Two months later.

Li mansion.

" Yumi, Zian bed now." Ming shouted at the kids who were busy playing with Zihao.

" Two minutes mommy." Zian said.

" But-"

" Let them play for a while Ming." Singtan said who was busy reading a document which Zihao and brought over.

Ming nodded her head and said," Okay but now it's your responsibility to coax them to sleep and wake them up in the morning. You have to help them get dressed and then we will drop them at the kindergarten." Before walking upstairs.

" Ahh and remember, they can't be late because it's their first day tomorrow. Goodnight Mr Li." Ming said before disappearing from his sight.

Giving it a nice thought, Singtan got up and picked up Yumi and Zian in his arms before walking towards their room.

The kids were about to join kindergarten starting tomorrow and if they were going to be late, Singtan would surely receive a good bashing from his wife.

" Dada we want to play some more." Zian said.

" No champ time to sleep. Tomorrow is your first day and you can't be late." Singtan said.

" I don't want to go to school." Yumi said.

Placing them on their respective beds, Singtan said," Zixin and Mian will be there too so are you sure you both don't want to go?" Singtan asked.

" Yumi quick sleep we can't be late otherwise Mian will get angry." Zian said before getting into the covers."

" Yes and Zixin-"

Cutting a Yumi off, Zian said," Who cares about Zixin? Don't think about him too much and sleep."

Yumi nodded her head and said," Okay."

Singtan chuckled and helplessly shook his head. He knew how fond Zixin and Zian were for each other. In fact the three boys Zian, Zixin and Linyang were always together but whenever Yumi used to talk about Zixin, Zian would ask her to talk about him.

His son was so protective over Yumi at such a young age which made Singtan worry about the future. He sometimes even wondered that if he had a sister too, would he be as protective as Zian is? Or may be worse?

After making sure that the kids were asleep, Singtan switched off the lights and quietly left the room.



" All the arrangements are done?" Singtan asked.

Zihao nodded his head and said," Yes boss now you just need to sign these papers so that we can start everything."

Signing the documents one after another, Singtan asked," Is the Picheng Enterprise taking part too?"

Picheng Enterprise was the company that Siquan had started. Though it was still new but it had already started becoming the talk of the town because of the speed at which it was growing.

After returning back to country S along with his parents a couple of months ago, Siquan shifted the whole quarters to country S. Initially Uncle Chen and Robbin wanted him to join Chen enterprise again but Siquan rejected their kind offer by saying that he wanted to focus on his company but he also promised to help Robbin if he ever needed his help.

The whole Chen family became very happy and harmonious after reuniting. Father and Mother Chen started staying at the main mansion along with Linda and Robbin while uncle Chen and Aunt Yulin continued staying at the Xie mansion but would always come over to see and help Linda take are of the little one.

Siquan did not stay at the mansion and had bought his own place not too far away from his office and the mansion.

Zihao nodded his head and said," Yes sir and they are also the first ones to submit their tender."

Singtan nodded his head and said," Alright, take forward things accordingly."

Zihao nodded his head and after discussing a few other things, he left.


The news about the return of the young master of the Chen family with his own enterprise had created frenzy in the country and in the business world.

Though people were curious about the sudden disappearance of Chen Siquan several years ago but what shocked them even more was that Xie Yurin was not their beside him. Some said they were divorced and some said Xie Yurin left him because he was thrown out of the position. People also made wild guesses like Siquan being mentally ill and had gone to the States to get treated.

Various news channels had been approaching and were trying to contact Chen Siquan for an interview but the latter kept on declining their offer because he wanted to stay out of the spotlight for the time being.

" I never thought you were that famous back then that as soon as you returned, you created a mess." Weiwei said.

Siquan chuckled and said." It's not my fault."

" Yeah you are right. It's not your fault for being so handsome." Weiwei said.

Siquan and Weiwei had been seeing each other since the day Siquan came back to country S. They would sometimes have breakfast together or go out for dinners. They would watch movies together on weekends or just take a walk at the park like they were doing right now.

Grabbing Weiwei's hand, Siquan said," Weiwei."

" Hmmm."

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Siquan said," I want to tell you something."

Weiwei nodded her head and said," Okay, let's sit down there."

Sitting down on a nearby bench, Siquan said," I know the past doesn't matter anymore but I still want to tell you about my past and how indecent and vicious I was back then."

Starting from how they had plotted against Ming, Siquan being obsessed over her, him kidnaping Ming to how Ming had forgiven him and how he had been repenting till date, Siquan told her everything without missing any detail. He also told her how Yurin had left and refused to be with him and had been continuously rejected him.

After saying Siquan took a deep breath and said," This is my past Weiwei. Something that I can never forget about."

He then chuckled and said," I know you might be hating me right now but I won't blame you if you walk out right now and never talk to me again."