Inside the restaurant.

Sitting opposite to each other, Siquan and uncle Chen were quietly sipping their coffee without making any kind of sound.

" How is your father?" Uncle Chen asked.

Siquan nodded his head and said," He is fine."

" Your mother." Uncle Chen asked.

" She is fine too. She has sent some homemade chocolates and banana chips for you. She said that it's your favourite." Siquan said.

" Bring them to my room later and don't eat anything from there." Uncle Chen said.

Siquan chuckled and said," I am not a kid anymore."

" Some habits never change. You never stopped stealing my chocolates even when you were all grown up." Uncle Chen said.

" That is the past now, everything has changed." Siquan said.

Uncle Chen smiled and said," Nothing has changed Siquan neither you nor me or our relationship. We are still uncle and nephew right?"

" Uncle-"

Cutting him off, Uncle Chen said," You have done many inappropriate things and you have also disappointed me a lot."

Siquan lowered his head and said," I am sorry uncle."

" Hmm you should be sorry. But now that I am seeing that you have really changed and you did really repent and regret doing those things, I feel proud of you." Uncle Chen said.

Pausing for a while, he continued," Making mistakes is easy but admitting one's faults and working on them and making sure to never to repeat the same mistake again is very hard and you have already done that."

Getting up, Uncle Chen sat beside Siquan and said," All these years, you have suffered a lot and I am happy that you realised your mistake.

Patting his shoulder, Uncle Chen said," Come back to the family Siquan. Come back to where you belong. Your uncle, aunt and brother are waiting for you and that silly brother of mine. All of you have suffered enough and now I don't wish to stay away from my family members anymore. Let's get back together and stay happy."

Looking at uncle Chen with teary eyes, Siquan hugged him before bursting into tears.

Patting his back, Uncle Chen said," Now now stop crying like a baby."

" I am sorry uncle." Siquan said before crying even harder.

" Let's not talk about the past anymore." Uncle Chen said.

Wiping his tears away, Siquan nodded his head.

Just then, two pairs of little hands clutched onto Siquan's sleeves.

" Uncle Siquan why are you crying?" Zian asked.

" Dada Siquan did grandpa Chen hit you?" Yumi asked.

" Ahh you both think I bullied your Uncle and dada Chen?" Uncle Chen asked.

" Grandpa Chen, dada says it's bad to bully people." Zian said.

Siquan chuckled and lifted the two kids up and made them sit on his lap," No body bullied me."

Wiping Siquan's tears away, Zian asked," Then why are you crying? Dada said that big boys don't cry."

" Yes dada Siquan don't cry anymore." Yumi said.

" I won't cry if you two give me a kiss." Siquan said.

Yumi and Zian quickly gave him a peck on his either cheeks and said," Now don't cry anymore."

Siquan smiled and nodded his head.

Standing not too far away from them, Ming wiped her tears away before wrapping her arms around Singtan's waist.

" You want a kiss too?" Singtan asked.

" Have I ever said no?" Ming said.

Kissing her forehead, Singtan said," I know what you are thinking."

Ming sighed and said," I wish even Yurin would've-"

" Enough don't think about her anymore. Even if she realises her mistake, it's too late now. She has already lost everything." Singtan said.

Ming sighed and said," At least Siquan isn't like her."

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes but I still don't like him."

Ming chuckled and said," It's fine even if you don't."

" You shouldn't like him too." Singtan said.

" Hmmm, I only like and love my Mr Li." Ming said.

Singtan smiled and said," Good."


A few days later.

" Oh My God, you both are looking so beautiful." Beth said before adjusting Dina's veil.

" Yufan and Sebastian are going to faint if they see you." Delila said.

Just then Leo and Yutang knocked at the door and asked," Can we come in?"

" Yes you can." Dina said.

When the two brothers entered the room and saw their sister in their wedding dress, their eyes teared up.

Tucking his hands into his pocket, Leo said," You look beautiful pumpkin."

Beth and Delila excused themselves to give them some privacy.

" Come let's go outside." Leo said before offering Dina his hand.

" See you at the altar Ling." Dina said before walking out with Leo.

After they left, Ling chuckled and said," Say something big brother."

" If don't want to marry him, I can help to run away." Yutang said.

When Ling saw his teary eyes, she looked upwards and said," No don't do this please, ahhh my makeup."

Wiping his tears away, Yutang hugged his little sister and said," I'll miss you my little princess."

" I'll miss you too and it isn't like I am going somewhere far. I am going to stay right beside you all." Ling said.

" I know." Yutang said.

" Where is dad?" Ling asked.

" He is standing outside and refuses to see you." Yutang said.

Lifting her dress up, she walked out of the room.



When Ling came out, she saw Father Yang standing by the window looking outside.

Walking towards him, Ling stood beside him and asked," Aren't you going to walk me down the aisle?"

Father Yangs already red eyes started tearing up when he saw his little angel all dressed up ready to get married.

The most emotional, painful and happy moment for a father is when he walks his daughter down the aisle and gives his daughter's hand to someone else.

" You are looking beautiful." Father Yang said.

Adjusting his bow tie, Ling said," And you are looking handsome Mr Yang."

" You are getting married and that doesn't mean you have no link with us. You are a Yang and will forever remain a Yang. Do you understand?" Father Yang asked.

Ling smiled and nodded his head.

" And if that boy ever tries to bully you tell me. I'll shoot him." Father Yang said.

Ling chuckled and said," He doesn't have the guts to bully me but if he does, I'll tell you first."

Giving Ling a hug, Father Yang said," If you want to run away, I can still help you escape."