Yurin gulped in nervousness and asked," What do you want?"

Singtan smirked and said," Want? What do I want from you? Do you think that you have something that is worth my time and status?"

" This is illegal, let me go." Yurin said.

" Nothing is illegal here. This is my territory Ms Xie. I can also kill you and bury you in the backyard and trust me when I say that no one will come looking for you or suspect me." Singtan said.

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," This is my final warning to you. Stay away from Ming and Yumi. Next time if I see my wife and daughter unhappy because of you, I'll make sure not to leave you only by pulling out your nails. You have money now right? So get out of here and stay away from my family." before getting up.

" Escort her to the airport tomorrow morning." Singtan said.

" Wait why tomorrow?" Yurin shouted.

" Big boss wants you experience the five star kind of treatment that we provide to the people who spend a night here." One of the men said.


Julia's cell.

" No we didn't." Zechan said.

" But we did what we could and we tried our best to give her the best." Zihao said.

Songpa sighed and said," Honestly, I don't have higher expectations from you both. God knows if you two pulled out the nails properly or not." before entering the cell.

Julia was lying on the floor in an unconscious state. Her fingers and body were still covered with blood. Her clothes were stained and her face looked dirty.

Seeing her face which looked just like Beth's, Songpa felt a tinge of pain in his heart. But Songpa quickly composed himself because this wasn't his Beth. She was an imposter who tried to hurt his wife and baby.

"Pour some water on her." Songpa said.

The two men quickly emptied a big bucket of water on Julia, waking her up in a jolt.

Coughing vigorously and screaming in pain, Julia supporter her back on the wall and slowly stood up straight.

Sleeping on the cold floor for the entire night along with uncountable numbers of injuries all over her body was making her feel extremely weak.

She had been inside the cell for a week now and people would randomly come in to torture her every now and then not letting her wounds to heal.

Looking at Songpa who was sitting on a chair along with Zechan and Zihao, Julia said," I have never seen a heartless and cold person like you. Why are you doing this to me? Let me go."

" Let you go? So that you can hurt my wife again?" Songpa asked.

" Beth will hate you if she sees this side of you." Julia murmured.

Throwing his head back, Songpa laughed and said," And who is going to tell her about this? You?"

Pausing for a while, Songpa continued," You can actually tell her and see how she reacts over this. I don't mind."

" Beth trusted you Julia and that is why she let you in that day. After whatever you did in the past, Beth still wanted to give her sister a chance but what did you give her in return? You tried to steal everything that she has now? And how could you think that you could actually take her place? You thought you could fool me? You thought I would think of you as my Beth and live with you happily ever after?" Songpa said.

" If you think that you can fool me with this similar face of yours then you are wrong. I can recognise Beth even with my eyes closed." Songpa said.

" There is no difference between us then how can she get everything while I have nothing." Julia shouted.

" You are wrong to think and believe that you both are the same. Beth and you are heaven and hell apart from each other. You failed to recognise people who loved you and truly cared for you Julia and this is why you are here today. Only you are responsible for your condition and sufferings and you are going to rot here until your last breath." Songpa said before getting up and walking out of the room.

After the metal door banged shut, Julia broke down into tears cursing her bad fate.



With their hands locked together, Siquan and Weiwei were walking hand in hand happily talking about random things.

" My divorce has been approved." Siquan said.

Weiwei smiled and said," That is nice."

Tightening his grip around her hand, Siquan said," It has been months since we have been seeing each other and it just feels so right when I am with you." before pulling her closer.

" I know I have a very wild and vulnerable past. Though I have tried my best to repent and make things right, I know that I can never make things as they were before but I have changed for good and I am glad that I did Weiwei." Siquan said.

Kissing her hand, he continued," I never thought that I would ever find someone whom I could again love and cherish with all my heart. I had made up my mind to live this life alone, repenting till my last breath but things changed after I met you."

Pausing for a while, he said," After meeting you and spending time with you I realised that I still have the ability to love and feel for someone. You gave a new meaning to my life. Everytime when I think about your presence in my life, I feel happy and thankful to God for giving me another chance to love the right person."

Taking out a box from his pocket, Siquan said," I won't promise to give the stars or the moon but I promise that I'll never hurt and will always love you with all my heart. Since the first day I met you at the beach and till date you are the only woman I have been thinking about and you will always be the only one. So Weiwie" opening the box, Siquan took out a ring and continued," Will you marry me and become Mrs Chen for the rest of our lives?"