Not knowing what to say, Delila kept on fiddling with the hem of his t-shirt. Delila knew that Zechan was thinking about her and was still willing to wait but how could she tell him that she didn't want to wait any longer?

Hanging out with Beth, Dina and Ling who kept talking about making love and other dirty things, Delila interest in making love and trying out new things with Zechan had increased. But she couldn't tell this to Zechan right? What if he things of her as a pervert?

Delila then started thinking about what Dina had told her about how a woman can give her man hints that she wanted it.

" Sit down on his lap and start caressing his arms and thighs at first. Then slowly start rubbing your body against his and you should make sure to place your hand in his torso." Were the exact words that Dina had said.

" Del what happened?" Zechan asked when Delila did not say anything for a really long time.

Caressing his arms with both her hands, Delila said," Nothing."

Zechan froze when she slowly started rubbing her thighs against his.

Seeing the change in his expression, Delila continued doing what she was.

The last string of Zechans will power broke when Delila placed her hand on his torso.

" That's it." Zechan said before lifting her up and placing her on the desk.

" Ahhh...mmmmm." Delila surprised squeal was replaced by a soft moan when Zechan captured her lips.

With her legs wrapped around his waist, Zechan attacked her lips like a hungry wolf attacks his prey.

Invading her mouth with his tongue, Zechan was swirling, sucking and licking her lips like there was no tomorrow.

Though they had kissed before several times but this was the most passionate and violent one they had ever had.

Delila could feel the heat building up in her body and her palms started turning sweaty.

Letting her lips go, Zechan hungrily attacked her neck and grasped her breast making her moan in pleasure.

The things on the table started falling down on the floor with a loud *THUD* but both of them did not give a damn about it and kept drowning themselves in the pool of immense pleasure.

Catching the hem of his shirt, Delila helped him take it off.

Their breathing started turning heavy. They were longing for each other's body and didn't want to wait any longer.

Grabbing her waist, Zechan buried his face on her neck and said in a very hoarse voice," You can still stop it if you want to."

" Don't stop." Delila said before clutching onto his hair.

Scooping her into his arms, Zechan started walking outside the study room.

Hooking his arms around his neck, Delila frowned and asked," What happened?"

Giving her a peck on her lips, Zechan smiled and said," You don't want to do it on the table, do you? but if you want to, we can go back."

Delila chuckled and said," I think I prefer our soft bed."

" I don't mind the place until and unless it's you whom I am going to make love with." Zechan said.


Next day when Delila woke up, Zechan was still sleeping beside her with his arms wrapped around her waist.

Yesterday night they made love until Delila could no longer take it and almost fainted.

During the whole foreplay and the first round, Zechan was extremely careful and made sure not to hurt her or her feelings. He knew that her first time wasn't a pleasant one. Whatever happened was against her will and she had to endure it. So he wanted to make it up for her and give her the best of everything.

Last night, Delila felt nothing else but pleasure. She just loved what Zechan was doing with her body and she did not want him to stop. Everything that was happening was with her full consent and she did not feel disgusted like the first time.

Zechan was kissing, sucking and caressing her body like it was the most precious thing in the whole world and for Zechan it was actually the most precious thing.

Though Zechan was careful and was restraining himself from using all his strength and hurting her in the first round, things were different when the second round started.

Zechan was rough and did not restrain himself at all making Delila scream in pleasure.

That was the time Delila understood how much Zechan was restraining himself. After experiencing his full force for a couple of rounds, Delila gave up and begged him to stop.

Thinking about last night, Delila blushed. She then cupped his face and gave him a peck on his lips.

Zechan smiled and slowly opened his eyes. He then buried his face on her neck and said," You know how lucky you are that I have to go and meet big boss at the base so I cannot go for a morning round with you."

Delila chuckled and said," Seriously Zechan? Didn't you have your fill yesterday night?"

" And what makes you think that is enough? I waited for so many years babe." Zechan said.

Lifting his hand up, he continued,"You have no idea how much these hands have suffered. So now it's time for you to suffer."

Pushing him away, Delila said," Stop talking rubbish early in the morning and go take a bath otherwise you will be late."

Getting down from the bed, Zechan scooped her into his arms and said," Let's bathe together and save water."


Li base.

" Dude you are late." Zihao said.

Zechan scratched his head and sighed. Bathing together was a really bad idea as one thing led to another taking the idea of just taking a bath to doing it several times under the shower.

" Boss has been waiting for you for a really long time." Zihao said.

" I was stuck in traffic." Zechan said.

" Come let's go and don't look at me if boss scolds you." Zihao said before walking towards Singtan's office.

Zechan took a deep breath before following Zihao into Singtan's office.