After spending almost five hours at the amusement park, Singtan brought the kids home.

Inside the car Singtan warned them about a few things before entering the mansion.

" No one will say anything about us having fun today at the amusement park, okay?" Singtan said.

The three kids nodded their heads and said," Okay."

" Your mommy is very intelligent and can find out the truth in a minute so we have to be careful." Singtan said.


Inside the mansion.

" You brought them home? I was about to leave." Ming said.

" Yeah I happened to finish my meeting early so I decided to fetch them first." Singtan said.

Ming nodded her head and said," Come kids let's go and change." before taking the kids upstairs.

Just then, Singtan received a call from Zechan saying," We escorted Ms Xie to the airport and she boarded the plane as well. Our men back in US will inform us once she lands there."

" Good, now you should go home and get some rest. Aren't you the best man for tomorrow's wedding?" Singtan said.

Zechan nodded his head and said," Yes boss."

" I'll see you tomorrow then." Singtan said before hanging up the call.


Glory regency.

" But why?" Songpa asked.

Shoving a set of nightwear inside her bag, Beth said," It's a tradition Songpa."

" I don't like it so we are not following it." Songpa said before hugging Beth.

Beth chuckled and said," It's just for one night and brother Peter and sister-in-law are already in their way."

" I am not letting you go." Songpa said.

Cupping Songpa's face, Beth said," Honey don't make things difficult for me and our baby okay?"

Songpa sighed and said," I'll miss you both."

Giving him a peck on his lips, Beth said," We will miss you too."

Just then the doorbell rang.

" I'll go and see." Songpa said before walking out of the room.

After sometime, Songpa shouted," Beth it's brother Peter and sister-in-law."

Beth quickly came out and said," I am ready."

" Is it necessary to go? I mean we have been staying together since so many years so it doesn't matter right?" Songpa asked.

Peter smiled and said," It's tradition, so we have to follow."

Songpa sighed and said," Okay."

Taking the bag from Beth's hand, Peter said," We will be waiting for you outside." before walking out of the apartment.

Beth gave Songpa a peck on his lips and said," See you tomorrow would be husband."

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Songpa said," I still cannot believe that you are gonna be mine forever starting tomorrow."

" Well, I was always yours." Beth said.

" Though I don't feel like letting you go, but I have to." Songpa said.

" I'll come back here tomorrow." Beth said.

Songpa sighed and said," I'll drop you downstairs."



After seeing Beth off, Songpa took a deep breath and was about to enter the building again when someone wrapped his arm around his shoulder.

" Songpa bro." Zechan said.

" What are you doing here?" Songpa asked.

" Even we are here." Sebastian and Yufan said.

" What are you all doing here?" Songpa asked.

" Its your last bachelor night so we have to celebrate." Sebastian said.

" Yes but no strippers or doing any kind of wild things because our wives will kill us but at least we can drink and enjoy the night." Yufan said.

Songpa chuckled and asked," What about your wife's then?"

" They are Beth's place and they will have their girls night too." Zechan said.

" Ooh let's go inside and it's chilly here." Sebastian said.

" Let's go." Songpa said.


Li mansion.

Singtan's room.

" Honey why did you take the kids to the amusement park?" Ming asked before passing Singtan a fresh pair of comfortable house clothes.

Singtan shook his head and said," No I didn't."

Placing her hand on her waist, Ming said," Well, you can lie and the kids can lie but the band on their tiny little wrists cannot."

Singtan frowned and murmured," Stupid Singtan." How could he not throw away those bands from their hands?

" Honey I am waiting for your explanation." Ming said.

" Ehh so what happened was, I finished my meeting early so I decided to take the kids out for some fun." Singtan said.

Ming sighed and said," They go to school to learn and to study Singtan. How can you just pick them up and take them out to have fun like that? The school has rules okay? Just because you are someone powerful that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want."

Singtan lowered his head and said," I am sorry."

" Now don't make that face and go take a quick shower." Ming said.


Zhang mansion.

When Mike and Anna arrived home along with Ming, Mother Zhang was talking to a man in the living area.

" Mom, what are you doing here at this time?" Mike asked.

Just then the man turned around and smiled when he saw Anna and Mike.

Anna grabbed Mike's hand and murmured," Dad."

Mike frowned when he saw father Si sitting along with his mom.

" Anna's father came here when you people were at work. When the maids told me about it, I rushed back to greet him." Mother Zhang said.

Mike was about to say something but Anna interrupted him saying," Thanks mom."

Mother Zhang smiled and said," I'll take my leave then. Mr Si it was lovely meeting you."

Father Si smiled and said," Pleasure is all mine."

After mother Zhang left, Anna and Mike entered house.

" You both look tired, why don't you both go and freshen up and I'll wait for you both here?" Father Si said.

Anna nodded her head and without saying anything, she started walking towards her room along with Mike.

Walking towards father Si, Mian asked," Who are you?"

Picking up Mian in his arms, Father Si said," I am your grandpa."

Mian smiled and said," I don't have any grandpa. I only have a great-grandpa."

Father Si smiled and said," Oh is it? Now you have a grandpa too."

Mian hugged Father Si's neck and said," Grandpa."