Inside Li Singtan room.

As soon as Singtan entered the room, Ming started unbuttoning his shirt.

" What happened to Ming? Is she alright?" Mother Li asked when she saw Ming's red and sweaty face.

" Mom can you take the kids away for the night with you?" Singtan asked.

Mother Li nodded her head and said," Okay. I'll call your father."

" No need, I'll help you carry them." Singtan said before placing Ming on the couch.

When Ming grabbed his collar unwillingly to let go, Singtan said," I'll be back soon. Be good and stay here okay?"

Removing his hand, Singtan quickly carried Yumi while mother Li carried Zian out of the room.

After making sure that the kids were peacefully sleeping, Singtan left his parents room and rushed towards his room.


Inside the room.

When Singtan entered the room, he panicked when he did not see Ming on the couch.

" Ming." Singtan shouted before walking towards the bedroom.

He gulped in nervousness when he saw Ming lying on the bed all naked. Her clothes and inner-wear was scattered all over the floor.

Singtan quickly unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it on the floor before walking towards her.

When Singtan sat beside her, Ming quickly pounced upon him and unbuckled his pants.

Everyone was having a lovely and were quenching their thirst for each other while Zechan was having a really hard time.


Zechans room.

It had been two and a half years since Zechan and Delila were dating each other and they had already been staying together for a year.

As Zechan had promised that he would never do things until Delila was ready and asked him to, he was still sticking to the promise.

Zechan had never crossed his line nor had he done anything that would make Delila uncomfortable despite staying together.

" No Del stop." Zechan grabbed Delilas shaky hands which was trying to unbuckle his pants.

Zechan was lying on the bed half naked only with his pants on while Delila was sitting on top of him only wearing her bra and lacy underwear.

" Please Zechan I need you." Delila said before trying to unbuckle his pants again.

Zechan groaned when Delila accidentally touched his already super hard member.

Clashing her lips against his, Delila said," Please please."

It had been an hour since they arrived at the hotel room and Delila had been attacking him since then.

Initially she just kissed him and tried to unbuckle his pants from time to time but later when she started turning wild and started stripping herself in front of him, Zechan started losing his cool.

Afraid of dying because of having blue balls, Zechan shouted," That's it." Before picking her up and walking towards the washroom.



Turning on the shower, Zechan made Delila take a cold shower hoping that it would help her calm down.

Just then Delila took off her bra and tossed it aside.

With his mouth wide open, Zechan widened his eyes in shock. Closing his eyes, Zechan took a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

" Zechan please." Delila said.

Pulling her towards him, Zechan hugged her tightly and said," You are not in the best condition now babe. It's not you but the drug who is forcing you to do all of this. Calm down and it will all be okay."

Tightening her grip around him, Delila stopped struggling for quite some time.

Just then, she started rubbing her aching core on his bulge before biting him on his neck.

Zechan gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, trying very hard to compose himself.


Next day when everyone gathered for breakfast, the men except for Zechan had a huge grin on their faces while the ladies were nowhere to be seen.

After staying under the shower for God knows how many hours, Zechan took Delila to the room when she fell asleep in his arms.

He then wiped her body and helped her wear one of his shirt before walking towards the washroom to take another quickly cold shower to calm his little brother down.

" Dada where is mom?" Zian asked.

" She is sleeping champ. Don't disturb her for now and let her rest okay?" Singtan said.

" Is momma Ming sick?" Yumi asked.

" She is not sick honey, she is just tired." Singtan said.

Last night, Singtan did not let her go until it was dawn. Even after Ming became all clear headed, Singtan did not stop. He took her again and again for the whole night satisfying both of them. He stopped only when Ming was on the verge of fainting.

The other men also did the same thing and were now happily eating their breakfast.

" Hey Zechan what happened?" Songpa asked Zechan when he saw him continuously sneezing and coughing from time to time.

" I caught a cold." Zechan said.

" Cold? Why and how?" Songpa asked.

" I don't know." Zechan said.

" Last night was hot man and how did you catch a cold?" Sebastian asked.

Zechan frowned and said," I don't know."

" Ze?" Songpa said.

" What is it?" Zechan asked.

" Did you and Delila-"

Cutting him off, Zechan said," Shut it."

" Oh my God but why?" Yufan asked.

When Zechan did not say anything, Sebastian said," That means you did not do anything for the entire night? Oh my God how could you?"

" Exactly." Songpa said.

Zechan sighed and said," We haven't taken our relationship to that step yet okay? And I didn't want to do it just because she was drugged."

" Aren't you afraid of dying out of blue balls? This is insane." Yufan said.

" Grandpa, Grandma." Sam and Ben shouted before running towards his grandparents.

" Ben Sam don't run." Quin shouted before walking inside with Rose and little Nuan in his hand.

" Dada- pa." Nuan said before pointing towards his grandpa.

" Ahh you all are here." Grandma Li said.

" Big brother." Zian shouted before rushing towards Sam and Ben.

Sam ruffled Zians hair and said," I bought chocolates for you all."

Sam and Ben were now eight years old and were wonderful big brothers. The kids were quite close to both of them, especially Zian.