Inside the office.

As soon as she entered the office, Yurin took off her coat revealing the sexy backless outfit she was wearing underneath.

Swaying her hips too and fro and looking at Siquan seductive, Yurin sat beside him.

If it would have been Chen Siquan from the past, he would've immediately pounced upon her but the new Chen Siquan felt nothing but disgust after seeing her behaving like that.

When Singtan told him that Yurin was staying as a mistress some rich CEO of an entertainment company on the US, he felt disgusted as well as stupid for falling for someone like her.

Placing her hand on Siquan's thigh, Yurin asked," How are you?"

Jerking her hands away, Siquan shifted to the other couch and said," Cut the crap and tell me what you want."

" I thought about it a lot and I think we should solve things out and get together again." Yurin said.

When Siquan did not say anything, Yurin moved closer and said," Let's reconcile and give our daughter her real family. All three of us can happily live together and-"

Cutting her off, Siquan asked," So he left you."

Yurin frowned and asked," Who are you talking about?"

" Your master-hmmm that is what a mistress calls the man who keeps her right?" Siquan asked.

" Who told you that?" Yurin asked.

Siquan smirked and said," That is not the point Ms Xie, the point is what are you doing here wasting my time?"

" Wasting your time? I am here to talk about us and about your daughter." Yurin said.

" Daughter huh ? Now you got time to think about her? After so many years you realise that you have a daughter too? Impressive." Siquan said.

" Listen Siquan I know I am at fault but now I want to fix things. Won't you give me a second chance?" Yurin said.

Siquan nodded his head and said," Of course I will. You are my wife and I'll definitely give you a chance but-"

" But what?" Yurin asked.

" I don't think so you can stay in this country anymore and we won't be able to stay in peace. So let's do something, I'll talk to Singtan and your father and let's take Yumi with us and leave this place forever." Siquan said before getting up.

" Wait? Why should we leave this place?" Yurin asked.

" Because we won't be able to live in peace." Siquan said.

" We can live here too and-"

" No we can't live here and I also know that you will never leave everything and go wherever I take you." Siquan said.

Pausing for a while, Siquan asked," What do you want Yurin? Money? Divorce?"

Walking towards his desk, Siquan took out a few papers and said," You left our daughter as soon as she was born for money. You left her when she needed you the most and now you are here showing some kind of a fake love for her."

Tossing the paper on the table, Siquan said," You and I, both of us have no right over her. We were not there when she needed us the most, so stop calling her your daughter. You don't deserve to be a mother."

Picking up the papers, Yurin smiled and said," So you really are into that woman sitting outside."

Tossing the papers aside, Yurin said," But Mr Chen must know that I won't sign these papers for free."

Taking out his cheque book from another drawer, Siquan signed a cheque before passing it Yurin.

" Sign the papers now. Let's end this here and never bother each other." Siquan said.

Yurin smirked and said," You are quite generous." Before keeping the cheque inside her bag.

Passing her a pen, Siquan said," Sign it and leave."

After signing the divorce papers, Yurin left.



When Yurin came out, Weiwei was sitting on the couch scrolling through Siquan's phone.

Just then Siquan came out and asked," Did you book the tickets?"

Weiwei smiled and nodded her head before passing him his coat and phone.

" What are you waiting for? Or did you forget the way?" Siquan asked.

Without saying anything, Yurin left.

" So all good?" Weiwei asked.

Siquan smiled and nodded his head.

" Good." Weiwei said.

Just then Siquan grabbed her hand and said," Can we consider today as our first official date?"

" Your wife hasn't even left the building and look at you planning dates with some other woman." Weiwei said.

Siquan raised his eyebrows and asked," Wife? Who are you talking about? I don't have a wife anymore but I can have a girlfriend if you want me to have one."

Weiwei chuckled and said," We should rush otherwise we will miss our movie."

Siquan nodded his head and they left the building hand in hand.


Outside the kindergarten.

" I know." Singtan said.

Siquan chuckled and said," Why am I not shocked?"

" Because you know that I am great." Singtan said.

As soon as Yurin arrived at country S, Singtan had men following her everywhere. Singtan knew Yurin had gone looking for Siquan in his office and he could roughly guess what might've happened.

" I just wanted to give you a heads up but I guess that isn't needed now. I feel that she is going to come looking for Yumi." Siquan said.

" She is on the way to kindergarten but I won't let her come anywhere near Yumi." Singtan said.

" Hmm, with you around I don't have to worry." Siquan said.

" Why don't you prepare yourself for the movie instead of talking me to me like this?" Singtan said.

" Alright I won't waste your time now." Siquan said before hanging up the call.

Placing his phone back into his pocket, Singtan got down from the car patiently waiting for the kids.

" Dada." Zian shouted before running towards him holding Yumi's and Mian's hand.

After helping the kids hop inside the car, Singtan drove the car away completely ignoring Yurin who was standing not to far away from them.


Global Regency.

After preparing the noodles, Beth entered the guest room to call Julia out for lunch but as soon as she entered the room someone hit her on the head with something hard making her fall on the floor.