" I did not do anything wrong. I am just here to see her and-"

Zian got down from the couch and hugged Ming's leg and said," Mama, I don't like this aunty."

Ming patted his head and said," Don't be scared, I am here now."

" Go away and stop scaring the kids." Anna said before hugging Mian who was on the verge of crying after seeing Yumi.

" I just want to talk to my daughter for a while." Yurin said.

" Daughter? Now you realised that she is your daughter?" Ling shouted.

When Yurin did not say anything, Ling continued," Where were you when she needed you the most? Why didn't you show your motherhood then?"

" Ling let it be. Talking to her and making her understand is like talking to a piece of rock." Ming said.

Turning towards Yurin, Ming said," No matter what you say, she is my daughter now and there is no way I am letting you come close to her."

Just then the store manager came outside when he heard about the commotion.

" Mrs Li, is there a problem?" The manager asked.

" Help me kick this woman out please because she is scaring the kids." Ming said.

The manager nodded her head and said," Sure ma'am, do you want me to call the police?"

The on-lookers started gossiping amongst themselves when the heard they infamous Mrs Li's words.

" Is she a kidnapper?" A woman asked.

" May be she was trying to kidnap one of the Li kids." Another woman said.

" Tch Tch these cheap women. I don't understand what do they get after doing that."

" Exactly, look how well she is dressed. Who would think of her as a lowly cheap kidnapper?"

" Ah don't you know, these women dress themselves nicely so that no one doubts them."

The murmurs and chatters made Yurin feel embarrass. She felt humiliated.

" No need to call the police, just kick her out." Ming said.

The manager quickly called the security guards and asked them to escort Yurin out.



As soon as Yurin stepped out of the store, the two Li guards grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the mall.

Shoving her inside the car, the man called Singtan and said," She tried to create trouble but we have not captured her boss. Now what?

" Escort her to the airport and make sure she boards the flight." Singtan said before hanging up the call.

After hanging up the call, the guards asked," I Hope Miss Xie has a bags already packed so we don't have to wait for her much." before driving away.


Inside the store.

" Are you okay honey?" Ling asked before caressing Yumi's cheeks. Even she had helped everyone raise Yumi with equal affection and motherly care.

" Our Yumi is a strong girl." Yixi said.

" Yes and today she will get an extra scoop of ice cream." Anna said.

Looking at Anna with teary eyes, Yumi asked," Really?"

" Yes really." Anna said before pinching her cheeks.

" We should leave I think the kids are hungry." Dina said.

" You people should complete your shopping first. I'll stay here with them." Ming said.

" But what about you?" Yixi asked.

" It's fine. I want to stay with them." Ming said before sitting down on the couch with Yumi still in her arms.

" Then we will finish everything quickly." Yixi said.

Everything resumed to normal and everyone returned back shopping sexy outfits for themselves except for Ming who was sitting on the couch with Yumi in her arms feeling insecure and disturbed.

" Don't cry anymore." Zian said before wiping Yumi's tears away.

Yumi shook her head and said," I am not crying because I want an extra scoop of ice cream."

" Yes, don't cry." Zian said.


Li mansion.

" Sister Ming, should I take Yumi with me for the night?" Ling asked.

" You people just got married so it won't be convenient if you take her with you. Just relax okay? No one is going to take our Yumi anywhere from us." Ming said.

Ling nodded her head and left along with Yufan.

After everyone left, Singtan said," I'll help Zian change." Before walking towards Zian's room.


Inside Zian's rooms

After helping Zian change, Singtan said," You can ask whatever you want to champ."

" Dada is Yumi not my real sister?" Zian asked.

" Will you stop loving her if she is not?" Singtan asked.

Zian shook his head and said," Of course not."

Singtan smiled and ruffled Zian's hair," You know champ sometimes even if a person is not related to you by blood can be very important to you and you also have to love and adore him/her no matter what. Everytime it isn't only the blood relation that matters okay? So there is nothing like real or not real, no matter whatever has happened or will happen in the future, Yumi is and will always remain a part of our family. You will always remain her big brother and I will always be her dad too. What people say doesn't matter. Even if someone says that Yumi isn't your real sister or isn't a part of our family, you've to bash that person hard and do not let him go, Did you understand?"

Zian vigorously nodded his head and said," Yes I understood dada. I will protect Yumi even more now because no matter what she is my little sister. I'll punch whoever tries to bully her. I love my sister a lot."

Singtan ruffled Zian's hair and said," Good boy. Now come let's go and see what your mother and sister are doing."

" And that aunty, I don't like her. She called momma fake. Dada you shouldn't let off easily." Zian said.

Singtan chuckled and said," Don't worry I won't."


Inside Singtan's room.

" Mama." Yumi said.

" What happened darling?" Ming asked while buttoning Yumi's nightwear.

" You are my real mama right?" Yumi asked.

Ming smiled and asked," What do you think?"

" Yumi wants you be her real mommy." Yumi said.

Pinching her cheeks, Ming said," Yes I am."

" That aunty said that even she is my mommy but now I don't want anymore mommies and I don't like that aunty." Yumi said.

" You don't have like her okay? And don't think about her anymore." Ming said.

" Mommy she even said that all my mommies are fake and she is the real one." Yumi said.