Li mansion.

While writing names in the invitation letters, the men were busy having their own dirty-sweet conversation.

" I never expected you to be so fast mate." Sebastian said.

Songpa awkwardly scratched his head and said," It wasn't planned."

" Even Singtan and I did not plan for a baby. It just happened." Mike said.

" You gotta be careful if you don't want one." Yufan said.

" Exactly. Now see, Dina and I dated for several years before getting married but I was always super careful and never did it without using protection." Sebastian said.

" Yeah that is right. Thinking about protection is a man's job. We have to extra careful." Yutang said.

" At least Songpa isn't like Singtan who did not use protection at all in the initial stages and that is how Zian happened just a few months after he got married." Mike said.

" Hey Singtan, are you using protection now? I hope you are." Yutang said.

Singtan gulped when he realised something that there were countless number of times when they had done it raw," Don't talk about nonsensical things and do your work."

" No dude don't tell me you are again being careless." Yutang said.

" Well at least we are getting something unlike this healthy man with blue balls sitting with us." Yufan said.

Zechan frowned and said," Hey, I don't have blue balls."

" Well one day you will." Sebastian said.

" We want to take it slow okay?" Zechan said.

" Ah forget it Seb,don't you know Zian's kid and Zechans kid will go to school together?" Songpa said.

Zechan frowned and said," You people are such big bullies."


Shopping mall.

Entering from one store to another, Yurin kept on trying to lure the guards away. She knew that Li Singtan's men were following her everywhere and she wasn't stupid to act recklessly in front of them.

She didn't want to harm anyone. She just wanted to meet Yumi and leave the country with the money that Siquan had given her which was enough for her to survive for several days until she found a new backer for herself.

Just then, she saw Ming's group enter a ladies lingerie store which allowed only ladies in.

Yurin quickly made her way towards the store.


Inside the store.

" I don't think this is a good idea." Delila said.

" This is a superb idea." Dina said.

" But-"

" One day or the other you have to do it Del."

Ling said.

" Exactly, Don't make Zechan wait for long." Beth said.

As the girls were busy picking out lingerie for themselves, the other group of girls were also busy picking out outfits for themselves.

" Ahh it's been years since Yutang and I did something cringe." Yixi said.

" Same." Anna said before pulling out a lacy thing.

" Bringing the kids here is a very bad idea." Ming said.

" Ehhh you worry too much babe. Our kids are obedient look how nicely they are sitting on the couch." Yixi said.

When Ming saw all the five of them quietly sitting on the couch, she breathed a sigh of relief.

" Quick Ming pick up something to impress Mr Li too." Yixi said.

Ming chuckled and started digging in.

Looking around when Yurin saw everyone busy picking up clothes for themselves, she slowly started walking towards the kids.

Squatting down, Yurin patted Yumi's shoulders and said," Hey."

Zian, who was sitting beside Yumi frowned and wrapped his tiny arms around Yumi's shoulders and said," Yumi you should talk to strangers."

Yurin chuckled and said," You must be elder sister Ming's son."

" You know mama Ming?" Yumi asked.

Yurin nodded her head and said," I am Ming's youngest sister and your real mommy."

" My real mommy?" Yumi asked not understanding what Yurin was trying to say.

" Yes, your real mommy." Yurin said.

Yumi pouted her lips and said," But I don't want anymore mommies because I already have four mommies."

" They are all your fake mommies and only I am the real one okay?" Yurin said.

" Even mama Ming is fake?" Yumi aksed.

When Yurin nodded her head, Zian closed Yumi's ears with both his tiny hands. He then frowned deeper and said," Don't listen to her Yumi because I don't like her." How could she call his mommy fake? He would definitely tell his dada about this.

" My momma Ming is not fake." Yumi said before bursting into tears.

Yurins heart ached when she saw big fat tears rolling down Yumi's eyes which looked just like Siquan's.

Lifting her hand, Yurin was about to help her wipe them and coax her when some one grabbed her hand and pushed her back making her collapse on the floor.

" How dare you touch my daughter?" Ming shouted.

After picking out a few sexy outfits, Ming decided to take a look at the kids before entering the washroom. But when she saw a woman squatting on the floor and talking to the kids, Ming frowned and decided to take a closer look.

When she recognised who it was, Ming tossed the clothes aside and rushed towards them.

" Mama." Yumi said before stretching her arms towards Ming.

Ming quickly picked Yumi up in her arms and said," Don't cry anymore." Before wiping her tears.

Yumi buried her face on Ming's neck and kept on crying.

Patting her back, Ming kept in calming her until she stopped sobbing.

Ling and the rest quickly rushed towards them when they heard Yumi cry.

Getting up from the floor, Yurin dusted her clothes clean.

" Elder sis-"

" Don't you dare call me that." Ming shouted before glaring at her.

" What happened? Is she fine?" Ling asked.

When Ming nodded her head, Ling turned towards Yurin and asked," What the hell are you doing here?"

" I am here to see my daughter." Yurin said.

" You still have the cheek to call her your daughter?" Yixi asked.

" She is no one to you Yurin and get the hell out of here before I ask someone to drag you out. And stay away from my kids. In the past, no matter how many bad things you did to me or anyone else, I never told you anything but if you hurt my kids or make them cry, I'll make sure that you regret it for the rest of your life." Ming said.


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