" When you and I will also meet after a long time, will we also cry like this?" Mian asked.

Mike frowned and asked," Why would we not meet for a long time? Are you planning to leave dad?"

" Uncle Singtan told me that one day I have to shift to the Li mansion forever." Mian said.

Mike frowned deeper and said," Don't listen to him. I am not letting you go anywhere. You have to stay with mom and me forever. And stay away from uncle Singtan."

" Uncle Singtan is good and he loves me so much." Mian said.

" Your dad loves you more." Mike said.

" What are you talking about?" Anna asked who was coming towards them along with father Si.

Mike shook his head and said," It's nothing."

Passing Mian to Anna, Mike politely greeted father Si," Dad."

Father Si smiled and gave Mike a tight hug.

" I have wronged you too. Please forgive me." Father Si said.

Mike smiled and said," You don't have to apologise. It's all in the past now."

" Why don't you stay here for a few days dad?" Anna asked.

Seeing Father Si hesitating, Mike said," You can spend some time with Mian and Anna as well. You should stay here for a few days"

" Yes grandpa stay." Mian said excitedly.

Father Si smiled and nodded his head.

Putting Mian down, Anna said," Great, I'll go and prepare dinner." Before walking away.


Li mansion.

After having dinner when Singtan entered the room, the lights were dim.

" Ming." Singtan shouted and was about to turn on the lights when the washroom door opened and Ming stood there wearing a thin black outfit.

Walking towards Singtan with a sweet smile on her face, Ming asked," Do you like it?"

Without saying anything, Singtan quickly rushed towards the door and slammed it shut.

Ming chuckled and asked," What are you doing?"

Quickly rushing towards her, Singtan wrapped his arms around her waist and said," I can see that Mrs Li is in full mood today. What if the kids come in? Today, even if they knock or the world comes to an end, we are not opening that door."

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Ming said," The kids are with their grandparents and they are not going to disturb us."

Pulling her closer, Singtan said," So you are really fully prepared. I like it." before clashing his lips against his.

Lifting her up, Singtan wrapped her legs around his waist and started walking towards their bed.

Slowly placing her down, Singtan's tall body completely hovered her down and deepened the kiss.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, Ming grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and quickly helped him take it off.

Singtan, who was not patient enough to zip down the dress ripped it off her body.

While Ming was busy unblocking his pants, Singtan asked," Where are the condoms?"

Ming shook her head and said," We are running short of them."

Singtan frowned and said," That is not possible because I just bought them a few days ago."

When Ming did not say anything, Singtan asked," Ming, what happened to them?"

Placing her hand on his chest, Ming said," I actually did something with them."

" What?" Singtan asked.

Looking at him, Ming said," I threw them away."

Getting down from the bed, Singtan placed both his hands on his waist and asked," And why would you do that?"

Covering herself with the quilt, Ming said," Because I think it's the right time to give Zian and Yumi a small sister or a brother."

Singtan shook his head and said," That is not happening."

" Why? We are ready to have another child Singtan." Ming said.

" No. I said no means no." Singtan said.

" What happened to your 'We will do as you say' now?" Ming asked.

Singtan frowned and said," Because I am not going to listen to something that is going to make you suffer. You suffered a lot during Zian's time now I don't want and I'll never allow you to suffer like that. I almost fainted when I saw that and it still gives me goosebumps when I think about it Ming."

Singtan would never forget how he had seen Ming suffer in the labor room. That is the time he had decided that they are not going to have another baby and Singtan wanted to stick to his decision.

" I am the one doing it right? Then if I am not scared and I am willing to do it again, what are you worried about?" Ming asked.

" We are not trying, end of discussion." Singtan said.

" Singtan I-"

Cutting her off, Singtan said," If you are trying to convince me then it's useless okay?"

Ming frowned and got down from the bed.

Walking towards the wardrobe, Ming took out a fresh pair of nightwear and the boxes of condoms..

Walking towards Singtan, Ming threw the boxes at him and said," Fine, you love them so much right? Then wear them and fuck yourself." before walking towards the washroom.

Singtan widened his eyes in shook and said," What? We aren't doing it? Ming-"


After sometime, Ming came out of the washroom after taking a quick shower.

Singtan who was sitting on the couch, quickly approached her and said," What was that? You just turned me on and left."

Ignoring him, Ming started applying her night cream.

" Ming I am talking to you." Singtan said.

When Ming did not say anything, Singtan said," This cold and silent treatment is not going to work. I am not falling for this."

Without saying anything, Ming started walking out of the room.

Singtan grabbed her wrist and asked," Where are you going?"

" I'll sleep with the kids starting today." Ming said.

Singtan widened his eyes in shock and asked," Why would you do that? Why would you sleep with the kids? I am not letting you go anywhere."

" You don't want to have another baby, I am fine with it because now I don't want your baby either. And you cannot stop me from spending time with the kids, okay? You can't take all the decisions for us." Ming said before jerking his hand off.

Singtan frowned deeper and he asked," What do you mean by you don't want my baby anymore?"

Without saying anything, Ming left the room leaving the grumpy Singtan behind.