Bei Weiwei and Chen Siquan were classmates back in highschool and shared only small conversations. They were not very close but weren't strangers as well.

After everyone left, Siquan asked," You wanna take a walk?"

Weiwei smiled and said," Why not? Isn't it an honour for me to take a walk from the most wanted man of our high school?"

Siquan laughed and said," It wasn't like that and look who is saying that?"

" Duh girls literally drooled all over you Siquan." Weiwei said.

" Boys drooled over you too." Siquan said.

" That is different." Weiwei said.

"That is all in the past now." Siquan said.

" Hey what past? You still look the same." Weiwei said.

" You too." Siquan said.

Pausing for a while Siquan asked," How is your father? Is he okay now?" Back in high school, the whole school knew about Weiwei's father who had some strange kind of a disease.

" He passed away right after I graduated from college and my mom passed away a year after my dad did." Weiwei said.

" I am sorry, I didn't-"

Weiwei smiled and said," It's fine."

" So you are alone now?" Siquan asked.

" Are you asking me whether I am single or not Mr Chen?" Weiwei asked.

Siquan scratched his forehead and said," I did not-"

Weiwei chuckled and said," I am just joking."

Pausing for a while, Weiwei said," I am currently babysitting Mr Mo's son, Mo Zixin but I am planning to settle down in country S."

" That is nice." Siquan said.

" And what about you? You are still in country S right?" Weiwei asked.

Siquan shook his head and said," No."

" Ahh I see." Weiwei said.

Just then Yumi came running towards them shouting," Dada Siquan."

Grabbing his hand, Yumi said," Dada Singtan is attacking us again, come and help us."

Siquan chuckled and said," Alright pumpkin."

" Aunty you should help us too." Yumi shouted before grabbing Weiwei's hand.

Weiwei chuckled and said," Let's go." Before running along with her.


After playing along with the kids for quite sometime, Siquan was sitting on the sand quietly observing the kids who were busy building a castle when Singtan sat down beside him.

" I can see that your business is doing quite well." Singtan said before passing him a bottle of beer.

Taking the bottle from him, Siquan took a sip and said," Yeah it's doing well."

" So when are you shifting the main quarters to country S?" Singtan asked.

" Not anytime soon." Siquan said.

" Why not?" Singtan asked.

" There are too many unhappy memories out there and I don't think I-"

Cutting him off, Singtan said," Aren't they already the past now? What's the point thinking about them when they don't matter at all now?"

Siquan chuckled and said," Are you forcing me to shift to country S again because you want to completely overshadow my small enterprise with your big one?"

" There is no need for me to show you anything because both of us know that I am much better than you in everything." Singtan said.

" Hmm that is true." Siquan said.

" Li corporation is holding a bidding competition for smaller enterprises. The one who wins the bid gets a five year collaboration with us. Not only will we help them boast their empire but also provide them with enough funds to take part in more projects." Singtan said.

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," I'll ask Zihao to mail you the details later. There is still a couple of months left for the competition."

" You really want my company to take part in that competition?" Siquan asked.

" When did I say that? I am just advertising the event that my company is planning to hold. I don't care whether you participate or not." Singtan said.

Siquan laughed and said," Is that so? You know Singtan, you never fail to surprise me."

Getting up, Singtan said," I am full of surprises so it really isn't my fault." Before walking away.

" Hey Singtan." Siquan said.

Turning around, Singtan asked," What is it?"

" I'll wait for the mail." Siquan said.

Singtan smiled and walked away.

After Singtan left, Siquan smiled and gulped down the whole content of the bottle.

Life had been tough for him and he had done bad things too. Siquan never thought that he would be able to remove that guilt from himself in this lifetime but who would've thought that the people whom he had wronged would turn out to become his greatest supporters.

Siquan truly felt guilty and repented for what he had done in the past and was trying his best to make things right. This is the reason why he insisted Yurin in getting back together. He wanted to make things right and normal with her as well but after Yurins third rejection, Siquan decided to give up on her. Ming was right, he shouldn't dwell in the past anymore and concentrate on making his future brighter.

Looking at his daughter who was happily playing with Singtan, Siquan chuckled. Only he knew how relieved he felt every time he saw her with Ming and Sintang because Siquan knew that she was much more happier and safer with them than him.

" Why are you sitting here alone?" Weiwei asked.

" Just like that." Siquan said.

Sitting beside him, Weiwei asked," Yumi is your daughter isn't she?"

Siquan smiled and said," Yes."

" She has your eyes and nose." Weiwei said.

Keeping quiet for quite sometime, Siquan asked," You don't wanna ask why she isn't with me?"

Looking at the kids, Weiwei said," Everyone has a past which doesn't matter anymore. Leaving your daughter with the Li's and the others like this, I feel you have a really good reason for doing that."

" She is much happier with them than me." Siquan said.

" You have a beautiful daughter Mr Chen and my young master seems to be very fond of her." Weiwei said.

Siquan chuckled and said," Stop pairing small kids."

" What? Am I not making things easier for them? At least when they grow up, they don't have to keep looking for partners." Weiwei said.

" So you are single." Siquan said.

Weiwei chuckled and said," And I think you are single too."

" Isn't that evident?" Siquan asked.

Weiwei smiled and nodded her head.