In the outskirts of country B.

Sitting on a man's lap, a woman was holding a wine glass in one hand while the other was busy caressing the man's bare chest.

" You'll get through the security check too but you have to wait." The man said.

" It's already been so many years and-"

" They are still looking for you everywhere. You know you are safe only because you are under my wings woman." Dereck said.

The woman nodded her head and said," I know." before placing the glass down and pressing their lips together.

Shifting to the bed, the woman pinned the man down and took her hand towards her face ready to take the silicone face mask off but before she could, Dereck grabbed her hands and said," Don't take it off."

The woman smirked and asked," What? You still feel disgusted?"

The man quickly pinned her down and said," The mask looks nice on you."

The woman pursed her lips and just fulfilled the lustrous man's needs.

In the middle of the night, the woman removed the man's arms and legs from her body and got down from the bed before walking towards the washroom.


Inside the washroom.

Looking at the mirror, the woman touched the silicone mask that she had been wearing for god knows how many years.

Grabbing the edge when she took it off, she closed her eyes when an ugly long scar right across her face greeted her.

Slowly opening her eyes, she slowly stroked her hands along the scar which went from her chin right up to her forehead. It was a really deep scar and looked ugly.

It had been years since that incident but she could never forget it.

That day, wasn't she there to kill people and make Li Singtan, the love of her life hers? How did she end up getting disfigured which made her look scary and atrocious?

Curling her hand into a fist, Kiara started washing her face with some cold water.

No matter how many surgeons and dermatologists she visited, everyone told her the same thing that the scar would forever dominate her face and she was lucky because she did not lose an eye.

All these years, Kiara had lived life miserably. She had to stay under a lustrous man's wings to keep herself away from the clutches of the Li clan. She knew that Li Singtan would never stop looking for her but Kiara wanted to return back and take her revenge on everyone who forced her to be like this.

She knew that her father was dead and she had nothing left with her and the only way she could get into country S once again was with the help of Dereck who happened to be one of her past lovers whom she had always despised. He didn't mind the huge scary scar on her face until she wore the silicone mask which he had bought for her.

The mask made her skin itch and sweaty and she sometimes felt suffocated too but she had no other choice than to endure everything.

Kiara wanted to take away the most precious thing of their lives and make them suffer each day like she was suffering now.

All Kiara was waiting for the perfect time and opportunity to turn their peaceful world upside down.


Country S.

Li base.

Lying on the cold floor for a really long time, Julia's body started aching.

Stretching her body, she was trying to overcome the sharp pain that she was feeling on her back when the door opened.

Just then, two neatly dressed men entered the cell along with two other guards.

" Who are you?" Julia asked.

" Your friend." Zechan said before sitting down and placing the tool box on the table.

Zihao chuckled and said," That is nice. Does Songpa says that too?"

Zechan shook his head and said," No he doesn't, that is original."

" What do you want?" Julia shouted.

Wearing his gloves, Zihao said," Ehh we want nothing from you. We just want to prick all your twenty nails off."

" And may be a little bit of your skin." Zechan said.

" Yes, and if you behave, we might prick your eyes off too." Zihao said.

" Hey I am pricking eyes off okay? The last time I did that, I couldn't eat properly for days." Zechan said.

" Songpa boss loves pricking eyes." The guard said.

Julia widened his eyes in shock and asked," You- did Songpa send you here?"

" That is not the point miss. The point is that you did a very dangerous mistake and you deserved to be punished." Zechan said.

" Entering Songpa's apartment, bad idea. Imitating to be his would be wife, a really bad idea and hurting his would be wife, the worst decision of your life, It's like courting death." Zihao said.

" Hmm, so since you have brought this upon yourself, please give us this not so delightful opportunity to kick you out of this world." Zechan said before picking up Songpa's favourite pliers.

When the two guards did not come forward to hold Julia, Zechan raised his eyebrows and said," Now do you both need special invitation to hold her?"

" Oh we have to hold her?" A guard said before moving forward.

" We never did this until necessary when Songpa boss used to do this." The other guard said.

" Songpa is a pro and we are still noobs okay?" Zechan said.

The guards nodded their heads and quickly held Julia properly.

" Hey let me go, let me go." Julia shouted.

Passing the other plier to Zihao, Zechan grabbed Julia's fingers and said," Her nails are big."

" It's good, less trouble." Zihao said before pulling out a nail making Julia scream in pain.

" What? Screaming already? We have a long way to go." Zechan said.

" I just pulled out a nail and she is shouting already, so weak." Zihao said.

And then slowly and steadily, Zechan and Zihao did everything that they had to.

Julia screamed and screamed until she couldn't take it anymore and passed out.

" Let's not prick her eyes, she already looks very pitiful." Zechan said.

" I was thinking about the same thing." Zihao said before taking off his gloves.

" Let's leave." Zechan said before packing the tools.

The two men left the room along with the guards leaving behind the unconscious body that would remain inside the cell until her last breath.