to do." Ming said.

" Why don't we wait for a few years and-"

Cutting him off, Ming said," I told you I don't have time for this Singtan. I have to help the kids bathe and then help them get ready." before wiggling out of his embrace.

Singtan sighed and said," I am going." before walking out of the room.


Fanhua Hotel

" Arggggghhhh...." Dina groaned in pain.

When Beth saw her three friends lying in the bed and couch, she chuckled and said," I told you all not to drink so much."

" Even I had said that alcohol a day before an event is risky." Delila said while massaging her templates.

" Will all you all stop making so much noise? You people are making my headache worse." Ling said.

Last night, in the name of bachelorette party Ling, Dina and Delila drank so much that they were now feeling sick.

" I have asked Zechan to get the medicine for us." Delila said.

" Ask him not to tell Seb about this, he is going to kill me." Dina said.

" Yeah even Yufan." Ling said.

Beth sighed and said," Come in you guys, I am getting married and look at you all."

" Babe give us sometime. After we take the medicine, we will be alright." Dina said.

Just then someone knocked at the door.

" I think this is Zechan." Delila said before walking towards the door.



As soon as Delila opened the door, Zechan pulled her into his embrace and said," I missed you so much last night."

Leaning against, Delila said," Me too."

Massaging her forehead, Zechan asked," Is it bad?"

Delila nodded her head and said," Yes, did you bring the medicine?"

After giving her the medicine, Zechan said," There is still time for the wedding so make sure that you take some rest."

" Hmm okay." Delila said.

" I'll see you afterwards then." Zechan said before leaving.


Songpa's room.

Yufan frowned and said," Will you stop fidgeting?"

" Are you people sure that she is there?" Songpa asked.

Sebastian rolled his eyes and asked," If not there, where do you think she will be?"

" What if she decided not to marry me and-"

Cutting him off, Yufan said," Songpa, why would she do that? She loves you okay?"

" Exactly and she is also pregnant with your child. Why would she run away?" Sebastian said.

Songpa sighed and said," But still, I am feeling scared."

Just then, Zechan entered the room and said," The guests have already started coming, we should go down."

" What about Beth?" Songpa asked.

" She will come down afterwards along with her brother. Dude what is wrong with you?" Zechan said.

Songpa took a few deep breaths to calm his nerves down. He read a few articles yesterday about the brides turning cold feet a few minutes before their weddings and running away. Now he was scared thinking what if Beth decides not to marry him?

If that would happen, Songpa would die of heart attack.


Beth's room.

" Ahh you are looking so pretty." Dina said before adjusting Beth's weil.

" Songpa is going to go crazy when he sees you." Ling said.

Beth chuckled and said," I hope so."

" Beth your brother is here." Delila said.

Turning around, Beth smiled when she saw her brother Peter standing at the door.

Walking towards her, Peter crossed his arms in front and said," Y-you look so pretty."

" We will go down now." Dina said before leaving the room along with Ling and Delila.

After everyone left, Peter said," If your mother would've been alive, she would be really very happy to see you like this."

Beth smiled and said," I know."

Holding her hands, Peter said," I know I haven't done anything for you and I even failed to protect you when you needed me the most and-"

Cutting him off, Beth said," Don't say that brother, if not for you I would've continued to stay will Julia and maybe I wouldn't have been where I am today."

" All this is happening because you chose the right man for youself and you deserve this and much more than this Beth." Peter said.

Pausing for a while, Peter took out a card from his pocket and said," Though your husband's brother did not let me spend a single penny in this wedding but still as your big brother I would like to give you this." Before shoving the card inside Beth's hand.

" Brother this-"

" Now don't say that you don't want it because no matter what you will have to accept it." Peter said.

" I have been saving this money for yours and Julia's wedding. When Julia was sent to rehab, I thought she would become a better person and live a healthy and normal life. So I started saving for her too but since now she is gone, I would like you to take all of this. You can consider this as a wedding gift from your brothers side." Peter said.

Giving Peter a hug, Beth said," Thank you so much brother."

Patting her head, Peter said," Though I know Songpa will never hurt you or let you go still I would like to tell you that, your brother will always be there for you and you can count on him whenever you want to."

Beth smiled and nodded her head.

" Come, now let's go." Peter said.