Father Si's eyes turned moist when the little one gave him a tight hug. She looked just like Anna when she was small.

" Grandpa why are you crying?" Mian asked.

Father Si shook his head and said," I am not crying. I am just happy that I met you."

" I am happy too." Mian said.

" Grandpa got gifts for you." Father Si said.

" For me?" Mian asked.

Father Si nodded his head and called someone.

Soon a few men came inside with big boxes with had many toys and other things in it.


Inside the room.

Hugging her from behind, Mike said," If you are not comfortable, you don't have to talk to him."

" Since he is already here, I want to know what brings him here after so many years." Anna said.

For so many years, never did he once come looking for her or even called her to ask about her whereabouts. The last time Anna met him was during her step sister's surgery. Now his sudden appearance in her life was making her wonder what he was up to.

" I heard that he got divorced a few years back." Mike said.

When Anna gave him a 'How do you know that look?', Mike shrugged his shoulders and said," What? I have keep a track okay? I have to make sure that he doesn't hurt you in any kind of way."

" Why did he get divorced?" Anna asked.

" Turns out that is new wife was cheating on him with her ex lover since a really long time. When you father found out the truth, he divorced him." Mike said.

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Anna asked," And what about-"

Cutting her off, Mike asked," Your half-sister?"

When Anna nodded her head, Mike said," She also left along with her mother and they are now in California enjoying life with her lover who is now her husband."

" If she had a lover, why did she marry father then?" Anna asked.

" For fame and money." Mike said.

Anna sighed and said," He has suffered."

" Babe." Mike said.

" Hmm."

" You know that whatever decision you take, I am with you right?" Mike said.

Anna smiled and nodded her head.



When Anna and Mike came out, Mian and a father Si were happily talking to each other.

When Mian saw them, she excitedly said," Look dad, grandpa bought me so many gifts."

" Princess let's go change and then come back." Mike said.

Moan nodded her head and said," Grandpa, I'll be back after changing wait for me okay?"

Father Si nodded his head and said," I'll wait for you dear."

Mian then rushed towards her father and dragged him inside.


After Mian and Mike left, Anna sat down on the couch and asked," What brings you here?"

" I just wanted to see you though I know you don't want to but-"

When Anna saw her father's face closely, she realised that he looked much older than the last time she has seen him. He had quite a few grey hair which were visible. He had a few wrinkles on his face and he looked much skinnier. It seemed like he was having a really tough time dealing with life.

Though they did not share a very close relationship now but the time she spent with her father when she was young was enough to make her heart ache for him.

Anna had promised not to keep any ties with him but seeing him like this, alone and distressed she felt bad.

" I know that I have treated you unfairly An. After remarrying, I never really focused on your upbringing and tried to force my decision on you and when you left, I never tried to contact you either. I know I am wrong and what I did cannot be forgiven. But still I hope you'll forgive this useless father of yours." Father Si said before wiping his tears away.

He then took out a folder from his bag and said," These are the papers of Si biotechs. You know how hard your mom and I had worked to build up this huge empire. We started from scratch and it was all because of your mother's motivation and faith in me that I managed to expand it to where it is now. I feel old now and I don't have the strength to handle the company affairs. I have been handling the company for more than thirty years now but now I feel that I cannot. I want to move back to our old place where your mom and I used to stay when you were not born and live there with her memories. I don't want to sell the company or give it to an outsider because this company actually belongs to your mother. I want you to accept it."

" I don't need the company." Anna said.

Father Si smiled and said," The company was always meant to be yours. I have made many wrong choices in life honey but this time I don't want to make another wrong choice by not giving you something that actually belongs only to you." Before placing the folder on the table.

" You can do whatever you want with it. You can can make it one of the subsidiaries of Zhang biotechs. Show them to Muchan and he will know what to do." Father Si said before getting up.

" I know you won't but still if you can then please forgive this useless fathers of yours. I know that I don't deserve to be called one but still." Father Si said before walking towards the door.

As he was about to step out of the mansion, Anna said," Dad."

When Father Si turned around, Anna rushed towards him and gave him a hug.

" I miss mom too." Anna said before bursting into tears.

Patting her back, Father Si said," I miss her too."

Mike and Mian who were standing not too far away from them silently kept on watching the reunion of the father-daughter pair.

" Dada why are they crying?" Mian asked.

" They met after a really long time so they both are happy." Mike said.