Beth was taken aback when she saw Julia.

" I missed you so so much." Julia said before tightening her grip around Beth.

Beth smiled and hugged her back," When did you get discharged from the rehab?"

" Yesterday night." Julia said.

" Why didn't brother Peter or Songpa tell me?" Beth said.

Hooking her arms around her, Julia said," Actually I told them not to tell anybody because I didn't want to trouble you all."

" You could've told us, Songpa and I would've come to pick you up." Beth said.

Julia chuckled and said," Forget about that now. I really missed you so much Beth and especially that soupy spicy noodles that you make. Ahh can you make that for me again please."

When Beth hesitated for a while, Julia gave her a weak smile and said," Ahh it's okay, I understand that you don't want to be associated with me. I have done wrong things in the past and I deserve this, I deserve to be alone forever."

Grabbing Beth's hand, Julia said," I know I have done many wrong things but now I genuinely regret and I am sorry. You've always loved me and have cared for me but I never requitted your love and care Beth and I really regret that. I hope you will forgive me." Before wiping her tears away.

Pinching Julia's cheeks, Beth said," You want to eat noodles right? Coincidentally even Songpa wants to eat them for dinner so I'll be making them. Come let's go I'll make some for you as well."

" Is Song-I mean brother-in-law not at home?" Julia asked.

Beth shook her head and said," No, he has gone somewhere but he will be back by evening." Before walking towards her apartment along with Julia.


Glory Regency.

" Wow this place is amazing. Did brother-in-law buy this place for you?" Julia said.

Beth smiled and said," This is our place."

" Oh so you both are staying together?" Julia asked.

" Yes." Beth said before placing grocery bags on the table.

" Do you want to freshen up while I prepare the noodles?" Beth asked.

When Julia nodded her head, Beth guided her towards the guest room.

" We hardly open and stay in this room so the sheets are not changed so I hope you don't mind." Beth said.

Julia smiled and said," No worries."

" Tell me if you want anything." Beth said.

" I don't have any clothes to change." Julia said.

Beth smiled and said," I'll get you my clothes to wear." Before walking out.

After passing Julia a set of fresh change clothes, Beth started preparing noodles for both Songpa and Julia.


Outside Peicheng Enterprise.

" No this is more tasty." Weiwei said.

Siquan shook his head and said," No mine one is tastier." before scooping a spoonful of ice cream from his cup and bringing it close to Weiwei's mouth.

After taking a bite, Weiwei snatched Siquan's cup away and shoved her cup into his hand.

" Hey my ice cream." Siquan said.

Weiwei chuckled and kept on eating from Siquan's cup.

Siquan chuckled and quietly ate the ice cream.

They had gone out for lunch and were returning to Siquan's company eating their dessert.

" Siquan." a woman said.

Siquan stopped and turned around he heard a familiar voice.

He narrowed his eyes when he saw Yurin standing in front of him.

Weiwei quickly recognised who the woman was and said," I'll be taking me leave then." Before turning around.

Just then Siquan grabbed her hand and said," Aren't we supposed to watch a movie together?

" It's fine if you are busy." Weiwei said. Her jolly and happy mood was completely spoiled after seeing Yurin. No matter what, Siquan and Yurin were still a legal husband and wife and even had a baby together. Weiwei had no intention of becoming a third party between them.

" I am not." Siquan said before intertwining their hands together.

Yurin narrowed her eyes when they saw being intimate in front of her. She had no idea who that woman was and what she was doing with Siquan but looking at them holding hands publicly Yurin could say that they shared a unique kind of a relationship.

" If you want to keep staring at us like this, you can get out of here." Siquan said rudely without retraining himself.

" I want to talk to you, I hope I can talk to husband alone." Yurin said before looking at Weiwei.

Turning towards Siquan, Weiwei smiled and said," Why don't you take Ms Xie upstairs to your office and have a chat with her? It will be more convenient."

Siquan nodded his head and said," Let's finish this first." before taking a big bite of the ice cream.

Weiwei smiled and started eating her ice cream too completely ignoring Yurin who was glaring at them.

After discarding the cups, Siquan again grabbed Weiwei's hand and said," Follow us." Before walking inside the building.


Outside Siquan's office.

Weiwei stopped Siquan and said," You should go inside and talk to her alone."

Siquan shook his head and said," We don't have anything secretive or personal to talk about. And there is nothing going on between us about which you do not." He did not want Weiwei to get bad ideas about him and Yurin. There was seriously nothing going on between them and Siquan had completely given up on their relationship.

Taking his coat from Siquan's hand, Weiwei said," I'll be sitting outside and waiting for you to finish."

Passing her his phone, Siquan said," Then book tickets too."

Taking the phone, Weiwei said," Okay."

" It won't take long." Siquan said before entering the office.

Without saying anything, Yurin also followed him behind.

Looking at Siquan's coat and phone, Weiwei chuckled before sitting down on the couch.

Unlocking the phone, she started looking for good movies that would be convenient for both of them to watch not caring about what they might be doing or talking about inside Siquan's office.


Inside the office.

As soon as she entered the office, Yurin took off her coat revealing the sexy backless outfit she was wearing underneath......