Li mansion.

" Singtan." Ming shouted before setting the plates.

" Coming honey." Singtang shouted before bringing the two neatly dressed kids down.

" Zian, Yumi sit down and have your breakfast." Ming said.

The kids quickly sat down in their respective places and started eating their breakfast.

" So excited for your first day?" Father Li asked.

Yumi and Zian nodded their heads and said," Yes grandpa."

" I hope you both won't cry today." Quin said.

Zian shook his head and said," I am a boy and Li's don't cry."

Rose chuckled and asked," Who told your that honey?"

" Great-grandpa said that Li's don't cry. They are strong and invincible and we have the ability to achieve whatever we want in life." Zian said.

" Those are wise words." Mother Li said.

" It's not wrong or bad to cry okay Zian? And don't listen to your grandpa's stupid wise words." Grandma Li said.

" I am just trying to make him a tough boy." Grandpa Li said.

" He is still small and doesn't need to be tough and stop feeding him nonsense and eat your breakfast." Grandma Li said.

Without saying a word, Grandpa Li kept on eating his food.

After having breakfast, Singtan and Ming took the kids to kindergarten.


Inside the car.

" If anyone gives you anything, you don't eat it okay?" Ming said.

" Okay mama." The kids said.

" Zian you are bigger so you have to take care of Yumi, Linyang, Liang and Mian okay?" Ming said.

" Yes mama." Zian said.

After giving the kids few instructions, Ming gave them a peck on their cheeks.


Outside the kindergarten.

When they got down from the car, Siquan was standing near his car which was parked near the gates of the kindergarten.

" Uncle Siquan."

" Dada Siquan."

The kids shouted before running towards him.

" Don't run like that." Ming shouted.

Placing his hand on her shoulder, Singtan said," You worry too much."

Siquan squatted down and said," You shouldn't run like that okay? And listen to your mom."

Holding the kids hands, Siquan started walking towards Ming and Singtan.

" I just came to wish them luck as it is there first day." Siquan said.

Ming smiled and nodded her head.

" Zian, Yumi." Mian said before rushing towards them.

" We were waiting for you." Singtan said to Mike and Anna.

" Mom came over in the morning so we got stuck." Mike said.

" I cannot believe they are already going to kindergarten. Doesn't it feel like just yesterday when they were born?" Anna said.

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes, they have grown up so fast."

Just then Mo Zixin hopped down from the car along with Weiwei.

" hey." Zixin shouted before rushing towards them.

Weiwei and Siquan exchanged a smile before Weiwei greeted the other people.

After Yutang and Yixi arrived with the kids, the parents guided their kids inside the kindergarten.

As it was the first day, the kids were crying unwilling to leave their parents side. The teachers were having a tough time handling the kids.

When the five kids saw all the other kids crying, even they felt like crying.

" Dada, I don't wanna go." Linyang said before hugging Yutang's legs.

" Alright let's leave them." Yutang said before down and picking up his daughter.

Yixi smacked his head and said," Are you really taking her away?"

" She said she doesn't want to go." Yutang said.

Yixi helplessly took Linyang in her arms and said," Honey if you don't go to school, how are you going to grow bigger and then bully your brother?"

Wiping her tears away, Linyang said," But I already bully him."

Yixi chuckled and said," If you grow up more, you can bully him even more."

When Linyang nodded her head, Yixi let her down.

Cupping Liyang's face, Yixi said," Take care of your sister okay?"

" Look at you all crying like a baby. Zixin is so brave that he is not crying at all. You all should be like him." Mike said.

The kids quickly wiped their tears away and nodded their heads.

" All of you must stay together and protect each other okay?" Singtan said.

After handing the kids to the teacher, the parents kept on standing at the entrance.

" They will me fine right?" Ming asked.

" Don't worry about them." Singtan said.

" Anna and I have an important surgery today so either of you have to help with picking up Anna in the afternoon." Mike said.

" I'll pick the kids up." Singtan said.


Glory Regency.

" Don't forget to check the windows before-." Songpa said.

" Won't you be back by evening?" Beth asked.

Songpa nodded his head and said," Yes."

" Then what are you so worried about? I'll be fine." Beth said before helping him wear his coat.

" I am worried okay?" Songpa said.

Beth chuckled and asked," What do you want to have for dinner?"

" I want to have those soupy noodles that you make Ahh the spicy ones." Songpa said.

Beth nodded her head and said," Drop me by the supermarket then."

" I am taking the guards who are standing outside with me because they have to accompany Zechan and me for this short mission. I have asked someone else to replace them but they will be here by afternoon. So why don't you go out after they come?" Songpa said.

" I am just going to the nearby supermarket. Why do I need guards?" Beth said.

" For you safety." Songpa said.

" Songpa it's not like someone is going to kill me." Beth said.

" Okay then let's go fast because I want to drop you back too." Songpa said.

" You will miss your flight if you do that." Beth said.

Pausing for a while, Beth said," Just drop me there and I'll walk back here."

Songpa sighed and said," Okay."


After buying important ingredients from the supermarket, Beth was walking back home when she saw someone standing on the pathway.

" Julia." Beth murmured.

Julia smiled when she saw Beth and quickly rushed towards her and gave her a hug.

" Oh my God Beth I missed you so much." Julia said.