When Songpa arrived at the hospital, Beth was already shifted to a room and was currently sleeping.

Sitting beside her, Songpa held her hand and kept on staring at her. His heart ached when he saw the bandage wrapped on her forehead.

Just then Anna and Mike entered the room and said," Songpa."

" Boss, lady boss." Songpa politely greeted them.

" Congratulations man." Mike said before giving Songpa a hug.

" I have already taken her under me so you don't have to worry. The reports are normal and there are no complications." Anna said.

" Thank you lady boss." Songpa said.

" You just have to make sure that she rests and eats well." Anna said.

Songpa nodded his head and asked Anna about the do's and the don'ts.

After Mike and Anna left, Songpa sat beside Beth holding her hand.

After sometime when Beth woke up, she saw Songpa sleeping beside him holding her hand.

Running her fingers through his hair, Beth slowly shook his shoulders and said," Songpa."

Songpa quickly got up and said," Huh? What happened? Are you fine? Should I call the doctor?"

Beth chuckled and said," No I am fine. I was just asking you to sleep beside me."

Songpa breathed a sigh of relief and said," I am fine here."

" There is enough space for both of us." Beth said.

Songpa shook his head and said," I don't want to hurt the baby."

Caressing her stomach, Beth chuckled and said," The baby says it wants to hug you to sleep."

Songpa quickly took his shoes off and climbed the bed and snuggled beside her.

" I had no idea that I was pregnant." Beth said before touching her stomach.

Turning towards Songpa, Beth asked," What if I cannot take care of our baby properly?"

Kissing her forehead, Songpa said," Don't worry about that. We will deal with this together. I'll always be with you Beth throughout the whole journey."

" You won't leave me alone right?" Beth asked.

Songpa shook his head and said," No, I won't. I'll always be there with you."

" Promise?" Beth asked.

Songpa smiled and said," I promise."

Snuggling closer, Beth smiled and said," Then I don't have anything to worry about."

Gently caressing her back, Songpa asked," How did she enter the apartment?"

After telling Songpa the entire thing, Beth buried her head in his chest and said," I shouldn't have trusted her but for a moment I thought she had really changed for good but I was wrong."

" It's fine but you have to be careful in the future. And what do you want me to do with her?" Songpa asked.

" I don't want to see her again." Beth said. What if she comes back and tries to harm her baby again? She couldn't take a risk

with their babies life.

" You won't." Songpa said before kissing her forehead.

" How did you know that she wasn't me?" Beth asked.

" Well, I thought you were acting a bit strange and when I did not see that mark from last night on your neck, I had my doubts." Songpa said.

" What did you do after that?" Beth asked.

" I asked her to get corns for me." Songpa said.

" Songpa did you eat them?" Beth asked. Songpa was highly allergic to corn and would develop rashes all over his body even if he ate a little of it.

Songpa shook his head and said," No I didn't but she nodded her head and was ready to give me corns."

" You did not touch her thinking it was me right?" Beth asked.

Songpa shook his head and said," No I didn't but would you be angry if I did?"

Beth shook her head and said," No, It wouldn't be your fault anyway. We look exactly the same, anybody can misinterpret us."

" You both are different from each other Beth, completely different." Songpa said.

" I am glad that you found out about it early." Beth said.

" Sleep for sometime." Songpa said.

" You won't go anywhere right?" Beth asked.

Songpa smiled and said," I am right here."

Beth nodded her head and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Looking at Beth who was soundly sleeping in his arms, Songpa breathed a sigh of relief. Now he had to be extra careful because he had an extra tiny life to protect and he couldn't afford any kind of mishap to happen.


Li Clan.

" This is huge." Zechan said while picking up Songpa's tools.

" I know right? I never thought he had so many of them." Zihao said.

Picking up a plier, Zechan grinned and said," This is Songpa's favourite."

" Ahhh I want to use that too." Zihao said before taking the plier in his hand.

Lifting the plier high up, Zihao's said," The royal tool of the legendary Lui Songpa."

" Zihao, if we lose anything Songpa will kill us right?" Zechan asked.

" Kill? He will torture us to death." Zihao said before placing the pliers back.

Cracking his fingers, Zechan said," Alright now let's get back to business."

Taking off his suit, Zihao said," Alright let's go."

" Let's do it exactly how Songpa does it." Zechan said before closing the tool box holding it the exact same way Songpa did.

Zihao chuckled and said," Alright let's go."


Li mansion.

" I have already discussed this with Anna and Yixi, we will take Beth with us for the shopping and other things." Ming said while feeding Zian and Mian simultaneously.

" I have already made reservations for the wedding and I'll talk to Beth's brother tomorrow." Singtan said.

" So many weddings lately, I feel like getting married again." Rose said.

When Quin raised his eyebrows and gave a ' What did you just say look?', Rose chuckled and said," Obviously with you."

Ming chuckled and said," Rose you should accompany us too."

" Of course big sister. I have taken a long leave from work so that I can relax a bit. I can accompany you in everything now." Rose said.

" Yufan and the rest are also coming back tomorrow so we can Ling and Dina to accompany us as well." Ming said.