When Weiwie did not say anything for a really long time, Siquan started feeling nervous.

Super scared that she will reject him, Siquan said," I'll do all the house chores and I'll do the laundry as well. I'll cook for you though I don't know how to but I can learn. And I-"

Siquan stopped when Weiwei cupped his cheeks and clashed her lips against his.

Completely taken aback by the sudden attack, Siquan widened his eyes in shock but after a few seconds, he wrapped his arms around her waist and took charge.

Letting each other go after quite some time, Weiwei smiled and said," Yes, I'll marry you."

Siquan kissed her on her forehead before sliding the ring into her finger.

Picking her up, Siquan swirled around shouting," I love you Weiwei."

Placing her hands on his broad shoulders, Weiwei chuckled and said," Okay now put me down."

" I'll take you to the mansion tomorrow to meet the elders." Siquan said before placing her down.

Weiwei smiled and nodded her head.

This was the beginning of a new life for both of them where they would live happily ever after. They would get what both of them were craving for and that is genuine love and care.

Both of them had a very gloomy past but the mistakes that they made helped them to learn and repent.

In the second chance with which God had blessed both of them, they would make sure not to repeat the same mistake again.

Their unexpected encounter at the beach gave both Weiwie and Siquan a genuine reason to carry on in life. Now they wanted to live their life for and with each other.


Li mansion.

Siquan was getting ready to leave for work when he received a call from the kindergarten.

" Hmm, I am coming." Singtan said before grabbing his coat.

" Where are you rushing too?" Ming asked.

Giving her a peck on her lips, Singtan said," I have a very important meeting today so I have to leave."

Fixing his tie, Ming said," Hmm, come back fast today because I have a surprise for you."

Singtan smiled and asked," What kind of surprise?"

" You know that think that I was looking for in my wardrobe but I couldn't find it that day?" Ming asked.

When Singtan nodded his head, Ming said," I found it."

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Singtan said," Now that is good news."

" Yes it is. Since I have worked so hard finding it, it will be unfair if we don't give it a try." Ming said.

" How can I let my wife be treated unfairly? We will definitely give it a try." Singtan said.

" You have to come early for that." Ming said.

" I'll do as Mrs Li says." Singtan said.

Ming chuckled and said," Good now go."

Singtan nodded his head and left.



Principal's office.

" How can you allow such a child in your school?" A woman shouted.

" Mrs Pi please control yourself." The principal said.

" I want you to take a very strict action on this." Mrs Pi shouted while coxing her son who was continuously crying holding his bum.

Zian frowned and shouted," Stop acting because I did not beat you at all."

The principal sighed and said," Little Li please calm down."


Outside the office.

As soon as Singtan arrived at the Kindergarten, he was escorted inside by the principal's secretary.

When he arrived outside the office, he saw Yumi and Mian sitting on the bench with a chocolate in their hands.

" Dada." Yumi shouted before getting down and rushing towards him.

" Uncle Singtan." Ming shouted and followed Yumi.

Singtan squatted down and asked," Yumi, Mian are you both okay?"

The two kids nodded their heads and said," We are okay."

" Good and where is Zian?" Singtan asked.

" Uncle Singtan, Zian is inside and there is an aunty inside who is shouting a lot." Mian said.

" Yes and I am feeling scared." Yumi said.

Picking both of them up in his arms, Singtan said," What are you scared of? Your dad is here now." before walking inside the office.



The principal quickly got up when he saw Singtan enter the office along with the two kids.

After asking Yumi and Mian to sit on a chair, Singtan sat right in front of the principal and asked," What happened? And why are my kids sitting outside and inside your office?"

The principal gulped in nervousness and said," This Mr Li that little Li-"

Ignoring the principal, Singtan turned towards Zian and said," Come here champ."

Zian quickly rushed towards his father and said," I am okay dada."

Picking him up, Singtan placed him on the chair and asked," Now tell dada what happened?" Before helping him tuck his shirt.

" Yumi and Mian were playing when this fat guy started bullying them. He also teasing Yumi for having so many dad and mommies. He then tried to pull her ponytail so I pushed him and he landed on his butt." Zian said.

When Singtan frowned and was about to say something to Zian, the principal quickly butted in thinking that Singtan would scold Zian and said," Kids these days surely act recklessly but it isn't little Li's fault and-"

Cutting the principal off, Singtan said," Who said it's my sons fault?"

Principal "_"

Mrs Pi "_"

Turning towards Zian, Singtan said," Champ how many times do I have to tell you that if anyone bullies your sister or your friend you don't just push them, you have to break their nose."

Everyone in the room widened their eyes in shock.

Placing his finger on the bridge of Zian's nose, Singtan said," You have to hit a person here with all your might to break his nose like this." Before fisting his hand and showing Zian the way.

Imitating his father, Zian also did the same.

" Excellent." Singtan said.

Ruffling his hair, Singtan said," My son is a very fast learner."

The principal cleared his throat and said," Ehh Mr Li I don't think you should teach a three year old these kinds of tricks."

" Why do you have a problem?" Singtan asked.

The principal shook his head and said," No no not at all. Haha little Li sure has a very good temper."

" Are you calling my son short tempered?" Singtan asked.

The principal vigorously shook his head and said," No no when did I say that?"

" Yumi, Mian come here." Singtan said.

Turning towards the principal, Singtan said," I am taking the kids home. You people troubled my little ones so much, look how scared they are."

Looking at the three kids who had a grin on their face, the principal sighed and said," Yes yes Mr Li you should take them home. I am sorry for the inconvenience."

Squatting down, Singtan piggybacked Zian and carried Yumi and Mian in the front before walking towards the door.

Stopping in front of the lady who now did not have any guts to even open her mouth, Singtan said," Next time your son bullies my daughter, my son will break his nose." Before walking away.



" Where are the other three?" Singtan asked.

" Linyang, Liang and Zixin did not come today." Mian said.

" Dada where are we going?" Zian asked.

" Where do you want to go?" Singtan asked.

" Amusement park." Mian said.

" Yes yes amusement park." Yumi said.

Singtan chuckled and said," Alright let's go."