Sitting on the ground, Xie Ming held her hair and shouted," Stop counting. You are making me nervous."

Li Singtan chuckled," You did not look nervous a few minutes ago when you were about to jump off that cliff for a bastard who did not marry you,"

Xie Ming placed her hands on her ears and shouted," Stop. Stop talking about that it's embarrassing and let me think okay. Please maintain silence."

Looking at how cute she was looking, Li Singtan decided not to say anything. Though he sounded very confident, only Li Singtan knew how nervous he was. His hands were sweating. There were beads of sweat on his forehead. He looked at his watch again and said," Your time is up. So what did you decide."

Xie Ming who was still sitting in the same position looked at him and asked," What if I say that I don't want to marry you?"

Li Singtan laughed. Seeing him laugh like an idiot, Xie Ming could not help but ask," What are you laughing at?"

He looked into her eyes and said," Ms Xie do you think that you have an option? Let me tell you one more time I am the Li Singtan. I can do whatever I want to and let me tell you making to my wife is a piece of cake for me. I have done many other things and getting married to an idiot like you with little hands is nothing. And trust me when I say that." Yes it was indeed true. Li Singtan could do anything to make Xie Ming his forever. He was not going to let go this time not even at the cost of his own life.

Xie Ming rolled her eyes and asked," Then why did you even give me sometime to think."

Li Singtan straightened his suit and said," Formality."

"Shameless creature", Xie Ming exclaimed.

"Only for you", Li Singtan smiled at her while saying this.

After thinking for a few minutes, Xie Ming got up and said," Okay I agree to marry you but first you have to apologise to me for calling me an idiot and stupid and-"

" I am sorry." Singtan said without even letting her finish her sentence.

Xie Ming thought for a while and said," Okay, I will marry you but I have few conditions."

Li Singtan's face lit up when he heard her words. He did not even care about her condition. All he cared about was that she was going to be his wife," Okay whatever Mrs Li says goes."

Xie Ming rolled her eyes and said," Listen to my conditions first."

Li Singtan nodded his head gesturing her to continue.

" First: We will just be married for name sake. I will just be your wife for the world to know but we won't share any kind of physical relationship.

Second: We will not share the same room.

Third: After one year if I want I can divorce you.

Fourth: Never during our entire marriage will you bring up whatever happened today in the cliff.

Fifth: Never call my hands 'Little Hands'

If you agree with all this. We can get married"

Li Singtan raised his brows after hearing her condition," I am fine with everything except for the second condition. I am also getting married because my family is forcing me to. If we do not share the same room, they will definitely doubt our relationship and I don't want that. So we will have to share a room."

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Xie Ming shouted at him and said," No we can't share a room."

Li Singtan smirked and asked," Why you are afraid that you won't be able to control yourself?"

Xie Mings cheeks turned red," Shameless. I can control myself it's just that I don't trust you."

Li Singtin placed his hand in his pocket and said," I'll be fine until and unless you don't make any move and seduce me."

Before Xie Ming could say anything ,Li Singtan held her hand and started going towards his car.

" Leave my hand. Where are you taking me?",Xie Ming shouted.

" Marriage Registration office." Li Singtan said with a wide smile on his face.