Pulling Yumi into her embrace, Ming said," You know darling in this world there is nothing as real or fake. All your four mommies genuinely love and care for you and that is what matters. Who cares whether that person is related to you by blood or not? Until they genuinely love you and always think good about you, that person is real."

" Then all the people that I know are real because everyone love and care for me." Yumi said.

Ming smiled and said," Yes and you know what?"

" What mommy?" Yumi asked.

" You and me are also related by blood. Now ask how?" Ming asked.

" How?" Yumi asked.

" My name is Xie Ming and what is your name?" Ming asked.

" Xie Yumi." Yumi said.

" See we both are Xie's so we are also related by blood." Ming said.

Yumi chuckled and said," That is right. I knew that aunty was lying. My mommy can never be fake."

" Of course darling. We all are real and we really care and love our beautiful Yumi." Ming said.

" I love everyone too." Yumi said.

Just then Singtan and Zian entered the room.

When Zian saw Yumi and his mommy hugging each other, he quickly rushed towards them and said," I want to hug too."

" Hey look at you three hugging without me." Singtan said before enveloping is small little family into his embrace.


After coaxing the kids to sleep, Ming and Singtan carried them to their room.

After carefully tucking them into their respective beds, Ming Singtan left the room.


Inside Singtan's room.

Singtan hugged Ming from behind when he saw her looking outside the window in a daze.

" What happened?" Singtan asked.

Ming sighed and said," I don't know Singtan but I am feeling very uneasy at heart today."

Pausing for a while, Ming said," You know today when I saw Yurin trying to come close to Yumi, I panicked. I felt scared and worried. I thought that she will take her away from me and I'll never see her again."

Cupping her face, Singtan said," Sssh calm down okay? No one is taking our Yumi anywhere. I won't let anyone take her or anything else from us. Yumi is our daughter and will forever remain so. And what are you worried about when you have me? Just relax okay?"

" I am worried and scared." Ming said.

Hugging her tightly, Singtan sighed. Seems like he took Yurin too lightly.

Seeing Ming like that made Singtan's heart ache and he decided to teach Yurin a lesson before dumping her back in the States.

After hugging Singtan for quite sometime, Ming finally calmed down.

" Are you okay now?" Singtan asked.

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes." Before fiddling with his button.

" What is it?" Singtan asked.

" Umm everyone bought a sexy lingerie to impress their husband but I did not because I got busy dealing with Yurin and then lost my interest in shopping so I couldn't buy one." Ming said completely disappointed with the fact.

Singtan smiled and said," You don't have to wear something sexy to turn me on babe because I get excited when you look at me."

Thinking for quite sometime, Ming grinned and said," Ahhh wait for me here."

Before rushing towards the wardrobe.


Zechans apartment.

Delila who had been waiting for Zechan in the room impatiently couldn't wait anymore and rushed towards the study room where Zechan was working.


Inside the study room.

As Songpa has taken a leave from work and Zihao was busy dealing with things of Li corporation, there were so many things that Zechan had to deal with alone which was very stressful.

When Delila entered the room she saw Zechans talking to someone over the phone.

When he saw her, Zechan kept the call on hold and asked," What's up babe? I thought you are already asleep."

" I was waiting for you." Delila said.

" I am sorry but this is going to take time. You should sleep first and I'll catch you up later." Zechan said.

" Is it important?" Delila asked.

" Not so much but I still want to finish it." Zechan said.

Delila nodded her head and left.

Zechan resumed his call completely unaware of what he was about to get.

After sometime when the door opened once again, Zechan's phone dropped on the ground when he saw something that he had wanted to see since so many years.

Delila was standing in the door wearing a sexy, lacy and transparent lingerie through which Zechan could see everything.

Walking towards him, Delila picked up his phone and gave it to him before sitting on his lap.

Hooking her arms around his neck, Delila kept on looking at him with a sweet smile on her face.

With Delila sitting on his lap, Zechan could see her erect nipples clearly through her netted outfit which instantly made his little brother stand up in excitement.

" Cover the signature and highlight the cover and send it to big boss before showing it to me." Zechan said.

The man on the other side, frowned and asked," Heh? Boss? What are you saying?"

Without saying anything, Zechan quickly tossed the phone aside after hanging up the call.

" Are you done?" Delila asked.

Balling both his hands into a fist, Zechan was trying very hard not to touch her," Babe what are you doing?"

Tucking into his shirt, Delila bit her lower lip and said," It's been so many years since we are together and are staying together too but we haven't- you know we haven't. So I thought that we should."

When Zechan saw her red face, he knew she was embarrassed after whatever she had said.

" We don't have to." Zechan said.

Looking at him with disappointment in her eyes, Delila asked," Why? You don't want to?"

Zechan shook his head and said," It isn't like that. You have no idea how badly I want to but if you need more time we can wait. We are doing fine even without doing it, so you don't have to force yourself into anything."