"Finally you are here big brother." Zian said.

" We had some much fun at the beach yesterday, you missed everything." Yumi said.

" Yes, uncle Singtan was fully soaked and we all even made a sand castle." Mian said.

When Singtan saw Ben and Sam frowning expressions, he said," We can go to the beach again may be tomorrow."

" Yey uncle Singtan is the best." Ben said.

Mike frowned and murmured," Huh why is he always the best?"

" There is still some time before the wedding so you kids should have some fun along with your kids." Mother Li said.

" Why don't we go to the beach today?" Yufan said.

" Okay." Singtan said.

" Yay yay aya." The kids shouted in excitement.

" But only after you finish your breakfast and a whole glass of milk." Yufan said.

The kids quickly sat down in their respective places and started eating their breakfast.

" Dada Singtan where is Zixin?" Yumi asked.

" I am here." Zixin said who had just arrived with his nanny.

" Zixin come and sit here." Yumi shouted before patting on the empty seat beside her.

Zian frowned and said," Zixin will sit beside me not you."

" But-"

" Yumi listen to me okay?" Zian said.

Looking at Zian with teary eyes when Yumi nodded her head, Zian sighed and said," Okay fine he can sit beside you. Now stop crying like a baby." before wiping her tears away.

" But I am a baby." Yumi said.


Inside Ming's room.

Ming woke up with a sore back and a headache.

Massaging her templates, Ming groaned in pain.

Passing her a pill and warm water, Singtan said," Here take this, you will feel better."

After taking the pill, Ming buried her head on the pillow and said," I am never drinking again."

Flipping through the newspaper, Singtan said," You people together drank fifteen shots each and one big cocktail which had aphrodisiac substance in it."

" Haaa? What did you say? Aphrodisiac substance?" Ming asked.

Walking towards her, Singtan sat beside her and said," You know anything could've happened if I hadn't arrived on time."

" I-"

" Don't think about it now but don't act so recklessly in the future." Singtan said.

Snuggling against him, Ming slowly nodded her head.

" We are taking the kids to the beach. You want to join or do  you want to take some rest?" Singtan asked.

" I'll join." Ming said.

" I have ordered breakfast for you, eat it first and then get ready okay?" Singtan said.

Ming nodded her head and said," Let's stay like this for five minutes." before snuggling closer.


" Who did this to you?" Songpa asked while massaging Zechan's back.

Zechan frowned and said," Why don't you ask the ladies about this? May be they will give you a better answer."

" Beth? She would never do something like this. She is very polite and sweet. And ever our lady boss' are also not like that."Songpa said.

" Hah that's right they are not like that." Zechan said.

" You want me to give you a whole body massage?" Songpa asked.

" Just help me apply this ointment. I have to go back to the room and check in Delila." Zechan said.


Inside Zechans room.

When Zechan entered the room, he saw Delila sitting on the edge of the bed massaging her templates.

" Having a headache?" Zechan asked before passing her a pill along with a glass of water.

After taking the pill, Delila said," Thanks."

" Take some more rest." Zechan said before wiping his nose with a tissue.

" How did you catch a cold?" Delila asked.

" It's nothing. I already took some medicine so I'll be okay." Zechan said.

Walking towards him, Delila hugged him and said," I am sorry. I gave you a really hard time yesterday."

Wrapping his arms around her, Zechan said." Its fine."

" Did you help me change too?" Delila asked.

" If not me, then who?" Zechan asked.

Kissing her forehead, Zechan said," Don't worry, I did not cross my line." before taking her towards the bed.

Lying down beside her, Zechan said," Take some rest."

Snuggling closer, Delila said," Zechan."

" Hmmm."

" I wouldn't mind even if you had crossed the line last night." Delila said.

Zechan chuckled and said," Too late to say that now. But I will remember that next time okay? Sleep we still have beach plans."



" Ahh Seb is still angry with me." Dina said.

" Yufan is giving me his pretentious cold treatment too." Ling said.

" Yutang was angry too but when I scolded him, he is fine now." Yixi said.

Anna sighed and said,"We shouldn't do that again."

" Hmm we shouldn't." Ming said.

" But first I think we owe Zechan an apology." Daina said.

" Songpa was telling me that we gave him a really hard time yesterday." Beth said.

Ming sighed and said," Yeah we should apologise."

" Dada Siquan." Yumi said before running towards the entrance.

When Siquan saw his happy pill running towards him, he dropped his hand bag and squatted down before giving her a hug.

" Uncle Siquan." The kids shouted before rushing towards him.

Siquan gave everyone a hug and started walking inside.

" You are here." Ming said before giving Siquan a smile.

Just then Singtan wrapped his arms around Ming and said," I have already prepared a room for you and we are also going to the beach now. If you are not tired, you can join us."

Siquan smiled and said," Of course."


In the beach.

The kids started running about as soon as they arrived at the beach.

The elders did not accompany them as they wanted to rest.

" Young master please be careful." The nanny shouted.

Ming chuckled and said," Don't worry about him so much. He will be fine with the other kids."

The nanny smiled and nodded her head.

" Weiwei?" Siquan called out.

Turning towards Siquan, the nanny smiled and said," Siquan."

" You both know each other?" Mike asked.

" We used to study in the same highschool." Siquan said.

Weiwei chuckled and said," I never thought I would bump into your here."

" I never thought that too. Ahh how many years has it been?" Siquan asked.

" Many years." Weiwei said.

Ming smiled before looking towards Singtan.

Singtan nodded his head before walking away along with her.

" We will let you two old friends chat." Yixi said before walking away along Yutang.

" Yeah have fun." Mike said before walking away with Anna.