Xie Ming was taken aback when she heard that. Just a minute ago she had agreed to marry him and now she was being dragged by him to the marriage registration office.

Trying to jerk his hands off, Ming aksed," What's the rush?"

Increasing his pace, Li Singtan said ," The marriage registration office closes at 6 and its already 4 o'clock. We have to rush."

Xie Ming lowered her head and decided to let him do what he wants. She had already agreed to marry him so there was no turning back.


After walking for a few minutes, they saw Li Singtan's car.

Xie Ming saw a person was pacing back and forth in front of the car. He was looking like a student who was impatiently waiting for his results.

They stopped in front of the impatient man and Li Singtan called him out," Han Zihao."

Shocked by the sudden call ,Han Zihao stopped moving and greeted his boss," Boss."

He then turned towards Xie Ming," Ms Xie."

This was the first time when Han Zihao was seeing Xie Ming so close. He understood why his cold and aloof boss was so crazy for this woman. Even Han Zihao was taken aback by her beauty.

Her skin was milky white. She had light brown eyes. Her jet black hair was tied in a bun. She had a perfect body and her height met the standard of an international model.

" What are you waiting for? Get into the car." Coming back from his thoughts, Han Zihao immediately followed his boss's order," Yes Sir." He then followed them behind.

After boarding the car, Han Zihao looked at his boss and asked," Where to Sir?"

With an expressionless face Li Singtan said," Marriage Registration office."

Han Zihao shook his head in disbelief.

Seeing his assistant's reaction, Li Singtan narrowed his eyes," Why is there a problem?"

Han stopped his actions,"No- No sir, no problem at all."

On the way to the marriage registration office there was complete silence in the car. Xie Ming decided to break the silence. Looking at Li Singtan she asked," By the way, what were you doing in that cliff?"

Han Zihao silently prayed for his boss.

While he was silently praying for his boss, he saw Li Singtan pointing towards him and say," His wife died today and we were there for her burial."

Han Zihao widened his eyes in disbelief 'Ahhhh boss how can you be so shameless? I have always helped you and you killed my alive wife without any hesitation. Huhuhu why God? Why is my boss so shameless?'

Xie Ming shook her head and said," His wife died today and you were there for her burial but he doesn't look like someone who has just lost his wife?"

Li Singtan gave his assistant a meaningful look. Understanding Li Singtan's look, Han Zihao quickly took out his handkerchief and pretended to wipe his tears," It's not like that ma'am. I am very sad. Huhuhu my wife.She left me all by myself in this cruel world. What will I do without her? Ahhhh huhuhu."

Seeing Han Zihao over acting, Li Singtan rolled his eyes and turned towards Xie Ming and said," See how sad he is."

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Xie Ming nodded her head and looked out of the window. She was thinking about how her life had suddenly changed. She was going to get married with Chen Siquan, the man she loved. But now she was marrying Li Singtan who was a stranger. Xie Ming sighed and decided to accept everything as it comes.

Xie Ming was busy with her thoughts when the car stopped.

Li Singtan offered her his hand," Let's go."

Xie Ming unwillingly took his hand and followed him.


Within half an hour all the procedures were completed and Xie Ming found herself standing with a red book in her hand.

Xie Ming could not help but laugh at herself ' I seriously married a stranger'. First her lover and sister had betrayed her and now she was married to a stranger. Her life had become nothing but a big joke.

Unlike Xie Ming, Li Singtan could feel butterflies in his stomach. He was smiling cheekily like a child who had finally got his favourite toy. He was determined that he would do every possible way to make Xie Ming fall for him. He would give her everything she wants and fulfill all her demands.