Hotel room.

Singtan was coaxing Sam and Yumi to sleep when he someone started banging at the door.

Singtan quickly rushed towards the door and opened it.

" Are you mad? The kids just slept." Singtan said.

Sebastian took a few deep breaths to calm himself down and said," Zechan just called."

Picking up his wallet from the drawer, Singtan rushed out of the room before calling mother Li.

" Mom, can you take care of the kids until I come back?" Singtan asked.

" Ya sure." Mother Li said.

" I'll come back fast." Singtan said before hanging up the call.

" Come lets go." Singtan said but he stopped when he saw almost thirty missed calls from Ming.

" Brother Singtan, we should rush there fast." Sebastian said.

Calling Ming back, Singtan kept on walking along with Sebastian.

" Mi-"

" Ahhhhh my handsome husband called." Ming shouted.

Singtan frowned and said," I told you not to drink."

" I did not drink much only two bottles." Ming said.

" Stay there, I am coming to fetch you." Singtan said.

" Hot, hot I am feeling very hot. If you don't come here within five minutes, I'll start stripping." Ming said.

Singtan widened his eyes in shock and said," You are not doing anything like that. I'll be there in five minutes." Before increasing his pace.

" You have 4 minutes 40 seconds left." Ming said.

" Ming-"

" 4minutes 30 seconds." Ming said.

" Damn." Singtan cursed before stepping into the elevator.

" That place is like fifteen minutes away from here." Sebastian said.

Tightening his grip around the phone, Singtan pursed his lips.



Everyone was impatiently pacing back and forth in the lobby waiting for Singtan and Sebastian.

Walking towards the receptions, Singtan said," We want to drive on our own."

The manager nodded his head and gave Singtan two car keys.

Passing one key to Yutang, Singtan said," Drive the other one." before rushing outside.


Outside the club.

After exactly five minutes Singtan and the rest arrived at the club, they quickly hopped out of the car.

" I am gonna throw up." Leo said before rushing towards the bush.

Placing his hand on his chest, Mike said," I thought I'll die today."

" Woah that was fun." Yutang said before hopping out of the car.

" Seb are we still alive?" Yufan asked.

Sebastian gulped and said," I think we are."

Songpa widened his eyes in shock when he saw Zechan sitting on the floor with Delila in his lap. His cheeks were red and his hair was super messy. The t-shirt he was wearing was torn too.

" Zechan." Songpa shouted.

Looking at Songpa, Zechan did not know whether he should cry or be happy that they were here.


Few hours ago.

" Ahh you people shouldn't drink that. Spit it out." Zechan shouted.

Poking her tummy, Yixi said," But it's already in."

" Oh no oh no what should I do?" Zechan murmured.

" Ehh sir you should take them home before the aphrodisiac starts hitting them." The bartender said.

Zechan frowned and said," It's all your fault. How can you sell such drinks? And how did you give them that drink?"

" We are here to sell it sir. If anyone orders it, we have to give them whatever they want." The bartender said.

" Let's dance." Dina shouted and all of them rushed towards the dance floor.

" No stop." Zechan shouted before rushing towards them but only managed to catch Delilas hand because she was standing very close to him.

" Ahhh leave leave I want to dance too." Delila shouted.

Pulling her towards him, Zechan said," No babe, we are going back now."

" Nai nai I don't wanna go, I want to dance too." Delila shouted.

Zechan frowned and said," If you go there, I'll leave you."


Holding his cheek, Zechan widened his eyes in shock.

" How dare you say that?" Delila shouted before bursting into tears.

Sitting down on the floor, she started crying out loud," You are such a bully Zechan huhuhu you want to leave me because you don't love me anymore. Huhuhu what should I do now."

" What? When did I say that I don't love you?" Zechan asked in disbelief.

" You said you will leave me." Delila said.

Squatting down, Zechan cupped her face and said," I just don't want you to dance and go back with me okay?"

" You won't leave me right?" Delila asked.

Zechan smiled and said," Never."

Wiping her tears away, Delila clinged onto his neck and said," I love you but I want to dance."

" No." Zechan said before scooping her into his arms and walking outside.



Keeping on a bench, Zechan said," Stay here while I bring others out okay? Don't go anywhere otherwise I will cry."

Delila nodded her head and said," Okay but I am feeling hot." Before fanning herself.

Feeling reluctant to leave her out alone, Zechan picked her up by his shoulder and started walking towards the club again.



" Where is your manager?" Zechan asked the bartender.

" I am the manger sir what do you want?" A middle aged man.

" I want one of your most trusted men to guard the girls as I bring them out and place them on the bench. I'll pay him." Zechan said.

The bar manager nodded his head and said," Okay."

After making sure that Delila was safe, Zechan entered the club again to bring the others out.

Walking towards Ming, Zechan said," Ehh lady boss we have to go."

" No no I am not going." Ming said.

" Lady boss please." Zechan said.

" No and why is it so hot? Ask someone to turn on the a/c." Ming said.

Zechan sighed and murmured," I am sorry big boss." before lifting Ming up by his shoulder.

Hitting his back, Ming shouted," You you put me down. Only my husband can lift me up like this. You-my husband has a gun, he will shoot you if you don't put me down. And he is also the king of the underworld. I will ask him to punish you."

Ignoring Ming's heavy punches on his back, Zechan kept on walking towards the exit.

One by one, Zechan kept bringing them outside and placing them on the bench.


After sending the last one out, Zechan entered the club again to pay the bills.

When he came out, the man who was supposed to guard the drunkards rushed towards him and said," I cannot guard them, here take your money back." Before shoving the money into Zechans hand and running away.

" Hey take this." Zechan shouted but the man was already out of sight.