Inside Singtan's office.

Singtan was busy reading some documents when Zechan and Zihao entered the room.

" You are late." Singtan said.

" Ehh boss, I was stuck in traffic." Zechan said.

" Hmm, come and sit down." Singtan said.

After Zihao and Zechan sat down, Singtan said," I want you both to do something important today."

" Yes boss." Zihao said.

" I cannot use Songpa for this because you know how excited he gets and always ends up overdoing everything." Singtan said.

" Yes boss." Zechan said.

Placing the document back, Singtan said," Yurin is inside one of the cells so I want you both to take care of her for a few hours before a few of our men escort her to the airport."

" Boss you mean-"

Cutting Zihao off, Singtan said," Yes but only a very light torture will do."

Pausing for a while, he continued," Make sure that after this she never returns back to the country or tries to go near Yumi or your lady boss."

" Peeling skin?" Zechan asked.

" A little bit." Singtan said.

" What about nails?" Zihao asked.

" What nails?" Songpa asked who was standing in front of the door.

" We are about to torture lady boss' sister." Zechan said.

Songpa frowned and asked," When did you people started doing this? Isn't that my job?"

Turning towards Singtan, Songpa said," Boss that is my job."

" I want you to stay away from all of this and take care of Beth." Singtan said.

" But they don't know how to do it." Songpa said feeling very wronged.

" Hey we know okay? If you don't believe us, go down the cell and look at you sister-in-law." Zihao said.

Ignoring Ziahao's rants, Songpa turned towards Singtan and said," I want to do it."

Singtna shook his head and said," Let Zechan and Zihao take care of it this time. You should go home and take care of your would be wife."

" Songpa, if you want you can watch us do it but you cannot touch." Zechan said.

" Zihao, Zechan off to work now." Singtan said.

The two vigorously nodded their heads before dashing out of the office.

After they left, Songpa said," This is unfair."

Singtan smiled and said," I am giving you an official holiday to spend more time with Beth and look at you sulking and complaining. Do you want me to tell Beth that you don't want to accompany her but work instead?"

Songpa shook his head and said," She will throw me out of the house."

" Good and why are you here in the first place?" Singtan asked.

" I am here to meet Julia." Songpa said.

" Hmm, take Zihao and Zechan along with you." Singtan said.

" I can go alone." Songpa said.

" What if you lose control and start doing what you like on her? So take them so that they can check on you." Singtan said.

Songpa nodded his head and left.


Inside the cell.

" Let me out, let me out." Yurin shouted while banging the hard metal door with all her might.

She thought the two men were taking her to the airport but soon she realised they were not. They were taking her to some other direction where she had never been before.

Yurin kept on shouting at them inside the car but the two of them ignored her presence and kept driving. She wanted to jump out of the car and she could but Yurin of scared of hurting her in the process.

Soon they stopped in front of the base and she was dragged towards the cell and shoved in her.

Wrapping her arms around her, Yurin rubbed her palms on them to keep herself warm. It was very chilly inside the cell and it was a strange kind of coldness that was making her restless.

She knew they were Li Singtan's men who had brought her here but she didn't know why. She had no idea what they wanted from her.

Just then the door opened and two men entered the cell along with a tiny box in their hand.

" Good morning Ms Xie, I hope you slept well." Zihao said.

" Zihao what kind of question is that? Of course she had a good night's sleep. I mean just look at her, she is glowing." Zechan said.

" You-aren't you Li Singtan's assistant?" Yurin asked.

" Oh yes I am." Zihao said with a huge grin.

" What are you doing here?" Yurin asked taking a few steps back.

Just then, two men entered the room and stood behind them.

Gesturing the men to hold Yurin, Zechan said," We are here to give you something really very special."

When the two men caught her arms, Yurin yelled and shouted," Don't touch me and let go of me."

Opening the tiny tool box, Zechan said," Now the more you struggle, the more painful it will get." Before taking out a metal plucker and a mini-plier.

Taking the plier from Zechans hand, Zihao said," So now are you ready to get punished for trying to trouble our lady boss and little Yumi?"

" Wait, we can pluck nails right?" Zechan asked.

" There are artificial ones in the market." Zihao said before grabbing Yurins.

" No sto-arrrrrgggghhhh." Yurin screamed when Zihao pulled out the nail of her index finger.

Zechan also started doing what he was supposed to. He started peeling off small section of skin from anywhere he felt like.

Soon Yurins arms were covered with her own blood. She had never felt this kind of pain in her entire life. It was horrific and she wanted to just pass out.

After pulling out all the five nails of her left finger, Zihao said," I think this is enough."

" I think I am done too." Zechan said.

After sometime, Singtan entered the cell and sat right in front of Yurin.

When he saw her lying on the ground with her eyes closed, Singtan said," Pour some ice water on her."

When the cold water was splashed upon her, Yurin gasped and started coughing vigorously when the cold water entered her nose and mouth.

Slowly opening her eyes when she saw Singtan sitting in front of her, she gulped in fear.

" At first I decided to let you go but my little son said that I should teach you a lesson for calling his mommy fake and making his little sister cry." Singtan said.