" Ahhhh." Beth winced in pain and collapsed on the ground. She could feel a warm liquid flowing down from her head and she started feeling dizzy.

Placing the metal show piece back to its original place, Julia dashed out of the room.

Holding her head with one hand, Beth supported herself up with the other and sat on the edge of the bed.

Soon Julia same inside with a rope and tape.

Pushing her back on the floor, Julia started tying Beth's hands and legs.

" Don't do this Julia." Beth somehow managed to say.

" You deserve this and even I deserve what you have right now my sister." Julia said.

" Songpa is going to kill you Julia. I am warning you, don't do this please. Let me go and I'll pretend like this never happened." Beth said.

" He only kill me if he ever knows it's not you right? Did you forget that we look exactly the same? We don't have any difference between us." Julia said.

Beth shook her head and said," Songpa will know and you cannot fool him. I am telling you Julia don't do this. You are my sister and no matter what I don't want you to die."

" Shut up." Julia said before shoving a cloth into her mouth.

" Didn't you say that you both seldom enter this room? So stay here until I find a way to get rid of you." Julia said.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Julia gripped onto the sheets and said," For so many years, I was trapped in that stupid place. You people just shoved me there and left. Do you have any idea how difficult it was to stay in there? How did I spend so many years without meeting and seeing anyone? I had no man by my side for so many years and it was killing me."

Turning towards Beth, Julia said," But you will not understand this because you have been staying in luxury wearing all these expensive clothes and jewellery, carrying expensive bags and a credit card which is loaded with money. How could you get everything so easily while I don't have anything? How could you get such a perfect man who is rich and is giving you his everything while I have no one to rely on? We have the same face and we were born of the same mother then why don't I have what you have right now?"

Pausing for a while, Julia said," Even I want to live life the way you are living now. Even I want a luxurious life and someone who loves me dearly. And if I don't get what you have, I am going to snatch it away from you." Before dragging her and shoving her behind the wardrobe.


Nearby City.

As soon as Songpa got down from the plane and turned on his cell phone, he received a call from the rehab centre.

Tightening his grip around his phone, Songpa frowned and shouted," What? And you are telling me this now?"

The manager of the centre gulped in nervousness and said," She escaped last night when everyone was sleeping and by the time we found out, it was very late. We tried to look for her everywhere but we couldn't find her, so I decided to tell you about it sir."

" I'll send a few people for your help. Try to look for her and I'll be there by evening."

Songpa said before hanging up the call.

" What happened?" Zechan asked.

Punching Beth's number, Songpa said," Julia ran away from the rehab last night."

" You should call Beth and ask her to stay alert and safe. I'll call the guards and ask them where they are." Zechan said.


Glory Regency.

Julia had just finished eating a bowl of noodles when Beth's phone buzzed.

Walking towards the phone, Julia hesitated for a while before picking up the call.

"Babe." Songpa said like he usually did.

" Hmm." Julia said.

" Did you have lunch?" Songpa asked.

" Yes I did." Julai said.

" Hmm I just landed but I'll be back by evening." Songpa said.

" Okay." Julia said.

Finding Beth's usual jolly interactions quite stiff, Songpa asked," Are you feeling unwell?"

" No I am fine." Julia said.

" Okay so I just got a call from the rehab that Julia ran away last night so I want you to stay safe and if you see her, I want you to avoid her okay?" Songpa said.

Julia pursed her lips and said," Okay."

" I'll see you in the evening then." Songpa said.

Without saying anything, Julia hung up the call and tossed the phone aside.

Just then the doorbell rang which scared Julia to death.

Taking a few deep breaths, Julia started walking towards the door.

After opening the door, two guards politely greeted her saying," Lady boss we are here to guard you in boss Songpa's absence."

" Okay." Julia said before banging the door shut.

The two guards raised their eyebrows and exchanged glances. Their usual sweet and polite lady boss who used to greet them with a sweet smile and also offer them tea and snacks seemed a bit strange today.

After banging the door shut, Julia rushed towards the master bedroom to catch some sleep.


By the time Julia woke up, it was already half past six.

After washing her face, she quickly changed into another set of Beth's clothes and sprayed some of Beth's perfume on her.

Looking at her hair, Julia realised that it was longer than Beth's hair so she decided to tie it into a bun.

Just then she heard someone unlock the main door.

Looking at herself in the mirror for the last time, she rushed outside.


Living room.

Songpa frowned when a dark living room greeted him.

Usually Beth would switch on all the lights and would finish doing the rituals by then. She would also burn a few incense sticks which would make the whole atmosphere of the house more lively and fresh.

" Beth?" Songpa shouted before walking towards the room.

Just then Julia dashed out and said," You are here? Go wash your hands and come out. I'll heat the soup by then." before walking towards the kitchen.

Songpa frowned when he sensed her unusual behaviour.

No welcome hug and kiss, no questions about his mission and whether he had eaten anything in the afternoon and neither did she help him take off his coat like she usually does.

Finding everything about her odd, Songpa started walking towards the kitchen.



Turning off the gas, Songpa asked," Beth are you fine?"

Giving him a weak smile, Julia nodded her head.

Songpa narrowed his eyes when he did not see the mark on her neck which he had left last night. He had also seen the mark in the morning before he left.

After pouring the soup on the bowl, Julia said," It's ready."

Taking a step back, Songpa said," Add some corn in this please."

Julia nodded her head and started walking towards the refrigerator to take out the frozen corn.

Just then Songpa grabbed her neck with his hand and pinned her against the wall and shouted," Where is Beth?"

Grabbing his hand, Julia tried to free herself but Songpa's grip was so tight that she was getting choked and couldn't breathe.

When the guards standing outside heard Songpa about, they quickly unlocked the door with the emergency key that they had and entered the apartment.

Tightening his grip around her neck, Songpa asked," For the last time, where is my Beth?"

Julia somehow managed to point towards the guestroom.

Letting her go, Songpa rushes towards the guest room before telling the guards to capture Julia.

Though the guards found it very strange when they saw Songpa almost choking their lady boss against the wall, they still followed Songpa's order and captured Julia.

After sometime when they saw Songpa dash out of the room with Beth in his arms, the guards understood what it was and quickly dragged the imposter out of the apartment.



Pacing back and forth in the corridor outside the emergency room, Songpa was impatiently waiting to hear some news about Beth.

Just then the doctor came out and said," Your wife is alright and your baby is fine too. The wound is not too deep but she lost some blood so you have to take care of her properly."