Looking to the other side when Siquan did not hear any kind of noise, he thought Weiwei had left without saying a word.

Siquan was not sad or surprised because this was something that he had expected when he decided to tell her about it.

The way Weiwei and Siquan were interacting and hanging out almost every time, he knew where this was heading too and he really did like Weiwei. She was sweet and caring. She was an optimistic and a jolly person and that is what Siquan liked the most about her.

Telling her about his dirty past was something that Siquan wanted to do since a really long time but he never had the guts to do so. Maybe he didn't want to lose her?

Just then he felt a cold hand on his warm ones and that is the time Siquan realised that she was still sitting beside him.

" After I lost my mom, I become lonely. I had no one to rely on and I had nothing. No job, no proper place to stay and no money." Weiwei said.

Pausing for a while, she continued," At that time I met a man, his name was Carlos and I fell in love with him. At that time I needed someone to rely on someone with whom I can share my feelings and burden and then Carlos came in. He was perfect for me. Sweet, caring, loving he had all the qualities that one would want her man to have. Everything was nice and perfect but things changed after we got married."

When Siquan saw Weiwei close her eyes, he grabbed her hand and gave it a light squeeze indicating that he was there with her.

" Initially things were perfect, Carlos, me and our sweet little house. But after a few months, Carlos started becoming aggressive. It started with throwing the food that I used to cook for him and it went all the way to punching and hitting me whenever he felt like. He used to hit me wherever and whenever he wanted to and he used to make me do things that I did not want to. He used to force me in bed every day and night or whenever he felt like. He used to insult me and kick me in front of his friends. I was nothing but a piece of toy for him." Weiwei said. Her voice was already choking up.

When Siquan saw tears rolling down from her cheeks, he gave her his handkerchief.

Taking the handkerchief from his hand, Weiwei wiped her tears away and

continued," Things continued this way for a whole year. I endured everything thinking he would change one day but that never happened. When I got pregnant, I excitedly went home to tell him about it. I thought that the baby would bring happiness in our lives and things would become better."

Pausing for a while, she continued," When I entered the house, I saw Carlos with some other woman in our bed and you know what is the worst part, he did not stop neither did he panic even after seeing me. I stood their in daze watching my husband and some other woman having sex right in front of eyes and that was it. I couldn't take it any further and I left him. One of my friends asked me to stay at her place until I found a new one."

Turning towards Siquan, Weiwei said," You know Siquan, I was so shattered and heartbroken that I did not know what I was supposed to do. I had given that man my all and everything. I was feeling useless and something from within was telling me to end things once and for all. So like a coward, I decided to end my life. I took the sleeping pills that were inside my bad and I gulped down the whole bottle."

Wiping her tears away, she said," Next day when I woke up, I was in the hospital. My friend had found me and rushed me to the hospital and unfortunately I was saved. After that incident, I went into depression. My psychiatrist and Mrs Mo helped me a lot at that time. Mrs Mo happened to be a really good friend of my psychiatrist and I met her during my sessions. Mrs Mo gave me confidence and told me that my life was much more valuable than I thought it was and I should learn how to live life again and this time I should live with for myself and no one else. Later when I recovered, Mrs Mo asked me to help her take care of her newborn son, Zixin and everything is going good after that."

Tightening her grip around Siquan's hand, Weiwei said in a choked voice," You know Siquan the only guilt that I still have is that, I killed my baby. I knew I was pregnant but still I selfishly tried to end my life without thinking about the innocent life inside me. I killed my baby." before bursting into tears.

Siquan's heart ached for Weiwei. Side hugging her, he said," It isn't your fault so don't blame yourself."

Placing her head on his shoulder, Weiwei said," My baby would've been just a year older than Zixin. Whenever I see the kids, I feel more guilty and I think that I can never get over this fact. It's haunts me every night."

Without saying anything, Siquan kept on hugging her.

He knew how it felt to live a life full of guilts and wrongdoings. The pain and the suffering that one felt was unbearable sometimes.

Weiwei's and Siquan's past were not the same. Weiwei was a victim while Siquan had knowingly done everything but he could still feel her pain.


New York.

Sitting inside a luxurious apartment, Yurin was quietly sipping wine while Jack was nagging her to start working.

It had been a month since the CEO of Hicheng Entertainments had broke all ties with her saying that his wife was pregnant and he wanted to stop fooling around and focus on his family.

Losing her only backer who used to pay for her daily expenses, Yurin had no one to rely on.

Though the CEO did not take away the apartment that he had gifted his mistress even after breaking up with her, Yurin had very little money left with her which was clearly not enough.

" Get a job girl. You cannot always rely on someone to pay your bills." Jack said.

Ignoring him, Yurin kept on scrolling down the news feed.

Stopping at a particular headline, Yurin raised her eyebrows and said," Jack, help me book a ticket to country S."