Zechan sighed and shoved the money inside his pocket before turning around to take a look at the drunkards.

He widened his eyes in shock when he saw all of them sitting on the floor and fanning themselves.

" It's getting hot here." Dina shouted.

" I want to take off my clothes." Anna said.

" Me too." Yixi said.

Taking off her shrug, Beth said," I am feeling more hot now."

Walking towards them, Zechan said," We all should go back to the hotel. It's quite late."

Just then Delila pounced upon him and said," You smell so good."

When Zechan felt her hot breath on his neck, he gulped in nervousness.

Lightly pushing her away, Zechan said," Let's go back."

Delila frowned and asked," Why did you push me?"

Zechan sighed and said," Del let's go back and we will talk tomorrow okay?"

Looking at him with teary eyes, Delila asked," Am I not beautiful enough?"

Cupping her face, Zechan said," No no you are very beautiful. In fact, my Delila is the most beautiful woman in the whole world."

" No no Del, he is lying." Ling said before getting up.

Kicking her heels off, she started walking towards them and said," He is lying, my finance says that I am the most beautiful woman in the world."

" Singtan said I am the most beautiful." Ming said.

" No no Yutang said that I am and my husband never lies." Yixi said.

" Del he is lying." Beth said.

" You- you lied to me?" Delila asked.

Zechan vigorously shook his head and said," No no you are really the most beautiful woman."

" Zechan." Ming shouted.

" Yes lady boss." Zechan said.

" Am I or am I not the most beautiful woman? Is your big boss lying to me?" Ming asked.

Zechan nodded his head and said," No lady boss, big boss never lies. You are the most beautiful woman."

" Aha you are Delila your boyfriend is such a liar." Anna said.


Giving him a tight slap, Delila said," How can you lie to me?"

Holding his cheek, Zechan said," No no I am

Not lying."

" So you mean your big boss is a liar?" Ming asked.

" No no lady boss." Zechan.

" That means you are a liar." Yixi said.

" No I am not." Zechan said.

" Hey are you calling my husband a liar?" Anna asked.

Zechan vigorously shook his head and said," No no."

Grabbing his sleeves, Delila pulled him and asked," Then are you trying to say? Don't you love me anymore?"

" No babe I-"

" No?" Sitting on the ground, Delila burst into tears.

" You- how dare you make our Del cry?" Beth said before punching him hard.

" Hey that hurts." Zechan said.

Giving him another punch, Ming said," You get this for making your woman cry."

" Lady boss-ouch." Zechan flinched in pain when Yixi pinched his arm.

Just then everyone started hitting him for no good reason. Zechan could've easily dodged their petty attacks but those dodging methods would surely hurt the ladies and if that would happen, wouldn't his boss' and Songpa kill him for hurting them? So after weighing the pros and cons, Zechan decided to endure everything.

" Hey hey don't beat him." Delila said before crawling towards him.

Snuggling on his lap, Delila buried her head on his neck and said," Even if you don't love me, I will always love you."

Without saying anything, Zechan wrapped his arms around her waist and kept sat there quietly enduring the sharp pain he was feeling.

Tired after giving Zechan a good beating, all of them sat on the ground.

" Hot hot I am feeling hot." Dina said.

Looking around when Zechan saw their red faces, he took out his phone and called Songpa.



Singtan frowned and started looking around. He sighed when he saw Ming sitting on a nearby bench fanning herself and pulling her dress from time to time.

Quickly rushing towards her, Singtan said,"


When Ming heard a familiar voice and sensed a familiar warmth, she murmured," Singtan."

Squatting down, Singtan grabbed her hand and said," Yes it's me."

Just then Ming pounced into his embrace and clashed her lips against his before pulling his t-shirt.

Singtan widened his eyes in shock before grabbing her hands," What are you doing?"

" Take it off." Ming said.

" Ming what did you drink?" Singtan asked.

Burying her face on his neck, Ming clutched onto his t-shirt and said," Take it off, take it off. Please it's hot."

" What is wrong with them?" Leo asked.

" I have no idea." Yutang said before grabbing Yixi's wrist who was trying to unbuckle his pants.

Lifting Anna's chin up, Mike asked," An what did you drink?"

" As if they are in a condition to say anything." Yufan said.

" Should we take them to the hospital?" Sebastian said.

" Take me to our room Seb. I want you." Dina said.

" I'll and enquire about their-"

" No need, they drank an aphrodisiac drink and they need you not any doctor." Zechan said before scooping Delila into his arms and walking towards the car.

Singtan widened his eyes in shock and shouted," What?"

" Hot, Singtan." Ming groaned.

" I think we should take them back to the hotel." Yufan said.

" Let's go." Singtan said before scooping Ming into his arms. He then grabbed her phone and purse and started walking towards the car.



The drug had already kicked in and the women were turning wild giving the men a really hard time.

They were clinging, kissing, biting and sucking making it very difficult for them to control themselves.

Stepping into the elevator, Singtan grabbed Ming's shoulder and said," Ming behave."

Ming closed her head and buried her face on his neck and kept murmuring things.

" I still have the kids sleeping in my room." Yutang said.

" You should ask your mom to take them away for the night." Mike said.

" I'll do the same." Singtan said.

After stepping out of the elevator, everyone rushed towards their respective rooms.