Ling chuckled and said," Well, I would run away but if I do that Yufan will start throwing tantrums at the altar and start crying like a baby. I don't want to ruin his Godly image by doing that."

Father Yang sighed and said," Alright I'll let you marry him."

" Thank you so much." Ling said before giving him a hug.

" Ahh I want hugs too." Yutang said before rushing towards them.

The trio hugged each other for quite some time.

" Though that brat is quite reliable I still want you to give me a weekly report about how he is treating you." Father Yang said.

Ling chuckled and nodded her head.

" Yeah Princess you just have to tell me and I'll beat the shit out of him." Yufan said.


" I know I don't deserve to say this but I will always be there for you whenever you need me my little pumpkin. I know I am not a great brother but-"

Cutting Leo off, Dina asked," Who said you aren't a great brother?"

Grabbing Leo's hand, Dina said," You have always been my hero big brother. You saved me back then and you have always guided me and helped me grow staying in the shadows. Before I met Seb whenever I faced a problem, you helped me. You think I don't know? You did everything that a big brother must do without taking any kind of credit. And I love you and mom very much."

Giving her a hug, Leo said," I love you too."

Pausing for a while, Leo said," And if Sebastian ever gives to a hard time, do let me know. I'll beat the plump out of him."

Dina chuckled and said," If Sebastian gives you a hard time, you should tell me too. I'll make him sleep on the couch."

Leo chuckled and nodded his head.


Wedding venue.

It was beachside wedding so the arrangements were made accordingly.

The close friends and families were sitting in the front row.

Mian and Yumi were the flower girls. Beth and Delila were the bridesmaids while Songpa and Zechan were the best man.

Light music started playing in the background when it was time for the brides to walk down the aisle.

Cladded in an all white suit, Sebastian and Yufan were impatiently waiting at the altar to see their brides.

With her arms hooked around Leo's, Dina started walking down the aisle first.

When Sebastian saw her dress in white, he could feel his eyes turning hot. She was looking beautiful.

From the day he had met her, he knew she was the one and after spending so many years with others, she was finally going to be his wife for an entire lifetime and many more to come.

Passing Dina's hand to Sebastian, Leo patted Sebastian's shoulders and said," Take care of her like you always do."

Sebastian smiled and nodded his head.

Just then, Ling started walking down the aisle along with Father Yang.

" You still have time, I can help you run away now if you want to." Father Yang murmured.

Ling chuckled and said," How can I make that handsome man standing there cry dad? I am not that heartless and I know you like him too."

" Ya ya whatever, go get married." Father Yang said.

When Yufan saw Ling walking towards him, his eyes teared up.

For all the years they had spent together, Yufan has cherished each and every moment with her and they had so many memories together.

From their unexpected encounter at the wedding banquet to the present day, Yufan and Ling had experienced an incredible journey supporting and loving each other.

Giving her hand to Yufan, Father Yang said," Hurt her and I'll shoot you."

Everyone started laughing when they heard that.

" If he hurts her, I'll shoot him before you do." Father Xie said.

Father Yang smiled and retreated towards his seat.

When the couple were busy taking their wedding vows, Singtan pulled Ming towards him and said," I still bad for not giving to a wedding."

Ming chuckled and said," Why are you talking about a wedding when our son his already this big? Don't fuss over that."

" I'll give you a wedding." Singtan said.

Ming chuckled thinking the later was just bluffing but little did she know how serious Singtan was.


After the wedding vows, the reception party started.

Everyone was having fun and were happily drinking and talking to each other.

" So where are you planning to go for your honeymoon?" Yixi asked.

" We are still thinking." Ling said.

" We have left the honeymoon destination decided thing to the ladies." Yufan said.

" Yes, we will take them wherever they want." Sebastian said.

" Ahh Mr Li." Mr Mo said.

" I am glad that Mr and Mrs Mo could make it." Singtan said.

" I would've arrived fast but I had to go and fetch my wife but I did send the little one early. I hope he did not give you a hard time." Mr Mo said.

Ming smiled and said," Zixin is a very obedient child."

Mrs Mo grabbed Ming's hand said," My husband told me how Mrs Li helped us take care of Zixin when he was busy and wasn't around. I wanted to thank you for a really long time but I finally got an opportunity to do that."

" It's not a big deal. The kids like playing with each other." Ming said.

" Ming why don't to take Mrs Mo to the kids." Singtan said.

Ming nodded her head and took Mrs Mo away.


" Brother Zian, does everyone has to marry like this?" Yumi asked.

Zian nodded his head and said." I don't know Yumi."

" Dada says that everyone has to get married someday but only brother Liang is allowed right marry not I." Linyang said.

" But why?" Yumi asked.

" Dada told me the same thing. He told me to stay away from boys." Mian said.

Zian nodded his head and said," You should stay away from other boys and not be friends with them. Boys always bully girls."

" But brother Zian, aren't you a boy too? Then should Mian and I stay away from you too?" Yumi asked.

Zian shook his head and said," I am your brother while Mian and I share the same birthdate so she doesn't have to stay away from me."

Hooking his arms around Yumi, Zixin said," You don't have to stay away from me too."

Zian fronwed and said," Yumi stay away from Zixin too."

" But why?" Yumi asked.

" Yes why?" Zixin asked.

Zian pulled Yumi towards him and said," Because I am saying so."

" That is not fair." Zixin said.

" Everything is fair because she is my little sister." Zian said.

" I'll listen to brother Zian." Yumi said.

Mrs Mo and Ming chuckled when they heard the childish yet cute conversation of the kids.

" Zixin." Mrs Mo said.

" Momma." Zixin shouted before rushing towards her.

" Kids come and greet aunty Mo." Ming said.

After greeting and introducing themselves, the kids happily started eating the chocolate that Mrs Mo just have them.

Taking his share, Zixin gave it to Yumi and said," You can eat this too."

Yumi smiled and said," Thankyou Zixin."

When Mrs Mo saw that, she smiled and said," My son seems to be very fond of your daughter Mrs Li."

Ming chuckled and said," The kids have really bonded quite well. But I guess we still have to wait for them to grow up to see the end results."

Mrs Mo laughed and nodded her head.