Looking at Li Singtan, Xie Ming thought ' He is not bad. He seems like a marriage material and he is so handsome. Most importantly he is The Li Singtan. Aahhh Xie Ming what is wrong with you'. " * cough cough* Obviously I can't marry you."

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Li Singtan's face showed no expression after her rejection. It seemed as if he knew her answer.

Touching his nape, he started moving towards her.

He grabbed her by her waist and said," Do you know how many women would die to marry me? Do you have any idea who you are rejecting?."

Tucking a strand of her hair behind her ears he continued," And most importantly don't you want your revenge? Don't tell me you are going to let them go without doing anything. Are you that stupid?"

Xie Ming slapped his hand and said," I am not stupid."

Li Singtan chuckled," Right. You are not just stupid you are also an idiot. A big idiot who was going to take her life away instead of planning her revenge."

Xie Ming felt embarrassed and shy at the same time. Yes she was indeed stupid ' But who is he to call me stupid and an idiot. Isn't he here to ask me to marry him? This is how he is going to do that? By calling me an idiot.'

Struggling in his embrace, she shouted," Let me go. I can do it myself. I can plan my own revenge. I don't need your help."

Hearing her say that, Li Singtan lifted his brows. Setting her free from his embrace he smiled mockingly and said," Right you are absolutely right. A stupid girl who was planning to end her life a few minutes ago can plan her own revenge."

After hearing his sarcastic words, Xie Ming's face turned red. Shouting at him, she said," Yes I can."

" Okay. Please tell me how are you going to do that. Tell me how are you going to take your revenge from the Chen Family all by yourself? Xie family is strong but not as strong as the Chen's." He then let out a soft chuckle and said," Don't tell me you are planning to kill him with your tiny little hands with the help of your pea sized brain."

Xie Mings puffed her cheeks and said," I know what to do and you don't have to know. Leave me alone Mr Li."

After saying this, Xie Ming was ready to leave when Li Singtan caught her hand and said," Listen to me Xie Ming, you cannot do this all by yourself and even you know that. You need someone who is stronger than the Chen Family to take your revenge. You also need someone who can help the Xie family boast their business and become more powerful than the Chen's. The only family who can do this is the Li family. I can not only help you to take your revenge but I can also help your family boast their business. This is really a great opportunity. I don't go around asking people to marry me. Consider yourself lucky and accept this proposal."

Xie Ming thought about what he had just said," Can I get some time to think?"

Looking at his watch, he said in a very bossy manner," Sure you have 5 minutes."

Xie Ming puffed her cheeks and said," Hey who do you think you are? 5 minutes is definitely not enou....."

," 4 minutes 49 secs left." Li Singtan said.

" Ahhhhh stop ordering me. You cannot do this." Irritated by his bossy nature,Xie Ming placed her hand on her cheek and sat down.

Ignoring her reaction and suppressing his urge to squat down and kiss her, Li Singtan said," 4 minutes 5 seconds left."